The essay needs to have a minimum of 2500 words, double space. Please write the essay according to the following questions and the answers I provided. Details about me: I’m currently pursuing a career...

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The essay needs to have a minimum of 2500 words, double space. Please write the essay according to the following questions and the answers I provided.
Details about me:
I’m currently pursuing a career in finance and I plan to be a business owner in ecommerce.
I will attain my degree next year in the spring.
Im 27 years of age
These are the questions that need to answer in the essay.
· What is important in your life, big house, new car, travel? Anything goes. I want to see a full paragraph (rather than one sentence) on this.
(My answer is yes, big house, travel the world, and have plenty of toys; cars, boat, atvs, RV.)
· Do you currently have a budget? How do you keep track of your money coming in and going out? There is no shame in saying no, I do not have a budget right now.
(I plan my budget by paying myself first 15%to 20% of my paycheck, and use the rest for expenses)
· Do you live with your parents now, roommates or on your own? If you are still under 25 or so, single and moved out on your own, do you regret doing it or would do it again (financially)? If you no longer live at home: What were the most unexpected expenses, you had when moving out? Would you do anything differently now?
(I’m 27 and I plan to move out of my parents by the end of the year)
· Are you happy with your credit score? If not, what is causing it to be lower than you would want it to be and what are you planning to do to increase it? If yes, why do you think you have such a good credit score and what will you do in the future to keep it like this? 
(Yes, I have a good credit score and I will continue to maintain it high so I can be ready to buy a house soon)
· Are you thinking about getting a new credit card? Which one would you like, for bonus points, cash back, something else? Use to an external site.)Links to an external site.(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)to research and find the best one.
(no I don’t plan on getting a new credit card, currently have plenty to manage, with good reward system) 
· If you have any debt, what is your payoff plan? Are you going to pay the min, more, in which order? Describe the plan to me. 
(My current debt is my tuition, my plan is to pay it off with my savings and through my employer that provides me 5k annually for school.)
· What was your attitude about investments before and after you read the chapter on investments? What types of accounts do you want to open? What types of investments do you want to do? The more specific, the better.
(I currently have several brokers, robinhood, Webull, Etrade, and Coinbase. At the moment my focus is crypto. My attitude towards investing is my goal to grow my portfolio so I can have enough capital to use for future business plans and investments.)
· Is there any type of insurance you think you need and do not have now? Any type that you have but need to change? Specifics, please. If you have car insurance, do you know how it works if you have an accident?
(I Currently only have car insurance and im fully aware of how it works. My goal is to attain a life insurance)
· How do you do your taxes? Yourself? Accountant? Parents?  What do you think about doing your own taxes?
(I Currently have my accountant do my taxes, and I plan to continue to utilize an accountant since I have trust in his work and he is always looking out for me and always gets me the most refund available to me)
· If you were to start your degree from the very beginning, what would you do differently?  Majors, where you choose to go to school, anything that might impact your finances short and long term.
(I would have chosen a career in computers like IT or software engineering. Since the compensation is high and job security is high)
· Let’s buy a house now.  Please find one you would like to live in on a website like Redfin and figure out how much you need for a down payment, closing costs and what your monthly payment will be. How much would you have to save per month and for how many years to make the house purchase a reality? Are you surprised at the number? Do you still want to buy a house? 
( XXXXXXXXXXthis is the house I choose)
· Go to figure out who you would want to hire as your adviser. Why did you decide to go with this person? Keep this person in mind for the future if you ever need help. 
(I choose this person
I decided to choose John Pak as a potential adviser due to his experience and I’m interested in making sure my retirement goals are met.)
· When you think about your personal happiness and how it relates to money, what is "your number"? In other words, what income do you think you need to make per year to be happy and why? Also, what form of material things would increase your happiness? A special car? House? I want you to put a number on your happiness. 
(I would say a annual salary of 2 million. I also would like to own exotic cars like a McLaren 720s and have plenty of toys like boats, rv, bikes, atvs, jet skis.)
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· Q. What is important in your life, a big house, a new car, travel?
Answer: A house and a car both are important for me buta big house is more important for me. I have a plan to save money to...

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