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PART B – Written report
Based on the work conducted in Part A, you must identify manual processes in Xero which could be
automated by adopting new work processes, with suitable integrations or apps.
You must compile a report (not exceeding 1,000 words) for the business owner, detailing:
• At least five work process improvements which should be implemented.
• Xero Apps or other integrations which could be utilized by the business.
You must analyse and critically evaluate the effectiveness of the cu
ent work practices from a
usiness perspective; and then make a recommendation for alternative integrations or apps based on
the evaluation.
Your report should contrast the effectiveness of the manual processes adopted in Xero in Part A against
alternative, automated processes. Your report could detail potential improvements in efficiency in the
following areas:
• Sale and purchase processing
• Payment and receipt processing
• Reconciliation and internal control functions
• Inventory management
• Fixed asset management
• Human resource management
• Customer relationship management
• Management reporting
• BAS reporting
This assessment should be in the format of a report 1,000 words in length, professionally presented,
and must comply with the requirements
Font should be 12pt times roman, 1.5 x line spacing, at least 2.5cm left margin and all work
appropriately referenced using Harvard AGPS Referencing system.
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Rochak answered on May 16 2022
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Xero is a wonderful application but some of the applications under it can be improved to make it more powerful and more seamless which will help in improving the work pro
cesses and accounting in Xero.
The online accounting software (Mauricette 2019) is one of the most popular ones which helps businesses to connect their bank accounts, accountants and bookkeeper, and other business apps to complete a seamless accounting and reporting
Work Process Improvements
Fixed Asset Management
The fixed asset management cu
ently in Xero is manual which makes it difficult to calculate the depreciation that will be charged based on the accounting books, and taxation purposes, these are two different methods because mostly the accounting book charges the deprecation according to the straight-line method of depreciation whereas the taxation system follows specific depreciation for each type of asset and this is different in each country.
Therefore, integration of the depreciation methods based on the policy documents of each country where the software is accessible will make the process improved and seamless and will give users more time to work on other things than manually calculating the depreciation and putting it into the books to calculate the tax liability from the accounting perspective and the taxation perspective.
The integration here does not need to be with a particular app, but it can be manually integrated by the company where the depreciation is fetched from the respective state/country’s accounting/taxation regulatory body, and with the flexibility to the users of either using the inbuilt integration to calculate the depreciation or use the manual method will give the freedom required for fixed asset management.
Sales and purchase processing
ently, the sales and purchase processing...

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