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The Cultural Difference between Mexico & the United States

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Different countries in this world have different cultures and I realized this truth
through my visit to Mexico. By visiting this country and dwelling in its socio-cultural
ealms I observed distinct indigenous characteristics of Mexico which widely vary from
that of the United States of America. The cultural difference is so demarcated between
these two countries that I endeavored to discuss the issue pivotally in this paper and
express my feelings and observations through a precise and logical discussion.
Though Mexico and the U.S are located close to each other Mexico has a different
history which has rendered the country with different cultural aspects. The perspectives,
point of views towards life and the way of looking into different things widely vary
etween the populace of Mexico and the U.S. The belief system of the Mexicans along
with their codes of personal and social conduct are so distinctly indigenous that one may
seem, by stepping into the country, that a new and different world is going to be
explored. The cosmopolitan cultural setup of the U.S. is not so distinctly to be found in
Mexico. And this revelation of mine gradually was attained by me through visiting
different places in Mexico. My journey began by visiting the archeological zone of Monte
Alban which is located in the state of Oaxaca. It is about a ten kilometer journey from
the Oaxaca City, the state capital. I was enthralled to be in the place. The representation
of the Zapotec culture the monumental architecture of this region also is the symbolism
of the unique Mesoamerican culture. By being in this place I realized that Monte Alban
was an antithesis to the dazzling modernity which prevails in the socio-cultural realm of
the United States. Founded approximately in 500 BC the ancient spirit of this place is
enough to rebuke the sham of modernity that engulfs the cities and streets of the United
States. The monuments of this region including the Great Plaza, the Ball Court, the

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southern platform etc all represented a rich culture which once dominated the social life
of the Mesoamericans. Entering the palace I did almost enter into an ancient world far
away from the hustles and bustles of the city life of the United States. The Palace with its
“two-part structure with a central staircase, with alfardos ending in the form of talud”
(“Monte Alban - Archaeological Zones - Central Valley”, n.d.) reminded me of the rich
architectural heritage of the Mesoamericans which can still now challenge any high
isings in the United States in respect of its glorious existence. Next I moved into the
Southern Platform, wherefrom I viewed the great ceremonial plaza and astonishingly
enough this site suddenly reminded me of the
utalities which were adopted by the
Mesoamericans in the name of sacrifice to the God and in this respect I do praise my
country the United States where people can live with individual dignity and doesn’t have
to sacrifice themselves to appease the God and the religious culture of the U.S, unlike
the ancient Mesoamericans, do prefer for a society where no human beings’ life can be
taken away to satisfy the fanaticism of any religious biasness.
The next place of my visit was San Bartolo Coyotepec, one of the most important
pottery producing villages of the world where black pottery is made naturally without
the need of painting it with black color. The purpose of my visit was to visit the House of
Dona Rosa to witness the magic of pottery in the production of which the
Mesoamericans were treated as exalted. I was eager to visit this place as back in the
United States I did hear a lot about the pottery skills of...

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