The assignment requirement is to create a short but comprehensive three-year business plan for a new business venture. The venture should be for-profit, but have clear social benefits which would...

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The assignment requirement is to create a short but comprehensive three-year business plan for a new business venture. The venture should be for-profit, but have clear social benefits which would allow it to be considered as a ‘BCorporation’ in a few years. In addition, at least part of the capital should be raised via a crowdsourcing campaign (e.g. via Kickstarter or similar service). Please read this assessment guide carefully, including the FAQs at the end of this document, and ask your tutors if you have any questions.
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Answer To: The assignment requirement is to create a short but comprehensive three-year business plan for a new...

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Running Head: BUSINESS PLAN        1
Table of Contents
1.0 Business Plan Pitch    3
1.1 Written Pitch    3
1.2 Backer Rewards    3
2.0 Business Opportunity    3
2.1 Customer Need and Target Market    3
2.2 Social Impact    4
2.3 Relevant Megatrends    4
2.4 Similar Successful Campaign    4
2.5 Opportunity Testing Plan    5
3.0 Sales and Marketing Strategy    5
3.1 Fundamentals    5
3.2 Social Media and Free Publicity    5
3.3 Measurement and Information    6
4.0 Operational Strategy    6
4.1 Operational Structure    6
4.2 Outsourcing    6
.3 Operational Risks    6
5.0 Financial Plans    7
5.1 Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet    7
5.2 Capital Requirements and Funding Plan    7
5.3 Valuation and Justification    8
References    9
1.0 Business Plan Pitch
1.1 Written Pitch
In the modern times, innovation is the key to success. Traditional café is an old concept in the modern times. The demand in the market is more than just a coffee and food. There is a demand for the ambience in the market. There are cafes across Australia that offers romantic, casual and cosy ambience. However, there are no such café, where an individual can discuss his ideas on a casual meet. A casual meeting is far more effective than a formal presentation. According to Kristina and Wijaya (2017), there are incubation centres across various states of Australia where great leaders discuss great ideas.
However, the same is not accessible to everyone. This situation ends to a requirement of an area where the youth can discuss their ideas and learn something, develop their acumen, innovate their approach towards business and show the world that they have the potential to achieve something big. The idea being discussed here is a café that offer good coffee, food and the best part is the ambience to deliver presentation under the guidance of corporate professionals.
All this will be on a casual meet. Hence, there are no formalities, no hesitation, the environment will imbibe confidence among every individual in the café to present their ideas. This will not only lead to increase in
and image, but also showcase of ideas that the youth were unable to present due to lack of opportunity, ambience or anything of such sort.
1.2 Backer Rewards
There is no café in Australia that offers this type of environment to the youth. It is something different that no one has thought of, but is required for the development of the youth. Being a unique business model, the rewards will be very high and the risk associated with this model is very low. In the worst-case scenario, if the model does not work out, the offerings of the café will be more than sufficient to ensure that there is
eakeven rather than loss. Since the probability of loss is negligible and the probability of extreme profits is very high, the opportunity is viable for the investor to deploy his funds and expect high returns.
2.0 Business Opportunity
2.1 Customer Need and Target Market
In the recent times, there has been a significant increase in students and working professionals in Australia. As commented by Ali and Khattab (2018), aspiring professionals and students require a space where they can discuss their ideas or business plans or pitch their ideas to prospective investors and meet their clients. The target market for the café business will be mainly students and young professionals.
The café will provide a decent space embedded will facilities such as tables, charging points and other facilities to enable the young talent to achieve whatever they wish to achieve. There are ample café in Australia but the same do not meet the requirements of students and professionals exactly. The main attractions in traditional café are the coffee and such food. However, the need of the hour is an environment where one discusses their ideas.
In case of Australia, more than 30% of the population are youth and more than 50% of the population is working. This indicates that there is ample scope for the business which offers a platform to learn and discuss ideas. There is a growing start-up culture across the globe, which requires the youth to discuss their ideas and make them a reality. More than 80% of Australians live in u
an areas, which indicate that there is no scarcity of customers in the city. Australia is one among the most technologically countries across the globe. The acceptance of technology is high, which indicates that there is ample scope for the business.
2.2 Social Impact
The students and the professional with effective business ideas should be able to express their ideas and look for prospective support. As noted by Mazur (2017), the students will be able to get a platform to discuss their ideas. This will create an environment of innovative thinking among the youth, as the youth will have a place to discuss the same while enjoying their sip of coffee. The youth will be able to pitch meet their client over an informal meeting and the chances of converting he lead will be more as they client will be able to express themselves better over an informal meeting rather than a formal meeting. Corporate professional having relevant experience will be called for expressing their professional experience over a coffee. This will provide the youth the required guidance and all that will be through an informal system, which will be exiting for the young students and professionals.
2.3 Relevant Megatrends
In the past, a number of cafés have been opened and the same have been successful. The mindset of youth has changed in the modern times. Rather than visiting restaurants, people...

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