The attached file contains the requirements for this argumentative essay.

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The attached file contains the requirements for this argumentative essay.

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Answer To: The attached file contains the requirements for this argumentative essay.

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Table of Contents
Article 1    3
Utilitarianism    3
Consequentialism    3
Kantianism    4
Article 2    4
Individual Personality    4
Organizational Environment    4
Organizational Culture    5
References    6
ticle 1
Gupta's paper has pointed out the highly challenging environment that is faced by the bankers in the professional fields and inherently addresses the ethical limit. The particular article has been addressed in a particular setting of the banking profession and explains the principles that effectively govern the ethical proverbs in the banking organization. It effectively points out the practice of ethics with a primitive reference to the governance and supplier relations along with the aspects of trust and customer relationships which inherently signifies the ethical aspects of banking. It is also effective to know that the Strategies for resolving the ethical releasers I have been effectively explaining using three states and hens can be categorized with theories of ethical principles and ethics (Gupta,2019).
In the very first instance, the aspect of utilitarianism is effectively identified throughout the entire article. The article has contemplated the effective consideration of various ethical approaches that should be ensured and the actions that are not harmful to others and effectively not undertaken for the purpose of self-interest. They are certain do's and don’ts that are mentioned in the article which enhanced the ethical perspective of the aspect of making the decision. With a more descriptive scenario, it is affected that the entire article discusses the effectiveness of ethical decisions that need to be made in the banking institution that would effectively promote the overall amount of the significance customer relationships and the efficient administration of the banking system. The ethical decision is one of the most important contexts that enhances the goodness of the particular situation over the bad situation or the consequences to a great number of people. The entire article has contemplated the pride and the aspects of becoming a part of the organization and those temptations that can be unethical in the context of the organization's...

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