This final writing assignment will require you to develop your own theory on how often and how much force American police use and whether or not this use of force is justified. Are American police...

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This final writing assignment will require you to develop your own theory on how often and how much force American police use and whether or not this use of force is justified. Are American police using force to an excessive degree and are they using excessive force to an excessive degree? Is there a racial component to this use of force and excessive force, and is this a racist component or merely a function of geographical demographics?Of course, all of your analysis and opinions must be supported by empirical evidence and statistics. The sources of this evidence must be reputable, peer-reviewed works such as scholarly journal articles, books, newspapers, magazines, or online sites that feature an author whose credibility may be checked. Books such as Alpert andDunham’s Understanding Police Use of Forceare the best example of these kind of works. The authors conducted their own surveys and provided analysis and context for the results.
For this assignment, at least SEVEN SOURCES to formulate your opinion and thesis. The following sources must be used in your research, and included in your analysis.-The first source is theMichigan State University College of Social Science Studyon the racial disparity on Police Shootings.-The second article comes fromThe Manhattan Institute’s Heather MacDonald.
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Running Head: ESSAY                                    1
ESSAY                                            7
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Conclusion    3
References    5
The relation between racial disparity and force used by police in US are inte
elated to some extent. Various researches had made it evident with the re
sults obtained that blacks are ill treated as compared to whites when police deals with them and as a whole the criminal justice system shows biasness. According to VerBruggen, R. (2022) blacks are stop unfairly by the police due to ethnicity and racial concerns at different places. Even democrats from the both the communities have wide differential gaps of opinions about treatment with black in the country. Not only this ordinary society also seems to be suspicious about them when any tense situation arise and they doubt the participation of black. A seventeen year old black was killed in a shopping mall by police in Albama. The reasons are still unknown but his father said to media that if my son had been white he would have been alive today. Moreover, with this other minority communities like Asian Americans, Hispanics etc have their own untold set of stories facing discrimination, exclusion, segregation and inequality.
The Constitution of US has given some powers to police to use the deadly force and there is no denial in comparison to other western countries, the American police use it more often. The Fourth Amendment construed by United States Supreme Court has given police some freedom for custodial a
ests, frisking and stopping individuals, make use of deadly force etc. The policing in US is decentralized and thus the close involvement of Supreme Court US racial history is filled with past incidents when there were some fatal incidents and police used force against Blacks. There was a survey conducted by Manhattan Institute colleague Eric Kaufmann who shared the results that Whites in the country believe that Black are more vulnerable to be shot dead by police rather they die in any kind of accident (VerBruggen, 2022).
According to Siegel (2020) the force used by police is a problem from years and it has also received severe backlash from public and criticised media coverage. Some evidences in the form of recorded videos of killing events of people like Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Eric Garner etc are present. It was found that racial bias is largely an individual issues and it is quite dependent on the interaction between suspects and the police oficers. One of the theory named ‘Bad Apple’ describes violence stating that small group of police officers is responsible for such behaviour. This theory was introduced by Professor Franklin E. Zimring whote wrote about lethal force used by police. He mentioned in his book ‘ When Police Kill’ that shooting by police are rare incidents and racial shootings are done by police officers who racially biased in their approach. He even mentioned 94 cases of unarmed victims and represented the statement that pattern of racial biasness cannot be attributes to all police officers.
As indicated by Cesario, Johnson and Te
ill (2019) that stereotypes are amplified up to...

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