Trainers Assessment Resource Version: 2.0 Gen Institute Pty Ltd © Page 1 of 58 Student Name: Student ID: Assessment Resource Summary Unit Details U 2–BSBMGT517-Manage Operational plan Assessment Type...

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Trainers Assessment Resource Version: 2.0 Gen Institute Pty Ltd © Page 1 of 58 Student Name: Student ID: Assessment Resource Summary Unit Details U 2–BSBMGT517-Manage Operational plan Assessment Type This is a summative assessment, which requires each student to have adequate practice prior to undertaking this assessment Assessment Methods Projects Assessment 1 Case Study Assessment 2 Observation Assessment 3 Version: 2.0 Gen Institute Pty Ltd © Page 2 of 58 Assessment Resource | BSBMGT517 Unit Summary This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and monitor implementation of the operational plan to provide efficient and effective workplace practices within the organisation’s productivity and profitability plans. Management at a strategic level requires systems and procedures to be developed and implemented to facilitate the organisation’s operational plan. This unit applies to individuals who manage the work of others and operate within the parameters of a broader strategic and/or business plan. Prerequisite Units There are no recommended pre-requisite units for this competency. Possible Co-requisite Units Competence in this unit may be assessed in conjunction with other units which together form part of a holistic work role. Version History Version Number Date Reason for Rev Who Approved By 1.0 Mar 2016 New Course CEO 2.0 Dec 2016 Revision after audit CEO This Document is an intellectual property of Gen Institute Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced by any means for use outside Gen, without the prior written permission of Gen Institute Pty Ltd. Version: 2.0 Gen Institute Pty Ltd © Page 3 of 58 Assessment Resource | BSBMGT517 Re-assessment procedure at Gen Institute Pty Ltd 1. Student will be assessed as being competent only upon satisfactory completion of all the assessments in a unit. 2. If a student is not able to demonstrate satisfactory completion of all of the required assessments of the unit, the result for that unit will be recorded as Not Yet Competent. 3. If a student has successfully completed more than 50%* of the assessment tasks for a unit, they will be provided with specific feedback and invited to re-submit their assessment. 4. If a student has not successfully completed more than 50%* of the assessment tasks for a unit, they will be required to undertake the unit again. 5. In the case of re-submission, the following actions shall occur: • The student must apply for resubmission within one week of the result is made available to him/her. This means that the student is responsible to acknowledge that he/she has received the result and has been deemed NYC for the units of competency undertaken. • Reassessment may need to be arranged during the forthcoming term break in order to minimize disruption &/or avoid extra pressure on the student’s normal study load except in the case where GEN Institute has implemented an intervention strategy for a student under its Course Progress Policy. 6. If a student is assessed as “Not Yet Competent’ after the resubmission, he or she will be identified as a student-at-risk and an Academic Performance Improvement (API) Plan will be created during an Intervention Strategy Meeting between the Gen Institute Operations Manager, Trainer & Assessor and student. The date for a third assessment will be nominated by the student in consultation with Trainer & Assessor, but should be no longer than 1 month from the previous re-submission date. 7. One re-submission is allowable per unit per student free of cost. Additional re-submissions will be charged at $200. If the student remains ‘Not Yet Competent’ after a third re-submission, he or she will be notified that this result is final and he or she will be unable to successfully complete the course in which they are enrolled at this point. To ensure equity and fairness of assessment for all students, re-submission activities may vary from those originally set by the trainer/assessor. * Due to the variance in the amount of work completed for each assessment task in a unit, 50% will be determined by the amount of evidence submitted as opposed to the number of assessment tasks submitted. This determination will be made by the Trainer & Assessor and approved by the Operations Manager. Assessment appeals • Where a student wishes to appeal an assessment they are required to notify their assessor in the first instance. Where appropriate the assessor may decide to re-assess the student to ensure a fair and equitable decision is gained. The assessor shall complete a written report regarding the re-assessment outlining the reasons why assessment was or was not granted. • If this is still not to the student’s satisfaction the student shall formally lodge an appeal by submitting a written letter within one week of receiving the results using the form 8.1 for Complaints and appeals outlining the reasons for the appeal. They shall lodge this with student administrations department and the appeal shall be entered into the ‘complaints and appeals register’. • The Operations Manager shall be notified and shall seek details from the assessor involved and any other relevant parties. A decision shall be made regarding the appeal either indicating the assessment decision stands or details of a possible re-assessment by another assessor appointed by Gen. • The student shall be notified in writing of the outcome with reasons for the decision. The student shall also be provided the option of activating the external appeals process if they are not satisfied with the outcome. The student is required to notify Gen if they wish to proceed with the external appeals process. Reasonable adjustments Gen Institute enables reasonable adjustments to be made to assessment procedures for students with special needs, such as people with disabilities or with language or literacy difficulties. Assessing knowledge is usually assessed through written or oral, short-answer tests where assessors seek to determine the extent of the student’s knowledge. However, you may need to do the following for a student with disability: • Ask questions orally instead of in a written format • Provide equipment such as text enlargers, image enhancers, and voice recorders. • Give the student more time to complete the assessment;, allocate a different time for completion of the assessment; • Offer a separate, quiet room. • Modifying or providing equipment • Adapting delivery strategies • Ensuring that course activities are sufficiently flexible, providing additional support to student where necessary • Customizing resources and activities within the training package or accredited course • Monitoring the adjustments to ensure student needs continue to be met Version: 2.0 Gen Institute Pty Ltd © Page 4 of 58 Assessment Resource | BSBMGT517 ASSESSMENT COVERSHEET This form is to be completed by the assessor and used as a final record of student competency. All student submissions including any associated checklists (outlined below) are to be attached to this cover sheet before placing on the students file. Student results are not to be entered onto the Student Database unless all relevant paperwork is completed and attached to this form. Student Name: Student ID: Unit Code & Title BSBMGT517-Manage Operational plan First submission Subsequent Submission Please attach the following documentation to this form Result S = Satisfactory NS = Not Satisfactory NA = Not Assessed Assessment 1  Project S | NYS | NA Assessment 2  Case Study S | NYS | NA Assessment 3  Observation S | NYS | NA Final Assessment Result for this unit (Student will be assessed as being competent only upon satisfactory completion of all the above mentioned assessments)  Competent  Not Yet Competent The Evidence provided is:  Valid  Sufficient  Authentic  Current Student Declaration: To the best of my/our belief, no part of this assessment has been copied / written for me/us by any other person except where such collaboration has been authorised by the Assessor concerned and where acknowledgement is made in the text. No part of this assessment has been previously submitted as an assessable item. Student’s Signature Date:_______/_______/_______ Feedback to Student Assessor: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student, and I have provided appropriate feedback
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