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1. Global warming: CO2 levels are higher that they have ever been in the million years
It was reported from many researcher studies, the burning of the fossil fuels to perform the human activities resulted in the Global warming. Of the various greenhouse gases CO2 is a minor contributor in increasing the earth atmosphere. The factors involved in increasing the CO2 levels are volcanic eruptions, respiration, deforestation, burning fossil fuels-coal, oil etc (Le Quére, 2013). There is a 48 % increase in the Co2 levels when compared with the co2 levels after the industrial revolution.
Burning of the fossil fuels results in the formation of the Co2 as the ca
on present in the fuels will combines with atmospheric oxygen and this chemical reaction results in the increased CO2 levels (Ba
er, 2009). The consequences are increased earth temperature, emergence of new diseases and pest affecting the human health.
2. What...

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