Georgian @ ILAC Toronto [Assignment 2]INSTRUCTOR: [Prashant Mali] CLASS: [HRMN1016-W2023] Important Instructions • Read all questions carefully. • Partial marks may be...

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We need the report and the presentation as well.

Georgian @ ILAC Toronto [Assignment 2] INSTRUCTOR: [Prashant Mali] CLASS: [HRMN1016-W2023] Important Instructions • Read all questions carefully. • Partial marks may be awarded where appropriate. • Group Assignment • Time allowed: Take Home (4 Weeks) • Total marks: [25 %] DATE: As Posted on BB DUE DATE: As Posted on BB STUDENT NAME: STUDENT NUMBER: [HRMN1016-W2023] Georgian @ ILAC Toronto Section 1 – Report (15%) Section 2 – Presentation (10%) Strategic Planning – Group Assignment 1. Research a company of your choice that operates within Canada. You will be using this information to develop and present a strategic human resources plan. Your paper should include the following: • An Executive Summary • A company description o Purposes, products, history, size, location, number of employees etc. • Mission, vision, and value statements • Environmental Scan o Using the information from your text, complete an environmental scan with a minimum of three bullet points for each external factor. Identify the issues that will likely have a high impact on your plan. • SWOT analysis o Minimum of three bullet points in each quadrant. Focus on the issues that will likely have a high impact on the HR Plan. Identify how the organization may address each quadrant. • List of strategic HR priorities o Based on the information you have outlined above; discuss three significant HR priorities the organization must address to support the business strategies. These could be any of the topics discussed in our textbook. Provide a rationale for your recommendations. • Action plan to achieve identified priorities [HRMN1016-W2023] Georgian @ ILAC Toronto o Under each priority, describe a minimum of three action items the organization could take to implement each HR priority (9 steps minimum). Provide a rationale for your plan and cite your textbook. • Human Resource Management (The role of Human Recourse Professional) o Succession Management o Change Management o Downsizing o Restructuring and Outsourcing o Mergers, Acquisition and Joint-venture. 2. I would recommend that you consider an original company (stay away from a hypothetical scenario) and connect with a HR of the company you have selected and get as much as information you can collect. Please provide the details of the HR and a screen shot of a thank you note to the HR for their time. 3. Prepare a 20-minute presentation on your report. Each group member is required to present. If your group does not present, you will receive a zero on your assignment (even if any member is absent). Make sure we have Audio and Video (mandatory) working. 4. Your final submission and presentation should be professionally formatted and suitable for a business audience. You are encouraged to research examples of strategic plans and HR plans for inspiration. Your plan should be easy to read and visually appealing. 5. Ahead of the submission, conduct research on the organization and your HR (if available through LinkedIn and other public sources). Not only will this help you provide a background for your report and presentation, but it is also helpful for keeping you on topic and well organised. You can add the questions you asked to the HR in Appendix of your report. [HRMN1016-W2023] Georgian @ ILAC Toronto The purpose of this assignment is to: ➢ Help you gain first-hand, practical insight into the role of a Human Resources Professional ➢ Draw links between the topics we’ve covered in class and the HR Professional’s role ➢ Build your verbal and written communication skills. ➢ Help give you experience interacting with Human Resources Professionals. ➢ Provide opportunities for you to develop professional contacts. ➢ Reflect on how you do/will approach human resources management in your own career This assignment can be completed individually or in groups of maximum four students. All group members must equally contribute to the project to receive the same grade a peer review might be requested. Submission and Presentation Requirements Report: The following will be required for your written submission: 1. Cover page with the title of the assignment, your name/each of your names. 2. Table of contents. 3. Short background of the Company. 4. Short biography of the HR professional (can be taken from LinkedIn). 5. Comprehensive Learning Summary (see Report Rubric below for what you should include for this) with citations and references to the text and/or other relevant sources. 6. Bibliography. 7. List of questions asked to the HR (as an Appendix). [HRMN1016-W2023] Georgian @ ILAC Toronto
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Executive Summary
    This strategic human resources plan is developed for Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC) to identify and address critical HR issues that impact the organization's overall business strategies. The plan is aimed at strengthening the organization's workforce,
enhancing employee engagement and retention, and increasing productivity and profitability. Through a comprehensive environmental scan and SWOT analysis, this plan identifies three significant HR priorities for CTC, including talent acquisition and management, employee engagement and retention, and diversity and inclusion. To achieve these priorities, the plan outlines specific action steps under each priority that align with the organization's mission, vision, and value statements.
Table of contents
Executive Summary    2
Introduction    4
Company Description    4
Mission, Vision, and Value Statements    4
Environmental Scan    5
SWOT Analysis    6
Strategic HR Priorities    7
Action Plan    8
Human Resource Management    9
References    11
    This strategic human resources plan is developed for Canadian Tire Corporation to address the company's human resource challenges and opportunities. The purpose of this plan is to provide a framework for the company to achieve its business goals by improving HR functions and supporting employee engagement and commitment. The plan includes a company description, mission, vision, and value statements, environmental scan, SWOT analysis, list of strategic HR priorities, and an action plan to achieve identified priorities. The three significant HR priorities recommended are Talent Management, Diversity and Inclusion, and Employee Engagement and Commitment. The action plan includes specific recommendations for each HR priority that are aimed at improving the HR functions and supporting the company's overall business strategies.
Company Description
    Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC) is a Canadian retail company that operates a diverse range of businesses, including retail, financial services, and real estate. The company's retail segment includes Canadian Tire, which sells a wide range of products, including automotive, home, sports, and outdoor living goods. The company's financial services segment includes Canadian Tire Bank, which offers a range of credit cards, loans, and insurance products. The company's real estate segment includes CT REIT, which owns and manages commercial properties across Canada. CTC is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and operates over 1,700 retail stores and gas stations across the country, employing more than 120,000 people (Dessler, Chhinzer & Cole, 2021).
Mission, Vision, and Value Statements
· Mission: To enrich the lives of our customers by offering quality products and services at great value, and to create sustainable value for our shareholders, employees, and communities.
· Vision: To be the most trusted and innovative retailer, financial services provider, and real estate manager in Canada.
· Values: Customer focus, teamwork, accountability, respect, and innovation (Government of Canada. 2022).    
Environmental Scan
· Changes in labor laws and regulations, such as...

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