ACC 340 Module Seven Homework Module Seven Homework Go into Shapiro Library Online. Search for Hoovers Choose first link and Log into Hoovers. Or log into EDGAR. Find a company to research (e.g.,...

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Write between one and two pages addressing the questions on the attached document.
ACC 340 Module Seven HomeworkModule Seven HomeworkGo into Shapiro Library Online.Search for HooversChoose first link and Log into Hoovers.Or log into EDGAR.Find a company to research (e.g., Exxon Mobile).If in Hoovers, chose the financials tab and go to SEC filings.Write a one to two page short paper, in paragraph format, that addresses the following questions.What company did you pick?Give the date the latest 10k, 8k and 10-Q were filed.What is the fiscal year end for this company?Look into their annual report and find the following ratios using the latest year available:Current RatioReturn on AssetsReturn on EquityWhat do these ratios mean?Compare and explain the change in Gross Profit Margin for the most recent two years posted. (Did it change due to Revenue or Costs or both?)Check out the Balance Sheet.What is the change in Long Term Debt from prior year to most current year? Why the change?What is the change in Inventory from prior year to current year? Why the change?Check out the financials and other information about this company. Does the company pay dividends? Do you think you would be comfortable purchasing stock in this company if it is a publicly traded company? Why or why not?
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Answer To: ACC 340 Module Seven Homework Module Seven Homework Go into Shapiro Library Online. Search for...

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· Ulta Beauty is the company I picked to examine. This company was chosen because it is one of my favourite retailers, and I am always curious about the financials of places wherein I spend most of my money.
· Ulta Beauty's most recent 10-K was filed on 25th March 2022, followed by an 8-K on 2nd June and a 10-Q on 26th May, 2022. On Fe
uary 3rd, 2018, their fiscal year came to a conclusion.
· The last Fiscal years of company ended on 29th Jan 2022 and 30th Jan 2021
· The cu
ent ratio assesses a firm's ability to meet both short- and long-term obligations. The higher the cu
ent ratio, the better the company's ability to pay its debts. If somehow the ratio is less than one, the corporation will be unable to pay its debts. Ulta company does have a cu
ent ratio of 1.46, indicating that they can easily meet their obligations.
· Return on assets would be a...

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