Writing assignment: Reflective Paper Based on L iterature Review Each student will be required to complete and submit a reflection paper based on a literature review report, which will be worth 0-100...

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Writing assignment: Reflective Paper Based on Literature ReviewEach student will be required to complete and submit areflection paper based on a literature reviewreport, which will be worth 0-100 points. The deadline to complete and submit the project isThursday, 7/30, at the end of the day (11:59 pm MT). Please refer to Appendix "Writing Assignment #1: Reflection Paper Based on Literature Review" for further instructions.The report is mandatory, and it cannot be substituted. Students will be required to complete a review paper based on at least ten (10) peer-reviewed journal articles on an occupational health topic of importance to the US-Mexico border regions and included in recently released Healthy People 2030 goals and objectives. There is a specific workplace goal to "Promote the health and safety of people at work." This goal and the list of related objectives can be found at:https://health.gov/healthypeople/objectives-and-data/browse-objectives/workplace.The students will search and use the resources available at UTEP's library or other valid academic resources to complete the report. Selected research articles should have been published after 2017. Take note that a reflective paper is not a summary of the papers you have read. Completing the paper can give a student a maximum of 100 points. Refer to the "Reflective Paper Based on Literature Review Guide and Scoring" section for more details.
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Programs To Minimize The Usage Of Tobacco In Workplace     4
Table of Contents
Abstract    3
Introduction    4
Search Methods    5
Summary Of Reviewed Literature    5
Reflective Discussion    7
Conclusion    9
References    11
Albeit the pervasiveness of smoking is north of five times higher among the people who utilize social wellbeing administrations than it is in everybody, conduct wellbeing offices
rarely take on proof based approaches and procedures to battle tobacco use. This study inspected hierarchical factors of pre-to post-training information change and assessed changes in non-clinical, general staff, and clinician tobacco-related information following
ief schooling presented as a component of a total without tobacco work environment program execution.
Coronary illness, stroke, ongoing obstructive pneumonic ailments, and 17 unmistakable sorts of malignancies are straightforwardly connected to tobacco smoking. Around 65-87% of individuals with substance use issues (SUD) smoke, contrasted with 14% of all grown-ups, and they smoke on a more regular basis. Moreover, SUD patients who looked for treatment for non-nicotine SUD experienced more prominent mortality connected to cigarette use. Notwithstanding patients' excitement in stopping smoking, substance addiction treatment offices only here and there ca
y out proof based tobacco control programs (SUTCs). Just 64% of SUTCs screen patients for tobacco use, 47% give directing for stopping, and 26% proposition nicotine substitution treatment (NRT). Just 35% of businesses have sans tobacco work environment (TFW) a
angements, furthermore.
Clinical false impressions, an absence of preparing, and high doctor smoking rates are at fault for the shortfall of framework wide, proof based tobacco decrease exercises in SUTCs. Clinicians regularly stress that treating cigarettes during SUD treatment would ove
urden patients and compromise the recuperation from non-nicotine drug use. Be that as it may, stopping smoking decreases the wellbeing perils related with smoking while additionally
inging down the possibility backsliding into SUD. Workers in compulsion treatment offices normally get little preparation in treating tobacco reliance, regardless of the benefit of preparing in tending to perspectives, abilities, and information. Furthermore, 14 to 40 percent of specialists who treat SUD patients smoke, propagating a smoking society and hindering the a
angement of tobacco treatment for SUD patients.
Search Methods
Focal, MEDLINE, MEDLINE In Process, the Campbell Li
ary, PsycINFO, Education Resource Information Center (ERIC), Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), and Scopus were the electronic data sets that we looked from 2017 to 2022. Moreover, we physically looked through all articles distributed in Implementation Science and Journal of Translational Behavioral Medicine between August 2012 and September 2017. Papers and Theses, the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform, and the US National Institutes of Health Registry were completely looked through up to September 2017 in these data sets. To find extra conceivably appropriate examinations, we checked the reference a
angements of the preliminaries that were incorporated and reached the creators. To find further appropriate examinations, we likewise conversed with experts nea
y. Texas-based social wellbeing establishments adding up to many separate centers participated in a couple of our educational meeting for general staff and clinicians.
Summary Of Reviewed Literature
A more prominent information on the strategy and substance of program execution was made conceivable by the utilization of various ways to deal with investigate different, yet related, components of program execution. Blended strategies research enjoys the benefit of adjusting the benefits and drawbacks of each methodology, taking into consideration more logical thoroughness (Blackwell et al., 2020). Given the limitations forced by the restricted example size of this review, subjective discoveries were particularly significant in improving cognizance of the execution method and TFW program mix into Center culture. At the point when the ends from the numerous subjective and quantitative strands are associated, it shows that the program has been completely coordinated and is being supported. In these blended techniques contextual investigation, we frame the TFW program's execution cycle and look at the...

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