1.Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria forearning your grade.2.View the webpage "Global Locations" of Kimberly-Clark.3.Select a global location for Kimberly-Clark Corporation...

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Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for
earning your grade.


View the webpage "
Global Locations
" of Kimberly-Clark.


Select a global location for Kimberly-Clark Corporation outside
of North America.
Selected: Germany


Country Comparison Tool for Hofstede’s

to review a comparison of the United States and the
global location you selected.


Write a four-page paper utilizing APA format. For questions on
APA style, go to the
APA Style Page


Include the following information in your paper:


Describe Kimberly-Clark Corporation in the country you


Explain two key characteristics of doing business in the country
you selected.


Include a country comparison between the United States and the
country you selected.


How might knowing the comparison of long- and short-term
orientation influence a global manager's decision making?


Describe the culture's management styles in the country you
selected. Has Kimberly-Clark Corporation incorporated these styles within the
global location you chose? If so, explain using evidence from research. If not,
what suggestions would you give a manager at the selected location to help them


What managerial challenges might arise when integrating a
Christian worldview at Kimberly-Clark Corporation in the global location you


Include a minimum of five properly cited research sources.

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Answer To: 1.Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria forearning your grade.2.View the...

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Kimberly Clark Corporation in Germany         2
Table of Contents
Company Overview    3
German Business Environment    3
Comparison Between Germany & USA    4
Long-term and the short-term Orientation    5
gement Structure in Germany    5
Integrated Christian Worldview    6
References    8
Company Overview
Kimberly Clark corporation is the Global company that operates in various countries including Germany. In Germany Kimberly Clark is known for its presence in the consumer good industry specifically in the areas of the personal care and hygiene products. Kimberly Clark offers a wide range of well-known branch that cater to the German market such as Kleenex, Huggies and Citronelle. These products include tissues and other personnel care items. They are widely available in the supermarkets and drug stores throughout Germany. They are also available on their online stores and the company places a strong emphasis on quality and sustainability. Kimberly Clark’s products in Germany are designed to meet the needs of the consumers while also promoting environmental responsibility. The company is committed to reducing environmental effect through initiative such as responsible sourcing, waste reduction and energy efficiency. In addition to its focus on the products the company also engages in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Germany. This includes initiative that are focused at supporting local community and health contributing to charitable causes. Overall, Kimberly Corporation in Germany is a recognised leader in the personal care and hygiene providing consumers with high quality and sustainable products to meet their needs.
German Business Environment
The two characteristics that is obvious in order to sustain the businesses in Germany are the strong legal framework and the emphasis on the quality and precision. The first aspect has been effectively focused by German administration that has a well-developed legal and regulatory system that provides stability and predictability for the businesses. The country has clear laws and the regulations governing various aspects of the business operations including labour or taxation and other aspects of consumer protection (Waymer & Heath, 2020). The legal system is known for its efficiency and impartiality offering a level play to fill for both the domestic and foreign companies. According to these regulations it is crucial for the businesses to ensure compliance and build trust with customers and partners. Secondly German businesses are renowned for their commitment to quality and precision. German consumers have very high expectations for the product quality and the durability. To succeed in the German market businesses must prioritize excellence in their products of services. This often involves regular quality control processes and focus on delivery of exceptional customer experiences....

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