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510 INTRODUCTION TO COMMERCIAL LAW ©Aspire2 International – DBN607 Assessment 3 – v.3 2018 Page 1 of 12 New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) Course Title Managing People and Change Course DBN607 Version 3 Title Assessment 3: (Individual Research Based Assignment) Task 1: Report (30%) Task 2: Oral Presentation (20%) Level 6 Credits 20 Total Marks [Weighting] 100 [50%] Student’s Name Student ID Tutor’s Name Week Due Due Date Sections Task 1: Report (30%) LOs3/4 Task 2: Oral Presentation (20%) LO4 Total Total Marks 55 45 100 Marks Awarded Assessor’s Overall Feedback Student’s Signature: _____________________________ Date: _________________ ©Aspire2 International – DBN607 Assessment 3 – v.3 2018 Page 2 of 12 LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSESSED Tasks Learning Outcome Percentage Allocation to Tasks 1 LO3: Analyse the potential impact of change on the efficient and effective performance of the entity. LO4: Develop a plan to minimise the negative impact of change on an entity’s performance 30% 2 LO4: Develop a plan to minimise the negative impact of change on an entity’s performance 20% Total: 50% General Instructions: 1. “APA” 6th edition referencing and citation are compulsory. 2. Plagiarism would be dealt with zero tolerance and you would fail the assessment in case of plagiarism. 3. A soft copy of assignment must be submitted on Turnitin by the due date and a hard copy must be submitted to the lecturer on the date advised by lecturer. 4. Be advised that any similarity rate 15% or above will result in zero marks as stipulated above. 5. Your work should be free of errors with respect to grammar, spellings and punctuation. Please read and sign the declaration below: I have understood the content and learning outcomes to be assessed I have been advised of the purpose and the process of the assessment I consent to assessment results and materials being used by my establishment I agree to carry out the assessment without assistance from anyone else ___________________________________________ _____/____/____ Student’s Signature Date ©Aspire2 International – DBN607 Assessment 3 – v.3 2018 Page 3 of 12 Instructions for Task 1 This assessment is split into TWO tasks. First is a business report and the second is a presentation. Select an organisation (either public, private or non-profitable) in New Zealand that was/is undergoing organisational change (either structural, people or technological change), and answer the following questions using specified instructions and formats in Task 1. Please ensure that your selected organisation is approved by your tutor and there is sufficient secondary data to support your choice of organisation. Task 1 (Report – 30% marks) due in Week 9 1. Answer the given questions using report format. Your report should:  Be a total of 1800-2200 words including executive summary (150-200 words) but excluding the supplementary sections. Please read the word limits suggested in the given format, below. Please state the word count on the cover page of your report.  Demonstrate ORIGINALITY OF IDEAS and justification. DO NOT OVER USE QUOTATIONS; YOU MUST PARAPHRASE sentences to show that you understand the concepts/topics or theories.  Demonstrate the evidence of applying concepts/theories learned from a wide range of materials, including a total of at least 6 reputed, academic/ research based, and updated sources (e.g., textbooks, journals, newspapers, organisation or government’s documents such as reports and official websites)  Use APA 6 referencing system (In-text citation and reference list) and paraphrasing using own words.  Be typed (font size 11, Arial, single space but leave a space between paragraphs) and label with question numbers, staple/bind, and put your name and I/D on each page in footer.  Be proofread for grammar, spelling, format and referencing.  Show your tutor your drafted work on a weekly basis for his/her feedback. 2. Please submit your paper in the form of:  A soft copy to Turnitin, and  A hard copy together with this assessment, cover page, your report, and reference list to your tutor BEFORE the due date/time (Note: Refer to the late submission policy for details given in the programme handbook) When uploading your report to Turnitin, label your assessment as: Turnitin Upload Name Sample Course Code_Assessment Number_Organisation (Name: ID) DBN607_A3T1_ XYZ Organisation (John Doe: TIZ0000123) 3. Read Task 1 marking guide, below, in order to understand the expectations. 4. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: All content must demonstrate ORIGINALITY OF IDEAS. If COPYING is identified, ALL parties will receive ZERO marks. (Note: Refer to academic policy for details) ©Aspire2 International – DBN607 Assessment 3 – v.3 2018 Page 4 of 12 DBN 607 Assessment 3 (Task 1- Report - 30%) due in Week 9 Questions and Marking Schedule Based on the secondary research on your selected organisation and with support of evidence and relevant theories & concepts, analyse the potential impacts of change on the efficient and effective performance in the organisation from the following assessment criteria. Your report should contain the following sections and evident with in-text citations and reference list. This assessment task covers LOs 3 and 4. Sections Key sections in your report LO Marks Awarded 1 Title page Give your report a programme, course and assessment details, report title, author’s details, recipient and submission date. N/A N/A 2 Executive summary (150-200 words. 5 marks) Provide a brief summary of the main text of the report, including the report’s purpose, scope, data collection methods, findings and conclusions (write this summary after you have finished the report) . 3 /5 marks 3 Table of contents Record the names of each part of the report and the name of each first and second order heading within the body and the page on which each occurs. N/A N/A 4 Task 1.1: Introduction (50-100 words. 5 marks) Include the purpose of the report, overview of the key points covered in this report, and organisation background as stated below. 3 /5 marks 5 Task 1.2: Findings and Analysis This section contains the information you have gathered and analysed. Organise and group your information logically. Use subheadings and a decimal numbering system. Task 1.2.1: Nature of change and triggers (400-450 words. 10 marks) Which type(s) of organisational change did your selected organisation implement in the last 12 months: Structural, Technological and/or People Change? Include in your answer:  the nature of the change (1 mark) and  the triggers for such change (2 marks).  a brief justification for each decision (2 marks). (2 key points X 5 marks each = 10 marks) 3 and 4 /5 marks + /5 marks TOTAL MARKS = /10 MARKS ©Aspire2 International – DBN607 Assessment 3 – v.3 2018 Page 5 of 12 Develop a plan minimise the negative impact of change 6 Task 1.3: Potential impact of change (500-550 words. 15 marks) Conduct a Force-field Analysis suggested by Kurt Lewin to analyse:  TWO drivers (5 marks) and  TWO resistances (5 marks) and potential causes of these resistances (5 marks) that the organisation experienced when implementing the change(s) identified in section 5 above. (3 key points X 5 marks each = 15 marks) 3 and 4 2x drivers /5 marks + 2x resistances /5 marks + Causes of resistance / 5 marks TOTAL MARKS = /15 MARKS 7 Task 1.4: Plans to reduce the negative impacts of change (500-550 words. 10 marks) Using academic justifications outline and discuss two ways you could reduce the negative impacts of change. In the discussion include how you would overcome the resistances outlined in the previous section and processes for successfully implementing the change. (2key points X 5 marks each = 10 marks) 4 5 marks + /5 marks TOTAL MARKS = /10 MARKS 8 Task 1.5: Conclusion (200-300 words) (10 marks) This section draws conclusions based on the findings, and must include a clear analysis of the actual or potential impact of the findings. Avoid repeating findings. Based on the key findings on sections 5, 6 and 7, provide TWO conclusions with justification.
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Executive Summary
This report discusses the bold change implemented by Spark NZ with regards to its organizational structure. The com
pany has adopted the agile structure. This structure necessitates re-defining the roles and responsibilities of the employees in a drastic manner thus breaking away from the hierarchical system that had been implemented by the company so far. This has been done in consideration of the changing market and change in focus on customer-centric activities and services. Changes have also been made in the fundamental values of the company including, the vision, mission and objectives of the company. The company has extolled great benefit from these changes as labour cost has reduced along and increased focus is made on innovation, research and development and customer service. The company made some mistakes along the way that proved detrimental to the successful implementation of the change especially that they did not communicate the change to lower level employees who were directly affected by the change. In order to resolve the crisis, Bruce Tuckman model can be used to enhance teamwork in the organization. Communication is recognized as the key to better coordination within the organization.
Finding & Analysis
Nature of Change & Triggers
Nature of Change
Change is mandatory in business...

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