ACN10 Address client needs Case Study v XXXXXXXXXX/03/31) ACN10 Address client needs Name Email address Assessment Case Study One Read through the following case study. You should reflect on your...

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ACN10 Address client needs
Case Study v XXXXXXXXXX/03/31)
ACN10 Address client needs

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Case Study One
Read through the following case study. You should reflect on your learning and your own research within this unit.
Prepare a response that responds to the case study presented below. Your response must reflect your knowledge, skills, and application for this unit.
You are the Customer Service Team Leader at the Feel GR8 Health and Fitness centre. Your members have access to a wide range of group fitness classes, a fully equipped gym, and personal training is available at an additional cost.
You have two new customer service staff members starting next week, and you have been asked to complete their induction training. You have been given a list of topics by your manager to cover in the induction training. Prepare your presentation by completing the sections below.
1.List below at least four organisational policies and procedures that are relevant to the gym and briefly describe their purpose.

2.List at least 3 examples of legislation relevant to customer service and how it must be addressed.

3.Describe below how you build rapport with clients to help you to identify their needs, exercise preferences and expectations.

4.What services does your health and fitness centre offer and how would you explain these services to a client?

5.What information would you need to obtain from a client before you would be able to make recommendations for services that meet their needs?

6.How can staff keep up to date with the different services available at the gym and why is this important?

7.Explain below best practice for the handling of customer feedback and complaints. In your response ensure that you address the following:
Gathering of information
Reporting of complaints
Timely response of complaints
Follow up of complaints

8.Describe how you can build rapport and utilise good communication skills with a client.

9.Why is it important to be able to meet client needs and expectations?

10.Why should you keep up-to-date with what your competitors are offering?

11.Provide an example of how you would recommend an alternative service (at your facility), when one cannot be met.

12.Provide an example of how to negotiate with a customer to reach an agreement.

13.Provide at least two examples of promotions that your gym could offer (you will need to make these up).

Case Study Two Read the following information and answer the questions accordingly.
You are working as a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor for GR8 Health and Fitness centre. The centre offers Group Fitness classes, a fully equipped gym and Personal Training (at an additional cost).
You have met a new member to the gym today, Laura, who would like assistance in getting started with her gym routine.
1.What questions can you ask Laura to determine her goals, expectations and exercise preferences? Provide a minimum of 3 question

In your conversation with Laura you determined the following information:
Laura would like to lose 5kg of weight as well as improve her strength, posture and cardiovascular fitness
She is available to visit the gym between 9-10 am each morning
She has not been to a gym before and has limited exercise history and knowledge
She is nervous about starting a gym routine and does not want to start with anything that is too intense or technically difficult
You have checked the group fitness timetable of the club and determined that the 9 am classes through the week are:
Monday - Cardio circuit (suits all levels)
Tuesday - Pilates (suits all levels)
Wednesday - Boxing (intermediate class)
Thursday - Weights class (intermediate class)
Friday - Body weight circuit (suits all levels)
You have also checked the Personal Training calendar and there is availability several days of the week for a 9 am session.
2.Describe below the services that your facility offers that you feel would suit Laura’s needs. In your response ensure that you explain how each of these services could be of benefit to her.

3.Laura likes the sound of Personal Training but is currently not able to afford this service. She also mentions that she only wants to come to the gym 3 days a week but does not feel confident attending the more advanced classes or doing her own workouts at this stage. Based upon this information what services do you feel are the most suited to Laura?

4.Your organisation requires you to document any interactions that you have had with clients in which you have recommended a specific service or aided a client to plan their exercise routine. What information from the scenario above would be relevant to document?

5.How and when would you follow up with this client to ensure that she is satisfied with her membership and the services provided?

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ACN10 Address client needs
Case Study v1.1 (2020/03/31)
ACN10 Address client needs

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Case Study One
Read through the following...

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