ASSIGNMENT 6 ASSIGNMENT 6.1 Read the ‘Opening Case: The Evolution of HR Strategy at IBM’. Answer the following questions: IBM’s corporate strategy has shifted over the years, keeping pace with...

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    Read the ‘Opening Case: The Evolution of HR Strategy at IBM’. Answer the following questions:

    • IBM’s corporate strategy has shifted over the years, keeping pace with technological change. As part of that strategic evolution, IBM has also changed its HR strategy. Discuss the evolution of the company’s HR strategy and why it was important to change as the business changed.
    • The appointment of Arvind Krishna as CEO of IBM was a major milestone for the company and a recognition of its move toward being a fully globally integrated company. Arvind Krishna, a native of India, is the first non-American to hold the position of CEO at IBM. Students should recognize that his appointment reflects the company’s geocentric approach to staffing and the idea of hiring people best suited to their position regardless of their location or nationality.


    • Visit then Pick any two measurement dimensions (e.g., ‘Living rank’) and compare the rankings. Do you see any big changes from one dimension to the other? Give some examples.
    • Visit two countries and write a short summary comparing them.


    Read the Forbes article “The Salary Chronicles: How I Negotiated A $100K Expat Package” (; Available also in BB/Course Content/ ARTICLES/READINGS/Chapter 6). Write shortly about what you learned from the article.


    Watch the video:

    Answer the following questions:

    • Comment on the strategy Audi is following to help prepare its managers to lead co-workers in the new plant in Mexico. What type of staffing policy is AUDI pursuing?
    • Consider the compensation package Audi is proving to its expatriates from Mexico. Discuss why compensation systems might vary across nations.
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Assignment 6.1
IBM has undergone a swift evolution in its HR strategies with the effective response of digital transformation and the aspects of adoption of Artificial Intelligence and automation. These factors had primarily redefined the jobs and enhanced employee productivity with an effective acceleration of the workforce development in IBM. The human resource strategy of IBM has effectively focused on skills and culture and not on technology. The appointment of Arvind Krishna as the CEO of IBM has upheld the aspect of cultural change and managing talent with a drive-down cost. It is obvious from their perspective and actions they have effectively focused on talent as the major cu
ency and the people are seen as resources. The geocentric approach has effectively focused on the method of international recruitment which outlines to higher the most suitable person for the job i
espective of their nationality.
This particular radical intervention in their human resource approach has been an imperative and is a paradigm shift that is extremely significant for the purpose of profitability and the revenue growth of the company. This particular focus on Human resources as an asset rather than sticking to the aspect of nationality has evolved a vigorous transformation because of the aspect of globalization. This is effectively reflected in the hiring of people and with an organization-centred culture that is the same across the globe. Hence the organizational culture became much more centralized in terms of the human resource strategy. This strategy has set new dimensions that redefined and evolved the entire organizational culture with respect to the human resource strategy.
Assignment 6.2
The measurement that will be compared in this section is the living rank and the future Outlook rank. From the survey, it is clear that the ex-pats are optimistic about the living conditions for the next 12 months and it seems to be lower in the European countries and North American countries. The...

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