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Over the last week, we have talked about the cyclical nature of the aviation industry and how one change causes a ripple effect that extends to almost every facet of the industry.  Everything from the economy and fuel prices to world events (near and far) influences 'users' behavior.   Specifically, we discussed recent reports of reduced pilot hiring forecasts and Boeing's continuing problems. We then spent a day discussing the September 11th terrorist attacks and how the industry responded both immediately and long-term. Finally, we looked at the logistics faced by the small town of Gander, Newfoundland, both on and off the airport, as well as the biography of the first female American Airlines captain.   Assignment Instructions · For this assignment, you must pick one question from each topic (Topics: Gander and the 'Plane People, Pilot Hiring, Boeing, and the Industry, September 11th and the Industry) to discuss.  Note each question has a couple of bullets - each must be addressed.   · I am looking for senior-level responses.  When responding:  · Avoid simply repeating the discussion point and simply agreeing or disagreeing.   · Arguments for or against should include clearly defined arguments.    · Ensure your perspective on the subject and demonstrate the critical thinking skills of a student who has spent 4+ years studying aviation. · Respond to at least ten of your peers.  Peer responses should: · Not simply agree or disagree.   · If you agree, offer further support to validate the response. If you disagree, politely offer an alternative viewpoint and explain why.   · Late assignments will be marked down 1 point per day late. · As a reminder, all work must be your own and will be run through an AI detection website.  Discussion Questions  · [Topic] Gander and the 'Plane People' 1. Thinking as an Airport Manager, Air Traffic Controller, Pilot, or Flight Attendant, discuss the extremely challenging logistical problems faced in Gander.  Specifically related to handling 38 wide-body airplanes and 7,000 passengers.  · What are some issues that needed that need to be considered in regard to the airplanes and why? · What issues needed to be considered for the passengers while 'stuck' on the airplane and then once they got off? 2. Captain Beverly Bass was the first female Captain at American Airlines. · Discuss some of the challenges she faced during her professional pilot career.  · Do you think these challenges still exist for female pilots?  Why or why not?  · [Topic] Pilot Hiring, Boeing, and the Industry 1. Some airlines operate 'lean' with 'just enough' pilots to run the schedule plus a few reserves. Others try to operate in a 'surplus,' willing to carry a significant number of reserve pilots 'just in case.'  · Which business model is better, and why? · Historically, airlines that carry a surplus are quick to furlough as a matter of procedure to protect the bottom line.  Discuss your thoughts on this practice. 2. Boeing is once again in the headlines for quality assurance issues. · Discuss how these headlines are affecting more than just the pilot hiring forecast in regard to the aviation industry. · What strategies can airlines use to plan for, pivot, and adjust for these issues? · September 11th  and the Industry 1. September 11th fundamentally changed almost every aspect of the aviation industry in the blink of an eye.  However, a lot of the changes that were made are now 20+ years old.  · Discuss how these attacks changed airport security procedures and how these changes affect the passenger experience. · What aspects of airport security are now outdated, and what could be done to improve them?   2. In lots of ways 09/11 for all of you is no different than talking about landing on the moon or the Wright Brothers.    · Discuss the importance of continuing to talk about events such as 09/11. Is there value in those discussions? Why or why not? · What do you think is the biggest 'threat' facing the aviation industry today? · Resources: · [Ciations to come] · September 11, Gander Newfoundland, Beverly Bass · The Tiny Town that Became the Beacon of HopeLinks to an external site. · 9/11 As Events UnfoldLinks to an external site. · Real-life Come From Away pilot describes 9/11 in GanderLinks to an external site. · 9/11 to now: Ways we have changedLinks to an external site. Pilot Hiring and Boeing Southwest Airlines Reduces Pilot HiringLinks to an external site. PILOT SHORTAGE OVER? AIRLINES CURTAIL HIRING, LAYOFF SOMELinks to an external site. Links to an external site.FAA To Mandate Fix Related To Boeing 737 MAX Anti-Ice SystemLinks to an external site. FAA audit faults Boeing for 'multiple instances' of quality control shortcomingsLinks to an external site.
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Table of contents
Discussion 1    3
Regarding Airplanes    3
Regarding Passengers    3
Discussion 2    3
Regarding Lean Operation
s    4
Regarding Surplus Operations    4
Concerning Furlough Practices:    4
Discussion 3    4
Changes in Airport Security Procedures:    5
Effects on Passenger Experience:    5
Outdated Aspects of Airport Security:    5
Potential Improvements    6
Discussion 1
When faced with the logistical hurdles at Gander during the unplanned diversion of 38 wide-body aeroplanes transporting 7,000 people, as an airport manager, air traffic controller, pilot, or flight attendant, numerous crucial issues come to mind:
Regarding Airplanes
· Parking and Apron Capacity: Careful planning is needed to manage the parking and placement of 38 wide-body aircraft so that there is enough room on the apron and access to necessary facilities like maintenance and fueling.
· Resource Allocation: It becomes critical to coordinate ground services such baggage handling, catering, and refueling in order to effectively satisfy each aircraft's demands and reduce turnaround times.
Regarding Passengers
· Communication and Comfort: Passengers must be informed in a clear and concise manner of the circumstances, the anticipated length of the diversion, and the services that are available. It is important to provide them with sufficient food, water, and medical care to ensure their comfort.
· Disembarkation and Assistance: After stepping off the plane, travelers need help with immigration, customs, luggage claim, and lodging. For their comfort and well-being, crowd control measures and assistance with rebooking...

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