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B Week 2 Homework Assignment - Article Critique Article Critique Assignment For this assignment, you will need to find an article, read it and take notes on it, and then write a critique of that article. The article you choose for this assignment should be related to your field of study or to the industry you hope to work for. You will need to write at least one page (300 words minimum) evaluating the article you have read. You should include a brief summary of the article that is no more than one or two sentences. If all that you do is summarize the article, you will not pass the assignment. After your summary. you will critique the source. Follow the guidelines listed below: Format in APA. This means, include a title page and a references page. They do not have to be perfect. For this assignment, I want to see you practicing the format. We will cover this during the semester. « 12pt Font, Double Spaced, Times New Roman « Write at least one page and write in paragraphs. You should not have any lists. You should be practicing writing in paragraphs and linking your ideas so there should not be any bullet points or numbered lists in your critique « Your critique should include: © An introduction that informs your reader the title of the article and the author of the article. o A 1-2 sentence summary of the article o For the most part, you should critique the article. This means you will discuss the trustworthiness and importance of the article. You can ask yourself questions like: Is the article published by a reputable source? What is the expertise of the author? What kind of language does the author use? Who is the author's intended audience? Is the author leaving out important information? How well does the author explore the topic? You do not need to answer all of these questions; they are here to get you thinking. The majority of this written assignment should be the critique of the article, not the summary. « Include an APA references page. Try your best to have an APA citation, not just a URL You will be able to find examples using the Blackboard resources. Feel free to reach out to your instructor if you have any questions or doubts concerning the assignment. ing On A Assigned Topic Week 1 Assignment To Be Completed Outside of Class- Safe Assign Your assignment s to research and investigate the Watergate Break In, an event that happened in the US in the year 1973. You will find many available sources related to this topic. Seve those sources are presented below. You will write a paper of 250-350 words on this subject. The paper should be double-spaced and be presented in WORD. Your paper should cover the following general topics Description of the event Summary of participants Short-term and long-term impact on American politics Your own analysis of the significance of the event and its aftermath Your paper should have a properly formatted title page and be in general APA format that we will review in class. Gather information and ideas from your sources. Do not quote them directly. Where quoting, use proper citation techniques. You must achieve a Safe Assign Score under 25 for full credit. Your Safe Assign Score should not be 0 You have three chances to complete the assignment Some sample sources: https://wwwbritannica.com/event/Watergate-Scandal https:/fjournals sagepub com/doi/abs/10.1177/0002764203262345?casa_token=B20ShXY JagMAAAAA 6SCkG519n-lvBpfbDmlimPdofsRZEb7wBVny- 9SSyAHUZp4NbLINcIngwefHo4rKX4f4x9109nM
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Article critique
This article critique will be about the industry that ii hope to work for in fu
ture. The industry that I will prefer to work in future will be hospitality industry. It has been observed that in the recent times technology has helped this industry to manage their bookings, inventory, consumer data in a best possible manner and reservations. On the other hand, implementing systems like property management systems, POS systems, firms can track the data of the consumers and also handling the bookings.
Personally it is believed that this article has provided an excellent overview in terms of the use of ICT in hospitality sector. The Reconciliation of...

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