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Parul answered on Aug 04 2022
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We live in very fast-paced competitive world, where disruptions are taking place every minute at eve
ry aspect of life liked social, political, economics and technological. Admits this flux are many organizations that are adapting with these changes and working on perform better. In order for the organization survive the test of time and thrive in these volatile environment, Human Resource plays a crucial role in it. With globalization the world has opened to international business dealing with different nationalities and cultures, hence demanding the HR to incorporate policies that are globally meaningful and consistent across. Hence, this has urged the HR function in the organizations to evolved into more dynamic and strategic role (Bondarouk, T., Brewster, C., 2016).
By the virtue of this assignment, I have decided to discuss about the people strategy and human resource functions of Microsoft. I had the opportunity to intern with the company for 6 months where I was aligned with various projects and comprehending the corporate culture deeply. Microsoft is one of the most renowned technology organization commanding the industry with its cutting-edge software and products.
As we know Microsoft is a global multi-national company...

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