Directions: This is a full assignment, not a short answer assignment and not just a list. All answers should be written fully, explaining thoughts and answers. Use and cite at least two sources. Work...

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Directions:This is a full assignment, not a short answer assignment and not just a list. All answers should be written fully, explaining thoughts and answers.Use and cite at least two sources.
Work should be completed and submitted in a Word document. Grading rubric:Open Ended Assignment Rubric.pdfOpen Ended Assignment Rubric.pdf - Alternative FormatsAssignment: Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Which comes first, ethical behavior or systems thinking?
Ethical behavior can be found in companies where the management philosophy is not systemic. Ask around, and everyone has a reason as to why we should behave ethically or why we can't do it that way.
According to, "Ethics in the Workplace," by William F. Roth, A group of 15 middle managers were asked why their companies' efforts to improve ethics were not producing results. Some of the answers were: lack of commitment and lack of a believable message from the top; no real effort to get buy-in from employees; companies are focused on short-term rather than long-term; employees are too busy dealing with intimidation by bosses and in-house competition; and old habits are difficult to change.
Roth goes on to say, "As an advocate I find it interesting that most companies periodically require lower-level employees to sit through ethics training. However, I have also observed that the real problems do not originate with these workers. Rather, most of the real problems originate further up the hierarchy."Bookstores, Internet, YouTube, almost any source library is full of "ways to act ethically in the workplace."
  1. Identify andEXPLAINhow the law dictates how a person must behave.
  2. Explain how society as a whole benefits from ethical behavior and lose in unethical behavior.
  3. Identify how ethics or morals govern how people should behave, focusing on the workplace.
  4. Identify (not just list) at least three strong ethical standards that you think should be required in all places of employment explaining your thoughts.
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Answer To : Directions: This is a full assignment, not a short answer assignment and not just a list. All...

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gal system does not have to follow religious or ethical (moral) values. These values can theoretically coexist. Moral norms may be legislated by law, in which case they take on a legal dimension. Good behavior is compelled by religion (behavior), law and morality. They each have an application condition, character and substance, to speak like one writer (Fe
ell et al.). Religious or Moral orders, on the other hand, tend to work similarly to legal orders. They all use the tactic of punishment to promote socially desirable conduct by inhibit evil.
People would typically refrain from committing murder under a moral edict, because a known killer would almost probably be shunned by their peers. However, under the terms of a legal order, a court might sentence someone to jail for n years to life. In certain jurisdictions, the death penalty in the instance of serious murder could also be given.
A moral reaction to an unethical conduct is neither socially oriented nor required by a moral order. Unlike a legal order, which is determined in nature due to its coercive nature, its efficacy is based on voluntary compliance (Sroka and Szanto). Because human behaviors are anecdotal, any dependence on a religious or moral order always leads to utopia.
Going above what is lawful and doing what is right even when no one is looking may be characterized as ethics. There are several ways, in which organizations engage in unethical behavior, abusing the public, customers and even their employees. It is crucial to remember that what is immoral is not always criminal.
For instance, while raking in billions in...

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