Discussion have to be very good and 2 comends for each Discussion which I give

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Discussion have to be very good and 2 comends for each Discussion which I give
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Title: Discussion and comments
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Creativity is multi-dimensional and a critical factor for the existence and growth of an individual and an organization. There are varied factors which support creativity like personality, experience, rewards and recognition, pressure in job, stress accommodate by an individual, culture of the organization, workplace environment etc. While discussing about psychological aspects which hinders creativity, stress holds first position. It is a bodily response to situations decreasing the coping strength of an individual. According to Akinola, Modupe, et al stress has negative affect on creativity. It increases the fear of failure and restricts the person from taking risk.
It increases procrastination, feeling of tiredness and making the person anxious of his actions. Instead of taking creativity as a challenge it seems threat to them. The similarity between threat and challenge is that both ensure engagement of individual during performance tasks and increase the heart rate while performing them (Akinola, Modupe, et al). Threat decreases...

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