Draft a ten-page (double-spaced) paper (200 earned points),using your own words, about one (1) WMD incident that occurred anywhere in the world. Half of the paper is on the incident itself, and half...

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Draft a ten-page (double-spaced) paper (200 earned points),using your own words, about one (1) WMD incident that occurred anywhere in the world. Half of the paper is on the incident itself, and half of the paper is your assessment, supported by citations, of the incident response. What went well and what went poorly that saved lives or cost lives? Also, discuss lessons learned for future incidents.


Students will complete the following assignment activities.When completing your written assignmentsin either Microsoft Word or rich text format (using Times New Roman size 12 font ONLY) – not Word Perfect, use APA CITED concepts from your sources to analyze the WMD issues. If you just complete the assignments in broad termswithoutsupporting concepts from your sources, using APA citations, your grade will be significantly lower. Ten (10) APA citations are required. Headers to section up your discussion into topic areas are also required.

I strongly recommend students review a grammar/writing guide prior to submitting assignments. My goal is assignments will be reviewed and grades posted within 48 hours of their submission. Assignments submitted late will have a 10 % penalty assessed for each week late. Cover, reference, appendix, images, charts, bulleted items, and table pages DO NOT count towards the page length requirements. There is NO extra credit or makeup assignments offered in the course, so every assignment contributes to students' final course grades. Assignments MUST be posted to the Canvas site and do NOT get emailed to me

Note: The paper must be written, using your own words, supported by your citations, More than 90 percent of the words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages must be written - using your own words.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) sources are prohibited:
My policy is that any work written, developed, created, or inspired by artificial intelligence (AI) is considered plagiarism and will result in significant academic penalties. Please note that written papers are automatically screened and evaluated for AI and plagiarism.

I require that your papers be – your papers. Please do your own work in the course and you will achieve long-term academic and career success! I have a strong preference to NOT assign students a lower grade for violating this policy, so please do not compel me to do so – thanks!

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Answer To: Draft a ten-page (double-spaced) paper (200 earned points),using your own words, about one (1) WMD...

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Weapons of Mass Destruction          2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
WMD Pertaining to Ukraine Crisis    3
Implication of the Russian Action    5
The Prospects of WMD    5
Reflection    6
Conclusion    10
References    12
Weapons of mass destruction are the weapons that are designed to cause widespread death and destruction, along with some other catastrophic effects on a large scale. The weapons are more significant in causing harms not only on the individual, but also has a significant impact on the infras
tructure, environment and for the society. The aspect of weapons of mass destruction encompasses the nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons also. Throughout the global history it is effective to note that application of such weapons of mass destructions have taken place across the world. This discussion shall focus on the aspect of weapons of mass destructions and the issues related to the mass destruction with regards to Russia, Ukraine, war.
After the Ukraine Revolution of Dignity, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, which has been an effective to support the pro-Russian separatists fighting the Ukrainian military in the Donbass War. It began in the year 2014, when the tension arose, and in February 2022 Russia launched a large scale of invasion against Ukraine. It has been claimed throughout the world that Russia has significantly threatened the use of weapons in Ukraine and against the Western states. It has been claimed by experts that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as significantly enhanced threat of weapons of mass destruction, which includes chemical munitions.
WMD Pertaining to Ukraine Crisis
According to the reports produced by various research aspects, it has been found that the review of weapons of mass destruction issues have already been raised in terms of the Russia's aggression against Ukraine since 24th February 2022. Russian threats to use the nuclear weapons against Ukraine and its western partners has been effective in terms of Russia’s implementation and the use of hypersonic missiles. This also contemplates the aspects of Russia's harmful activities with regards to the Ukraine's civilian nuclear power plants and the false accusation that Russia is making against Ukraine and its Western partners that are mainly concerned on the aspects of chemical and biological weapons and laboratories (Яструбецький et al., 2023).
It has been contemplated by some of the experts and potential research aspects that the actions made by Russian military such as attacking the civilian nuclear power plants or employing hypersonic missiles have been the potential immeasurable future consequences. From the beginning of the invasion, Russian leaders have explicitly focused and threatened the use of the nuclear weapons due to the developments that took place in Ukraine (Siddiqui et al., 2022). When Vladimir Putin announced about the military invasion on Ukraine, they have effectively focused on the context that can Ukraine can experience consequences which they have never seen in the history. It started when Putin had ordered for the strategic forces by the Russian military to assume the context of special combat duty that the US intelligence community believes means taking heightened preparations that are designed to ensure quick transitions to higher alert status if warranted.
However, with the passage of time, it was explicitly found that Russian nuclear threats had generally declined during the war, and the possible aspect was the fact that the Western government had made a clear reluctance about the intervening by directly aligning with their own combat forces (Quinn, 2022). Despite of having limited response to the imposition of the economic sanctions on Russia in terms of rendering military training, weapon deliveries and diplomatic backing to Ukraine from the European states, yet on 25th June Putin was confident and announced that Russia would help to upgrade Belarus's Su-25 fighter bombers to effectively move nuclear bombs and train Belarus to operate them. In this aspect, Russia also found an effective context of providing Iskandar-M-missiles that are effectively potential for delivering conventional warheads.
Implication of the Russian Action
International experts view Russian nuclear weapons used during the Ukraine war as a credible aspect unlikely. This was also propounded and effectively monitored by the US military, who monitored the Russian activities and prepared the contingency plan for the use of nuclear power against Russia. This led to fears of escalation that have certainly resonated among the anxious Europeans publics while, the respondents alarmed both by explicit Russian threats and the mere fact that Russia has the nuclear weapons.
The most important aspect of the Russian-Ukraine war was the use of the hypersonic delivery system in the war time, which made it an issue for the WMD. Since the beginning of the war, Russia has launched more than a dozen of hypersonic missiles that have been effective against the Ukrainian territory. These kinds of missiles are Iskandar missiles that are faster air launched version of Russia's Ground Launch Iskandar Missile. This missile is known to have lacked the manoeuvrability of the more advanced hypersonic glide vehicles or hypersonic cruise missiles that fly sufficiently fast.
Other factors that have been significant in terms of the aspect why Russia had employed these missiles have been the difficulty of interceptions about their ability to obliterate certain hardened targets with less collateral damage than other weapons. These had effectively underscored the Russia escalation dominance over Ukraine.
The Prospects of WMD
In the recent years, Russia, Ukraine war has always been an unprecedented in that some battles have occurred near operating nuclear power stations. This had an imperative threat on the civilian life and the context of the destruction of Ukraine 's property. Four large plants of Ukraine operate with 15 nuclear reactors that...

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