Essay #3: Problem-Solution EssayLength:4-6 pagesGrade: 200 points(20% of course grade)Due Dates:Annotated Bibliography due—Week 11First draft due—Week 12Final draft due—Week...

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Essay #3: Problem-Solution Essay


4-6 pages

Grade: 200 points

(20% of course grade)

Due Dates:

Annotated Bibliography due

Week 11

First draft due

Week 12

Final draft due

Week 13


Using the problem you identified in

Essay #2: Discussion of a Problem

, do some additional research not only about the background, causes, and effects of this problem, along with possible solutions or ways to address this problem. Then, use the new information you have found to revise what you wrote for Essay #2, adding new research and writing into one longer essay in which you

introduce a problem, then


some background and context for the problem and its causes and/or effects, and, finally,


one or more practical solutions to this problem.

Your thesis should address the problem and your proposed solution(s).

You will write a well-researched essay in which you develop an original position advocating a particular solution to a problem you identify and support your thesis with research-based evidence that is appropriate for an academic audience

. While this essay should also be informative, it needs to include a thesis and argument that attempt to persuade readers about a proposed action or solution to a problem.

Think of research as




—searching to find out what is out there, to discover what you think, to answer your questions, and to satisfy your curiosity. Hopefully you have already chosen a problem that you are interested in, so now you can learn more about the problem and possible solutions or actions that can help address or mitigate this problem.

Required Sources:

A minimum of



that include

the following:

  • At least

    1 book or ebook

  • At least

    1 scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed source

  • Any websites used must be reputable .org, .gov, .edu, or a mainstream, credible news source

    (*no websites required


  • All sources must be credible and appropriate for an academic audience, and you can include more than 4 sources if you want, as long as all are appropriate.

*See me if you have any questions about sources.

Writing the Essay:

The final paper must be 4-6 full pages, double-spaced, plus a works cited page. It must include significant and well-integrated citations, quotations, and paraphrases from at least the minimum four required sources to provide background/context and support your thesis and main points.

In composing your paper, use your research to provide support and evidence for your claims—analyzing, selecting, accurately summarizing, quoting, citing, and blending sources to serve as support for your well-reasoned position, to develop and address alternative perspectives and counter arguments, and to provide useful background and context.

You must integrate source material into your own work, using it to develop your own individual position and to establish and support your own assertions rather than merely reporting what others have already said

. Use MLA in-text citation format correctly, using signal phrases to clarify shifts from your own view to someone else’s and back again, and conclude your paper with an MLA-formatted works cited page (use MLA guidelines for works cited entries as described in the “Research Tips” page in the “Resources” module in Canvas or online citation tools or websites like Purdue OWL). Make sure you incorporate information carefully in your essay so that it is clear where you are drawing on your sources and where you are coming to your own conclusions.

Time Management:

The most important factor in doing well on this paper will be effective time management. Most of your work will take place outside of class, on your own time, with as much or as little help from me as you choose. Your topic choice, reading material, and ideas will all be created on your part. This project is as much about self-discipline as it is about research. I have set up timeline deadlines to help you effectively manage the workload, but the majority of the responsibility falls on you. Don’t wait until the last minute to do it!


Your research paper will be evaluated according to the course goals and grading criteria outlined in the course syllabus. The grading criteria and checklist for this assignment (which will be posted in Canvas) will consider the quality of your thesis, focus, argumentation, support, organization, style, and mechanics, citations, etc.

Conferences and Extra Help:

Don’t forget to consult the due dates for each component of this assignment. Students are encouraged to set up conference times to discuss aspects of this project that you are having any difficulties with or if you just want advice. You can also consult the Writing Studio at any point in the process, and don’t hesitate to ask librarians for assistance. The course Canvas site is also a very valuable resource.

*See me early with any questions about your topic, sources, the research process, or anything else you are concerned about.

I enjoyed reading your essay about the problem of domestic violence. This is a timely and important topic, of course, that is definitely worth writing about and researching. For Essay #3, you should make the revisions discussed here and then also add new paragraphs about solutions or ways to address the problem. Your writing is generally clear and easy to read, and you include some good points and supporting details about this problem. You also include some good sources that you list in a Works Cited. Good work in these areas. While your essay has some strengths, and you have chosen a good topic, there are still some issues you could continue to work on to revise and improve your essay (which you should do as part of Essay #3): add a clear thesis statement at the end of your introduction that states the main points you will focus on in your body paragraphs, focus on developing fewer and more specific main points about causes and effects of the problem (rather than trying to write an information report about all aspects of the problem), tighten paragraph focus and improve your use of the body paragraph hamburger structure (and use paragraphs instead of section headings and bullet points), develop and support your points more thoroughly and specifically, work on paraphrasing, add missing in-text citations, and proofread carefully for sentence-level “Judge” issues, etc. Also, you should see the example essays on the “Essay Assignments” page in the Major Assignments module in Canvas for examples of how you should structure, organize, and format your essay. Also, Essay #2 should not include paragraphs about solutions. Save solutions for Essay #3. You can see my full comments on the grading criteria form linked below, which you can access by copying and pasting this URL address into a new browser tab: And also remember to click on “View Feedback” after clicking on the assignment in the “Grades” link in Canvas to see my highlighted comments on your essay itself. You can also see the general essay rubric here, which can give you a better idea of how I decide the grades for each area of the essay:

As I have said, you are welcome to continue revising and editing your essay for a new grade, which I encourage you to do if you want. If you want to, you will need to write me a paragraph-long explanation of how you plan to revise your essay both globally and locally. Then, you should email me your plans for revision or arrange to talk briefly in-person, on the phone, or in Zoom. I would be happy to discuss your essay and any questions you have. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to meet to talk more about how you can revise this essay. This is a good topic, and I look forward to reading more about it in Essay #3–along with solutions. Take care.

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Answer To: Essay #3: Problem-Solution EssayLength:4-6 pagesGrade: 200 points(20% of course...

Bidusha answered on Apr 11 2023
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Last Name:    1
Title: Domestic Violence in USA
Introduction    3
Background    3
Context Of The Problem    5
Causes    6
Effects    7
Solution    8
Work Cited    10
A pattern of conduct utilized in any relationship to obtain or hold power and command over a cozy accomplice is known as domestic abuse, in some cases known as "domestic violence" or "private accomplice violence." Abuse is ch
aracterized as a coercive, threatening, or hurtful physical, sexual, profound, or psychological way of behaving towards someone else. This incorporates any activities that scare, threaten, control, incur hurt, embarrass, or find fault with someone else. Anyone can encounter domestic violence, no matter what their nationality, age, sexual direction, religion, or orientation. It might occur in various circumstances, including ones between wedded, living together, or dating couples. Individuals from different financial beginnings and instructive levels are influenced by domestic abuse.
Domestic abuse might influence everybody, no matter what their age, identity, orientation, sexual direction, religion, or societal position. Some other family part, including a youngster or other family, may likewise be a survivor of domestic violence. Domestic violence frequently appears as a pattern of oppressive lead towards a close accomplice in a heartfelt or familial relationship, where the abuser practices control and authority over the person in question. Domestic violence might appear as close to home, physical, monetary, or sexual abuse. Rarely are occurrences secluded; all things considered, their recurrence and force will more often than not increment with time. Domestic violence might bring about fatalities or extreme actual damage.
In the US, domestic violence alludes to violence that happens in a domestic setting. Domestic violence can allude to different kinds of family violence, for example, violence against youngsters, violence committed by kids against their folks, or violence committed by kin residing in a similar family, notwithstanding the way that it regularly happens between accomplices with regards to a close connection. Legislative and non-legislative associations have recognized it as a serious cultural issue, and the US Congress has passed various Violence Against Women Acts with an end goal to alter the course. Orientation and sexual direction are not obstructions to domestic abuse exploitation. Men are additionally every now and again the objectives of domestic violence, particularly in instances of physical accomplice abuse. Women are all the more habitually the casualties of domestic violence and are more probable than guys to endure wounds or wellbeing repercussions because of the attacks. Domestic abuse is an issue for sizable bits of LGBT couples (Menon). In the US, socially and monetarily weak gatherings habitually experience higher paces of domestic violence than different gatherings.
For example, more than 60% of Local American women experience physical abuse from an accomplice or spouse during their lives (Malathesh, Das & Chatterjee). As per a few insightful explorations on the issue, domestic violence regularly includes different kinds of physical and non-physical abuse happening simultaneously and is habitually a part of a dynamic of control and mistreatment in organizations. An individual endeavoring to apply efficient impact over someone else's psyche through cozy psychological oppression participates in a persistent, complex utilization of force, control, and abuse. There are destitute asylums and specific hotlines for people to contact for crisis help with many states, and non-benefit associations work to battle the shame that individuals experience while announcing these circumstances.
Context Of The Problem
While numerous extra events go unreported, somewhere in the range of 960,000 and 3,000,000 domestic abuse episodes are recorded every year. In the US, an expected ten million individuals get through domestic violence every year. Starting around 2010, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Hawaii, Arizona, and Georgia had the ten most noteworthy paces of female murders by men. 93% of female casualties in murders in 2009 in which the connection between the person in...

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