Exam Content Quality-improvement projects directly impact the quality of health care delivery. Health care research can provide the data necessary for the systematic change process to guide...

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Exam Content

  1. Quality-improvement projects directly impact the quality of health care delivery. Health care research can provide the data necessary for the systematic change process to guide decision-making.

    In this assignment, you will apply your skill in quality improvement, which is necessary for you to implement the policies and processes to fulfill the purpose of the organization you work in as a health care administrator. You will evaluate the relationship between quality-improvement projects and health care research. You will choose a peer-reviewed article about a research study and evaluate the application of risk- and quality-management concepts in the health care industry in this assignment.

    Assignment Preparation

    Search the University Library for a peer-reviewed article about a research study related to quality-improvement projects in health care.

    Review Evaluating Research Critical-Thinking Prompts to ensure you have selected an article that is most appropriate for completing the assignment.

    Assignment Directions

    Write a 1,050-word evaluation of the quality-improvement projects in health care research study you selected.

    Use the Evaluating Research Critical-Thinking Prompts as a guide for what to include in each section. You may find it helpful to respond to each prompt in this document and use it as an outline for your assignment. While this is a guide for the content needed for this assignment, it is not a template for the format.

    Include the following headings and sections in your evaluation.

    • Research Steps: Provide the following:
    • Define the problem.
    • Explain the purpose of the research study.
    • Explain the study variables.
    • Explain the research question and/or hypothesis.
    • Research Methodology, Design, and Analyses: Explain the research methodology, design, and analyses.
    • Findings: Explain the research study’s findings.
    • Conclusion:
    • Summarize the research study’s recommendations.
    • Explain the impact of the research to risk management and quality management.

    Cite sources to support your assignment.

    Format your assignment according to the attached

    Submit your assignment.

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Answer To : Exam Content Quality-improvement projects directly impact the quality of health care delivery....

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Health care quality improvements by Advances in technology
Importance of Quality-Improvement in Healthcare
Quality improvement is necessary in the Healthcare to overcome the problems of the medical e
ors, minimize the cost, provide improved patient care that r
eflects the production and profits of the Healthcare organization and the positive health outcomes. Redesigning the traditional approaches of the treatment with the advances in the technology can minimize the risks, improves safety and decision-making based on the data analysis for improving the healthcare services (Clancy & Cronin, 2005). The quality improvement is a systemic healthcare approach where the health care organization improves the Healthcare standards based on the patient’s data (Dahigaard et.al., 2011).
Purpose of the study
The purpose of this study to understand the various types of quality improvements are being followed across the world and to understand the best possible and ways that can
ing best possible patient outcomes as well as to improve the Productivity of the organization. This study will discuss about the different types of methods being followed across the healthcare to the quality standards, analysis of the important variable, benefits, gaps and limitations in adapting to the advanced technologies from the available literature and recommendations to improve the quality care. The quality improvement is engaged to improve the six goals of the healthcare: patient safety, Effectiveness, time management, Equitable services and patient-centered care.
Research Question
Do the technology advances will revolutionize the healthcare standards of patient care and organization management?
PICO format:
P: Patient I: Technology advances C: Different health organizations O: Quality care
Research Methodology
The Poor healthcare quality is because of the limited resources, funds, longer times etc. To overcome this Advances in the technology are being implemented across various nations that helps in decision-making process to provide a safe and patient-centered care. This study has focused on the evidences-based technology of quality improvements from the literature studies by taking account of the available resources to meet the needs of the patients. The technologies have helped in the pandemic like COVID-19 where the in-person care is not possible. The technological advances will help for the personalized diagnosis and care based on the needs of the patients. Ferlie and Shortell (2001) has defined the health care transition is a multilevel change frame work with the integrative support of individuals, team,...

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