For this assignment, you are to critically review 3 smartphone health and fitness-type applicaLons. Your review must include one nutrition/diet app, one physical acclivity app and one psychological wellness/preventaLve mental health app.Your report is to be structured as follows:
Section 1 (50 words per app):• Screenshot of the app. Home page .• Name of the app and its cost (you are not required to purchase expensive apps - youcan use free or ‘lite’ versions but please keep in mind that free or lite versions maynot provide the same level of detail as the fully paid version).• Whether it operates on iPhone, Android and/or other plaXorms.• Brief descripLon of the app’s purpose and philosophy.
Section XXXXXXXXXXwords per app):• CriLcally evaluate the app’s usefulness and the quality of the informaLon presented by it in terms of whether it adheres to the current scienLfic recommendaLons and evidence. This may require you to use the app for a period of Lme to assess its usefulness.• In your response you should refer to the Australian Guide to Healthy EaLng, the Australian Physical AcLvity Guidelines for Adults, recommendaLons given by the World Health OrganisaLon, as well as other relevant scienLfic sources.• Include screenshots of the app whilst it is being used to help with your evaluaLon and explanaLon.• Briefly discuss how these apps may assist individuals in terms of behaviour change.Total word count = 1500 words (for three app reviews). The usual +/- 10% rule applies, anything over 10% will not be marked. Headings, sub-headings, capLons, in-text references and reference lists will not contribute to the word count.Presenta$on:• All assignments are to be typed and submiced electronically via the TurniLn link on the FSHN1030 Blackboard site.• Do not include a cover sheet.• This assessment is to be structured as a wricen report – not as an essay.• Sub-headings must be used to divide the secLons of your report.• All assignments must be fully referenced using the preferred referencing style (e.g.APA 7th, Harvard, Vancouver, etc) of the faculty in which you are enrolled.
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