MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS XXXXXXXXXX1 CYBER SECURITY FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION 2 Tarek Ben Fehri Department of Business, California Miramar University MIS 6110: Management Information Systems...

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Tarek Ben Fehri
Department of Business, California Miramar University
MIS 6110: Management Information Systems
Instructor:  Maryam Hassanlou, PhD
1. Title
Cyber security for personal information
2. Problem Statement under Investigation
Cyber security is concerned with preventing unwanted access to and manipulating your internet and network-based digital devices and information (Callen-Naviglia & James, XXXXXXXXXXThe internet has established itself as a channel through which we do business in addition to being a source of knowledge. The internet was never designed to track and record user activity.
Because the internet provides many advantages, it also gives equal opportunity for cyber-te
orists and hackers (Demirkan, Demirkan & McKee, XXXXXXXXXXIt is frequently used to enhance communication inside te
orist groups and information collecting and distribution for te
orist goals.
3. Importance of the Study
Cyber threats may impact community policing (CP), just as they do on the citizens, it is designed to protect. Traditional fraud and cybercrime have many similarities, but cybercrime has two distinct advantages: scale and anonymity (Callen-Naviglia & James, XXXXXXXXXXJust as a computer has improved the efficiency of legitimate firms, it has also improved the efficiency of illegal enterprises.
Huge-scale cybercrime is now feasible because the internet has changed a cybercriminal's motive from merely targeting a limited number of high-value targets to many low-value targets. This, in turn,
ings with it additional problems (Park & Lee, 2019).
Cybercrime will only grow more common and damaging as society continues to integrate and rely on the online realm in their daily lives. Because of the scalability that computers and the internet enable, cybercriminals may have a greater influence. Society is growing increasingly reliant on the integrity and confidentiality of computer systems without even recognizing it. Cybercrime attacks on people's online privacy and security can have real-world consequences for their reputations, job security, identity, and income.
Protecting our essential infrastructure (financial markets, energy, healthcare, government, and transportation) against cyber-attacks is thus a national issue that, as we will see, necessitates an international response. This chapter describes the many features of cyberspace and some of the technology that may be utilized for both right and wrong within it (Park & Lee, 2019)."
4. Purpose of the Study
Governments, military organizations, financial institutions, colleges, and other enterprises acquire, process, and store personal data and information on computers. They then transfer it to other computers across networks. The study goes into great length regarding the nature of cyberspace and demonstrates how insecure the internet is for transmitting private and financial data (Valeriano & Maness, 2018).
We show how hacking has become more widespread and dangerous to global security and defense and the numerous types of cyber assaults used throughout the world. Understanding the fundamental ideas of cyber security is critical and the cu
ent and upcoming risks that it poses (Demirkan et al., XXXXXXXXXXThis chapter examines the origins of cybercrime and the shifting incentives and obstacles that come with tackling it.
5. Main Participants in Study
Cyber security personnel
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Running Head: GOOGLE                     1
GOOGLE COMPANY                     4
Tarek Ben Fehri
Department of Business, California Miramar University
MKT 6120: Marketing Management
Instructor: Winnie Davis, PhD
1. Introduction
Google is a multinational company established in the USA on September 4, 1998. It deals with internet-related services and products that run social media and other social platforms on the internet. All online technologies, including information sharing, software and hardware services, online education, and advertising, are controlled by Google.
Sundar Pichai is the CEO of the company who is running the company. It includes several other applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix. It is the most common search engine used worldwide. People can reach any information by being at any position of the word.
2. Marketing, Manufacturing, and Distribution Strategies
The marketing strategy, which Google follows, is free service to all. It is freely accessible by all in the world. According to Liu, An, and Zhou (2021), this increases the online search volume from different sectors of the world through Google, which increases their business in every field.
The manufacturing strategies include influencing the
anding and manufacturing of products through the implementation of Google. It follows a sustainable manufacturing strategy, which attracts a targeted audience of a certain age through its different apps to indulge them in their services. It follows an open-source environment, which increases its corporate value. It has manufactured several of its products, such as Google Pay, Google Drive, Google Voice, Google Play Store, and Gmail, to engage people with its services throughout the world.
Google is providing its services to a huge number of companies worldwide by the distribution strategy of making itself a default app to be used by all in the android systems. It has also started collaborating with other companies to increase its distribution in several working sectors.
Payments and other technological services are also made more accessible through the distribution system of Google. These strategies are taken to distribute the technology and make people dependent on the use of Google. It has also expanded in hardware devices distribution in Nexus, speakers, and smartwatches from XXXXXXXXXX.
3. Brand Story
Google was invented by the partnership between two computer scientists, La
y Page and Sergey Brin. The name was coined on a mathematical concept, googol, which indicates the name of the number one, which is followed by hundred zeroes (ThoughtCo, XXXXXXXXXXTheir idea received funding from Sun Microsoft, and they opened their first office in Menlo Park, California.
In 2001, Google received its patent as La
y Page being the inventor. They manufacture various products such as Google Drive, Google Cloud, Gmail, Google Voice, and Google Docs. In 2015, Sergey Brin became the company president and Sundar Pichai as the CEO from 2019. It persists among the top 10 companies in the world.
4. Market Value
The cu
ent market value of Google in the year 2022 is 1745 billion US dollars (Fo
es, XXXXXXXXXXThe company is growing at a high rate of development, and it is considered among the top-five IT companies in the world. The daily earning of Google sums up to 50 million US dollars. The total asset values are up to 327 billion US dollars. In 2021, the
and value was worth 1978 billion US dollars.
es, XXXXXXXXXXGoogle (GOOG) Retrieved from https:
Liu, R., An, E., & Zhou, W XXXXXXXXXXThe effect of online search volume on financial performance: Marketing insight from Google trends data of the top five US technology firms. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 29(4), XXXXXXXXXX.
ThoughtCo, XXXXXXXXXXThe History of Google and How It Was Invented Retrieved from https: XXXXXXXXXX
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Parul answered on Apr 10 2022
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Google operates in high-technology market driven by innovation and disruptions which have created massive global impact. The underlying principle of the organisation is offering the one-stop solution to anything a user search on the internet through its simple yet powerful search engine as well as also offer plethora of options for online advertisements. Google as an organisation also handles software and hardware products along with operating systems.
Another marketing strategy that Google as a company implement rigorously on the ground is to focus on delivering splendid employee experience. This can be by its content on the search engine which is normally up-to-date...

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