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Solution.docxSOLUTION 2:
Given that:
Consider the image below:
will find the field at point P inside the hole.
The current density J is given by:
Applying Ampere’s Law, we get:
At two different points as shown, using the above law, we get:
Therefore, we get:
Since, both the fields are not in same direction, the field vectors are superimposed.
Consider the image below:
From diagram, we can observe:
Thus, the magnitude of field is:
The solutions obtained in the said article, when combined with a vortex, gives the flow past a rotating cylinder. The superimposed stream function now consists of three components:
Where, ‘a’ is the radius of cylinder.
The pressure distribution can be obtained using Bernoulli Equation, as:
The drag force is obtained by integrating pressure over the cylinder surface.
We get:
Similarly, lift force is obtained by integrating...

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