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Parul answered on Apr 16 2022
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My Reflections on trauma informed principles that can help me in developing enhance care facilities for patients thereby enhancing the patient experience and engagements. I strongly believe these principles boost the overall quality of services that is delivered to patients and their families. In this fast-paced competitive world, majority of people approximately 70%, have confessed experiencing trauma as per the research performed by Sidran Institute. Furthermore, out of these 70% of adults around 20% reports in developing the severe stress conditions like PTSD. Overall impact of childhood trauma can span across the lifetime. In numerous cases these traumata can result in anxiety, hypertension, addition, depression, and several diseases like diabetes. Essentially, the individual trauma manifests because of following events or set of different threating circumstances like physical and/or emotional abuse. As a healthcare professional it is crucial to comprehend six essential principles of informed care in the cases of trauma as well as how they can be executed of offer optimal treatment to all. Trauma deeply influence ability of the individual to experience and cope with the high-quality life because of neurological, psychological, biological as well as social interactions. If any...

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