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Question 1
    The manner in which a
n organization is framework to operate smoothly is called organizational architecture while corporate culture is a process in which the authority and the work are being systematized along with the system in which the employees are being managed and compensated (Pratt, 2020). Hence, organizational architecture and corporate culture are collaborated and well-integrated in any organization. Hence, it’s the mindsets of the industries, the employees and the base customers helps in imbibing the corporate culture. The example is Google architecture and corporate structure which is trendy and provides a college campus like environment where there are various extra-cu
ainstorming activities and informal business attire. This enables the employees feel motivate and enhances their level of productivity through innovative ideas (Meier, 2021).
Question 2
    The ultimate issue with the Always Around Tire is inefficient leadership and ignoring various issues. It is Billy Riggan who is the technical head and is too busy in the process of innovation instead of administration of the employees and the operations of the company. Billy is responsible and have full rights towards maintaining discipline and allocating the duties to the research scientists in order to manage the free-rider issue. It is due to this reason Billy has to overwork while his teammates play tennis during the working hours. Billy has to motivate his team members and encourage them to support him so that he is not overworking. Hence, it will be the research which can reduce stress level, maintain ethics by not playing tennis during the work schedule and provide lots of mental and physical energy (Clear, 2021).
Question 3
    The promotion of the employees at the senior level is a crucial...

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