Textbook: Consumer Behavior 10th Edition by Leon G. Schiffman (Author), Leslie Lazar Kanuk (Author), Joseph Wisenblit (Contributor) The final exam will cover the following chapters in your textbook:...

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Textbook: Consumer Behavior 10th Edition by Leon G. Schiffman  (Author), Leslie Lazar Kanuk (Author), Joseph Wisenblit (Contributor) The final exam will cover the following chapters in your textbook: 4,5,6,7,8,14. In addition it will cover the research project and your understanding of the Choice Model that you used to conduct your survey. As this is a Take-home exam, it will be graded on the basis of both content and structure Answer to each question must be 2 pages in Word (I am assuming you will be using single-spacing). Here are the questions. You need to answer four out of the five questions. 1. Provide a summary of the results of your Research Project. 2. Discuss each of the Internal Influences (Motivation, Perception, Personality, Learning and Attitudes) and highlight a specific Figure, Table, etc. from Chapters 4,5,6,7 and 8 that you think represents the most important insight into each influence. 3. Discuss the Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations from Chapter 14. 4. Using any Attitude Model discussed in Chapter 8, discuss how Donald Trump could have changed the attitudes of Biden supporters to have brought about a victory for him. KFC: Consumer Behavior Analysis 24 KFC: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS Table of Contents Introduction3 Company Overview3 Problems Identified3 Chosen Groups of Consumers4 Questionnaire5 Findings &Discussion5 Market Analysis7 Market Segmentation7 Marketing Mix8 Positioning Strategy10 Target Market10 Conclusion & Recommendation11 References14 Appendices16 Appendix 116 Appendix 2: Questionnaire18 Introduction The report focuses on a brief analysis of consumer behavior aspects of the KFC Corporation in United States. It also focuses on the Market Analysis of the restaurant chain in United States. The findings of the consumer behavior analysis are based on the questionnaire survey on 30 people chosen randomly. Company Overview KFC Corporation is one of the famous restaurant chain, is based in Louisville, Kentucky. It usually produces recipe of chicken that specializes and has a USB of original recipes extra crispy Kentucky grilled chicken and original recipe strips blended with Home Style fashion of cooking. It also specializes in producing BBQ wings and freshly made chicken sandwiches. The organization was founded by Colonel Harland Sandersin in 1964. It has 5002 hundred restaurants in United States. Moreover KFC is a part of Yum Brands Incorporation which is the largest restaurant chain company in terms of system restaurants that has a property in more than 36000 locations across the world. The main product of KFC is the pressure fried chicken that is made up of original recipes and made extra crispy marinated in garlic with a double dipping. The restaurant chain also sauce potato chips, sandwiches, Coleslaw Zinger, Burger in the United States. Problems Identified The product produced by KFC is mainly comprised of fast food products. In recent times Fast Food Industry is facing an effective challenge because of shift of the consumers to a healthier Lifestyle, increasing competition and a constant improvement and maintenance of the food quality. The food sector has satiated because of the health and nutritional needs of the consumers who are mainly demanding healthy your versions of their food products. The increase in the health hazards has also turned out to be the potential problems in the food industry. The survey that was conducted enumerating the aspects of consuming products from KFC gives or potential aspect to understand that increase in health hazards among the individuals in society (Blut, Teller & Floh, 2018). The problems of the fast food industry are not only concerned with the health aspects of the consumers but also with the increased aspect of sustainability and the vegan movement in the society. Since, KFC incorporation specializes in the products of chicken the aspect of vegan movement has strongly affected the consumer base of the fast food industry. The sustainability approach of the industry is also questioned by the group of consumers who have reported rejected the consumption of KFC products, as witnessed while conducting the survey. Chosen Groups of Consumers The chosen group of consumers is both the users and non users of the products of KFC. This survey is conducted to witness the effective problems that the organization is facing in the recent times. Therefore it also encompasses the consumers who do not use KFC products. It has been widely recognized in the recent times the popularity of the vegan movement and the sustainability questions of the customers. This aspect has compelled to survey among the non user of KFC Corporation in the United States. Among the survey conducted 15 consumers belong to the groups who consumed the products of KFC while the other 15 where the consumers who did not consume the products of KFC. The chosen group of non-users has reported about the aspect of health hazards, vegan movement and sustainability approach. The consumer groups have expressed the demand for some innovative recipes and have responded positively. Questionnaire The questionnaire was designed to survey and find the profound aspect of consumer behavior persisting in the market and its viability with the business aspect of the KFC Incorporation. Findings &Discussion The questionnaire that was provided to the consumers mainly focus on the aspect that whether the consumer's belongs to the users of KFC products or not. Thereafter, it focused on the aspect that what are the age group and the demographic picture of the consumer base of the market. The questionnaires have also focus on the aspect of the probable aspects that are restraining the consumers from not consuming the product of the KFC. It is evidently found from the survey that the young consumer groups are the potential consumer base of KFC Corporation. It is mainly the college was and the young people who spend time in the restaurants of KFC and consume delicious recipes offered by KFC. While the non- use or group of the consumers are elder people and some highly sensitive customers who are worried about their children's health. The non-user group of customers also consists of people who openly support begin movement and are against the consumption of any food that is obtained by killing animals (Dost et al., 2018). The associations of the town was effectively working to focus on vegan movement and effectively working to influence the customers about the vegan movement and the on healthy aspects of the fast food centers like KFC. The findings from the survey well contemplated the fact that people are also becoming increasingly concerned about the health hazards which are effectively contracting the consumer base of the fast food market. As United States is a fast forward society young people usually tends to come up to have fast food which are reflecting on the medical statistics. The increase in obesity and diabetes among the citizens has negatively impacted on the business aspects of the fast food organizations like KFC. This was deliberately projected by some of the known users who tend to be worried about their children's health due to consumption of KFC products. No doubt the uses of KFC have focused on more innovative recipes to relish their tongue. The user of the KFC products mainly belongs to the young age groups and is mostly students. The number of consumers surveyed mostly ordered their food through online and are reluctant about consuming fast food. The consumers from the non user group are usually dependent on consuming fast food prepared at home. The above-mentioned aspects were effective findings from the survey conducted about studying the consumer behavior analysis of the KFC Incorporation (Jauwrias & Mbouw, 2021). The findings from the survey have effectively pointed out the effective reasons for the consumer’s behavior in the market. For instance the non users who were potentially referring to the health hazards and the vegan movement have effectively pointed out the group of consumers whom the company must not target. The survey has also depicted the demographic constituents of the consumer base of the company. The demographic division effectively pointed out that the maximum users of the product of KFC belong to the young age groups and mostly they are school goers and students. Consumers have also focused on the quality of products that the KFC serves. For instance the users group deliberately pointed out the effective means to innovate and the new recipes that the company should include in their menu card. While, the non-user groups were more concerned about the health issues and the ill effects of the health that might arise due to over consumption of fast food. These aspects deliberately focused on the various dimensions of the consumer behavior in the fast food market. Market Analysis Market Segmentation In the givens survey it is clear that demographic segmentation has been used to learn the market according to the needs and wants of the customers. It is commonly observed that the aspect of Fast Food consumption is more popular among the young consumer groups. Although there are some adults among the consumer group who are the potential customers of the corporation. The market strategy used by the KFC incorporation effectively attracts young as well as others who are fond of eating and love to consume chicken. Initially the restaurant served same menu across the world but in recent times the restaurant chain of KFC Restaurant has initiated a strategy to serve some local cuisines with their own original recipes in order to attract more customers in a particular locality. This aspect popularized the products of zingers and burgers in the United States. The four by segmenting the market organization has divided the homogeneous groups and identified the needs and wants of the customers. Developing products on the basis of localization is effectively known as Geographic segmentation which is vehemently practiced by the KFC organization (Lahtinen et al., 2020). For instance in different states of United States of America to the recipes of the chicken are also heard according to the ones of the customers. While targeting the consumers based on their age income ethnicity is referred to as the demographic segmentation. It is effectively mentioned in the above paragraph that young people are the potential customer base of the KFC Incorporation. Demographic segmentation on the basis of age is a viable factor for the organization. The company also focuses on psycho graphic segmentation that refers to the uses of consumer’s daily life style. This is profound because most of the consumers in United States are working and they hardly have any time for cooking for themselves. Therefore it is this approach that does the company to classify the consumer on the basis of their values. It is effective to note that the customers who love to cook in their home hardly consumes or orders from restaurants. While the customers who love to eat are usually the potential
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