PROJECT PORTFOLIOStudent Project PortfolioBSBWRT301 Write simple documents Trainer GuideBSBTEC601 Review organisational digital strategyBSBTEC601ContentsSection 1: Planning the...

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I Have assignment based on the simulation Pack. It has 3 section (section 1, 2 , 3) to be answered.

PROJECT PORTFOLIO Student Project Portfolio BSBWRT301 Write simple documents Trainer Guide BSBTEC601 Review organisational digital strategy BSBTEC601 Contents Section 1: Planning the digital strategy review4 Section 2: Collecting digital strategy review information6 Section 3: Report finalisation8 Student name: Assessor: Date: Business this assessment is based on: Section 1: Planning the digital strategy review Business review Provide an overview of the business and its strategic objectives and goals. Identify the policies and procedures relevant to the organisation’s digital strategy and briefly explain their relevance. If you are completing this information for the case study business, review the information in the Simulation Pack to assist you in providing your answer. If you are completing this information for your own business, access relevant information at work and answer the questions above. Review plan Develop a review plan that includes: Objectives of the review of the digital strategy Review methodology Review criteria Information to be collected (at least two sources) Timelines Responsibilities Use a template of your choice to develop the plan. Indicate the title of your plan here and attach it to your Portfolio. Please note that in the next activity you will need to source the information as identified so ensure that you are in a position to access the information required. If you are completing this for the case study business, carefully review the information in the Simulation Pack about sources of information. Attach: Review Action Plan ☐ Approved Your assessor will indicate here whether your plan is approved. You must have their approval to proceed to the next step. The review plan is approved ☐ Section 2: Collecting digital strategy review information Complete this section prior to your presentation. Information You are to source the information that you have identified in your review strategy. List the information sources here and links to the information sources as relevant. Analysis and evaluation What does the information you have sourced tell you in regards to the review criteria established for the review of the digital strategy? Describe this in detail here. Information Did you encounter any issues in interpreting the information? Describe these here. If you didn’t encounter any issues, describe at least two potential issues here. Findings/outcomes and recommendations Briefly summarise their findings/outcomes from the review and your recommendations. You will provide more detail in the report in the following section. Complete this section prior to the meeting. Meeting preparation As per the instructions in the assessment, you are required to prepare a report and then give a presentation in order to communicate the results of your review. Develop your report, as well as a visual presentation to illustrate key points, for example, a PowerPoint Presentation. Your report can be developed in a template of your choice and is to include: Details of the sources of information you reviewed. Issues you faced in interpreting the information. The findings/outcomes of your review. Your recommendations for the organisation’s digital strategy moving forward. List the name of your report and presentation here and attach it to your Portfolio. Make sure you use language that your audience will be able to understand and that your report and presentation are logically structured. Attach: Presentation ☐ Report ☐ Section 3: Report finalisation Complete this section following the presentation. Feedback Describe the feedback you received, as well as how you will edit your report based on the feedback provided. List the title of the updated version of your report here and attach it to your Portfolio. Proofreading Describe the technique/s you used to proof read your report. Take a screenshot of your proof reading e.g. showing tracked changes or marked up or a document checklist. Approval Develop an email here that can be sent to stakeholders requesting approval. Attach: Proof reading evidence ☐ Final review report ☐ Flinders International College V.1 BSBTEC601 Review organisation digital strategy | 3 Case Study – Grow Management Consultants Overview Grow Management Consultants is a small management consultancy business specialising in leadership development services. The company offers a range of services to assist companies to assess leadership behaviour of existing managers and performance metrics. They also design and implement customised leadership programs based on the assessment. Services are offered Australia-wide. The company employs a CEO, General Manager (you), 2 Principal Consultants (who are also Directors), 1 Senior Consultant, an Administration Officer and Receptionist. Over the last two years, the company has diversified, and now a number of additional services. The latest offering are a series of ebooks, plus policies and procedures that can be used by clients to ensure they operate effectively. As the General Manager for the company, you have been tasked with a review of the organisation’s digital strategy. You have the following information to help you with this task: The company’s online presence is excellent with a good website and strong digital marketing especially through LinkedIn. Ordering of products including the ebook and policies and procedures occurs as follows: Customer sends an email with their order details They are sent an invoice and payment is made via bank transfer Once they pay their files are delivered via a Dropbox link Customer payments are by bank transfer only. Customer information is in the form of emails stored in the administration officer’s email. File storage is via Dropbox. All internal communication is via email. The company is growing rapidly and the intention is to employ four further staff members within the next six months. Professional development workshops were previously held face to face but due to COVID-19 have stopped for the time being. The CEO would also like you to carefully review the Strategic Plan to identify opportunities for digital technology. He would also like you to conduct research on the latest digital technology that could assist with any of the above issues. He would also like you to conduct a digital audit as per the questions here: He has also flagged that where you are unsure of the answer to any questions based on the information that you have, you should flag this as an issue for investigation. Flinders International College V.1 Page 1 Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024 Grow Management Consultants Welcome Welcome to the Strategic Plan for Grow Management Consultants. This document sets out our vision for the next three years and how we hope to achieve it. We hope you enjoy reading this document. Paul Burns CEO Grow Management Consultants Executive Summary Established in 2010, Grow Management Consultants is a management consultancy company specialising in providing services to companies to assist them to improve the leadership performance of their staff. Grow Management Consultancy draws on its up-to-date knowledge and skills in best practice leadership concepts to assist clients with leadership performance Mission Statement Grow Management Consultants are committed to promoting individual and organisational leadership excellence. We do this by providing mentoring training, coaching, consultation and program evaluation; offering cutting edge tools, resources and expert advice; sharing best and next practices; leading organizations through the process of creating a leadership culture; and, recognising and celebrating excellence in leadership. Our values are: Core values underpinning our activities are: Quality Innovation Respect Reliability. Strategic Objectives/Goals Our goals are as follows: To be well led, high performing, profitable and accountable Ensure that all financial operations, performance indicators and results support the strategic policies Identify new and expand existing sources of revenue, including establishing a training college to offer accredited training in leadership (long term goal for 2024 onwards) Achieve profits of at least 20% per annum. Develop services to meet customer needs and aspirations Increase range of services offered to include change management and diversity Provide professional development workshops on topics relating to leadership Plan for and establish an annual conference, starting in 2022. Increase range of e-books (there are currently 20 and plan to increase to 50 by 2025). Provide customers with policies and procedures for effective management. Continue building deeper customer relationships Customer-centred practice, with a focus on meeting their total needs for a high quality home Strengthen the skills of our people, to better support customers Offer the latest technology so that customers can interact with us easily and effectively Drive innovation to better meet customer demands. Attract, engage and develop the best staff Continuing the drive to a customer centred, high performance workforce and culture Strengthening the skills of our people, to better support customer needs Empowering innovation and responsiveness to change Continuing to enhance the diversity of our workforce. Employing additional consultants Employing an Account officer to support our office team and provide better service to our customers Developing our human resources by implementing a formal human resources framework Exploring the use of technology in human resources. The Market The Management Consulting industry has grown weakly over the past five years. Poor demand from downstream markets constrained industry revenue growth, with financial services and resources firms cutting spending on management consultants due to economic uncertainty and falling commodity prices. However, businesses using management consultants to introduce new business processes and enhance operating efficiencies have partly offset this trend. Industry operators have also increasingly incorporated analytics into their services, which offer clients greater understanding of their business and clients. Demand for services backed by analytics is expected to contribute to growth of 3.8% in 2020-2021. Research also shows that there is a need for workers to have strong leadership and management skills to support collaborative management, managing teams for a distance, empowering others and business acumen. Thus the demand for leadership consultancy services is still strong. Situation Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Value and quality Strong management Customer loyalty Friendly organisational culture Level of available finance for investment Brand name not developed as yet Small organisation Opportunities Threats Leadership skills in demand Opportunities to offer a range of services High level of competition Economic downturn meaning less spent on consultants Failing to satisfy clients demands Marketing Strategies Our marketing strategies aim to: build our brand generate leads now help to convert those leads quickly form ongoing relationships and referrals. We plan to develop our market share by: Improving our marketing and advertising Continually improving the quality of service given to clients Maintaining effective communication channels with all stakeholders to ascertain industry requirements and then develop products and manage services accordingly Continually improving communication channels with all our stakeholders, ensuring a flow of timely and accurate information to facilitate effective planning and decision making Targeting identified growth markets with planned, market appropriate campaigns employing a variety of promotional strategies and advertising mediums Offering attractive fee structures to our clients Continually improving the skills, knowledge and effectiveness of Grow Management Consultants through our commitment to training and development Regularly reviewing the effectiveness of all our operations and making improvements when and where necessary Operational priorities Design and develop a monthly newsletter to send out to all clients (Responsibility: Principal Consultant; Timeline: newsletter to be in operation by September 2021) Create a blog page on web site to provide regular latest news (Responsibility: Principal Consultant; Timeline: immediately) Employ new full-time Accounts Manager (Responsibility: Principal Consultant/Human Resources Manager; Timeline: Accounts Manager employed by July 2021) Offer senior consultants the opportunity to become permanent employees (Responsibility: Human Resources Manager; Timeline: Permanent status finalized by end June 2021, contracts revised) Recruit two new senior consultants on a contract basis (Responsibility: Principal Consultant/Human Resources Manager; Timeline: New senior consultants appointed by August 2021) Conduct research on the use of social media in human resources recruitment and identify incorporation into human resources practices. Workplace Information Procedures and Style Guide Purpose The purpose of this document is to help individuals and departments to develop and file company documentation that is consistent with the Grow Management Consultants corporate style. This document explains the style to be applied to company documentation together with information on typography, and advice for writing and producing documents, as well as filing documents. It is recognised that there will be documentation which is outside these guidelines, but the general format should be followed wherever possible. Writing Style Composition should be concise, friendly, and professional in keeping with the mission statement of Grow Management Consultants. Documents should be visually appealing and use unambiguous language. Standard Operating Environment Grow Management Consultants’ standard operating environment (SOE) is Microsoft Windows. Documentation should be produced using Microsoft Word 2010 or later. This will ensure portability of files and consistency of operation. Hyperlinks Hyperlinks may be either: · Internet hyperlinks which take the reader to a web site if a modem is in use. Internet hyperlinks must begin with https:// · Word hyperlinks appear as normal text in a printed document, but in an electronic document are distinguished by the mouse cursor turning into the “pointing hand” shape. Templates There is not one standard template for documents at Grow Management Consultants, and writers may use their own formats for documents as long as the following style guide is followed. Microsoft Word or Publisher templates can be selected from the freely available online
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Digital Strategy Review Plan
    Key Elements
    Objectives of
the Review of the Digital
    The following are the key objectives of the review of the digital strategy such as:
· To access where company is on its digital strategy
· To examine the performance of current digital strategy
· To review overall...

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