I need the below about the Fairmont Hotel (company Report):1- Case Material – a clear and coordinatedreporting on your research findings on thecompany. Should include performancemeasures and course...

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I need the below about the Fairmont Hotel (company Report):

1- Case Material – a clear and coordinated

reporting on your research findings on the

company. Should include performance

measures and course concepts wich has the below:
Operations Management Strategies:

Design of goods and services-

Managing Store Quality-

Location Strategies-

Location Strategies which are used by Buck or Two: Geographical Information System:

Supply Chain Management-

Inventory Management-

2- Table of content
*Note: the document is an example about what I want and the marking guideline

BUSM25436 - GROUP ASSIGNMENT Group Project Guidelines Overview: The overall intent of this project is to apply course content principles to an organization of your choice. Your project must be from the below suggested topics. Suggested topics: 1. Quality 2. Sustainability in Supply Chain 3. Inventory Management 4. Supply Chain Management Written submission will be at 25% that are due on Week XX, 19:00 hrs, MM/DD/YYYY. Late submission will incur cumulative penalty of 10% per day. Grading: In grading the focus will be on the following: • Quality of your sources of information referencing and documentation of these resources. • Quality of your analysis – your organization of the facts, interpretations and conclusion. • Demonstrated insight in course concepts presented • Logic and flow of your report • Report format o All information and ideas that are not your own must be referenced to information listed in the bibliography. o A good business format must be used with appropriate headings and subheadings o The report must have a logical flow to it and should read cohesively and not like a compilation of individual contributions. o Minimum number of pages should be 25 to a maximum of 30. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT COMPANY REPORT: BUCK or TWO Prepared for: Mr. Glenmore Brown Operations Management Professor BUSM25436 Sheridan College Mississauga, Ontario Prepared by: Group #4 BUSM 25436 Sheridan College Mississauga, Ontario April 0, 202 Report BUSM25436 Group#4 2 Table of Content Executive Summary- 3 Detailed Description and Overview Error! Bookmark not defined. Industry- 4 Company- 5 Operations Management Strategies 6 Design of goods and services- 6 Managing Store Quality- 6 Location Strategies- 9 Location Strategies which are used by Buck or Two: 9 Geographical Information System: 10 Supply Chain Management- Error! Bookmark not defined. Inventory Management- 12 Analysis 14 Some Ways to Increase Productivity of the Company (Buck or two)- 14 Recommendations 17 References- 20 Charts and Figures- Chart 1- Dollar Stores visited most frequently in Canada as of August 2019 5 Figure -1 - Showing Dollar general supply chain network 11 Figure-2- FIFO Method of Inventory Valuation 13 Report BUSM25436 Group#4 6 Operations Management Strategies Design of goods and services- The fundamentals for operations to deliver to the consumer are generated by the design of goods/services (Brown, 2021). The company Buck or Two plus is a value based retail store in the retail industry. The store sells dollar items like toys, party supplies and other basic supplies. The company works as a franchise and owns the service program in which it gives the opportunity to all the Canadians to become one of the franchisees (Buck or Two plus, 2021). The company provides all the services on their website such as application, screening and training processes (Buck or Two plus, 2021). List of approved suppliers, Electronic purchase system, Site selection and lease negotiation etc. all these are included in the services section offered by the company (Buck or Two plus, 2021). The company Buck or Two needs to improve its goods and services in order to increase the productivity and generate more profit. The Company could use the House of Quality method to demonstrate and identify all the services of the employees and their customer needs and wants (Brown, 2021). This would further increase the performance of the company. Managing Store Quality- Report BUSM25436 Group#4 7 The quality of a product or service is described as the amount of its features and characteristics that influence its ability to meet stated or implied needs (Brown, 2021). Key Dimensions of quality for Buck or Two- (Brown, 2021) ● Performance ● Reliability ● Perceived quality ● Conformance Quality Dimensions: Dollar items like Toys, Party essentials, Glasses and other accessories: (Brown, 2021) Dimensions Examples Performance Everything works, Batteries in toys, Glue, Balloons etc. Reliability No issue in the first two months. Perceived quality Top rated items such as greeting cards, storage containers. Conformance Training of employees and inspection of the products. Service Quality Dimensions: Fix customer issue related to products: (Brown, 2021) Dimensions Examples Responsiveness The minimum time service or the speed Report BUSM25436 Group#4 8 limit to help all the customers by receiving calls and replying back to their Emails. Assurance High level of loyalty and trust and staff has a great knowledge about products. Courtesy Friendly and loyal staff management and treating customers right. Tangibles Clean environment, have all the sources as the alternatives to the defective pieces. Service Reliability Problem fixed on time, Proper time management and customer satisfaction. The company Buck or Two could follow the seven concepts of TQM such as Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, and Employee Empowerment etc. The company should invest more on the training of their employees and improving or updating every product and service to improve the quality of their products and services. The company would follow DMAIC approach which fall under Six Sigma concept, which stated as follows: (Brown, 2021) ● Define all the outputs and identify gaps for improvement. ● Measure all the data and performance of the employees. ● Analyze the information. ● Improve the process by applying effective strategies. ● Control the upcoming process to maintain any new processes. Report BUSM25436 Group#4 9 Location Strategies- To make effective decisions for business, location strategies take a long process because these put a huge effect on the revenue and cost of the company or a store. The main objective of location strategies is to maximize more profit to business on the basis of the firm's location. These strategies are based upon the low cost and require proper consideration to gain various benefits because the cost is fixed and no one can change after all strategies are done (Dollar: Background and strategy, 2017). The main trends that can change the location strategies of a store are: ● Globalization ● Technology ● Political risks Location Strategies which are used by Buck or Two: 1. Presence or absence of competitors: The competitors for Buck or two stores are dollarama, dollar tree and these are competitors which give maximum competitive environment to Buck or two. 2. Population in the area: The stores are mostly considered rural areas to place their stores in communities of 25,000 people or less or more because of their price strategies the most customers attract towards their stores. Report BUSM25436 Group#4 10 3. Physical qualities of location: Such as size, total costs, feasibility, suppliers, traffic, ease transportation, rent, labour force these are the main location qualities which are used by stores for opening new stores. 4. Advertising: Select the location where it is easy for their store management to promote their products according to the needs of customers or preferences such as use digital forms or banners so that the customer can know that a new store is open in their area for purchasing necessary things which they are using in their life on a daily basis. 5. Workforce attributes: Recruiting employees at the stores is based on the location because if the management hires the employees locally then it is easy for them to call their employees when they face any problem related to absence of an employee. (Dollar: Background and strategy, 2017). Geographical Information System: Geographical information system is mainly used by the retail stores to locate the location for opening stores such as it is working like a digital intelligence tool for finding suitable locations for different stores. With GIS, the retailers get more effective ideas to understand more about the customers' tastes and preferences by locating the locations on the basis of number of data sets on demographic basis(Sankary). It is the system of hardware, software which analyzes or mapping the locations for various businesses(Sankary). Report BUSM25436 Group#4 11 Supply Chain Management- The management of the goods and services is referred to as supply chain management, It also includes all processes that convert raw materials into finished products (Fernando, 2020). Figure -1 - Showing Dollar general supply chain network (Bells, 2017). The company Buck or Two plus offers people to be one of the suppliers, they give an opportunity to ordinary people to apply for selling a product as a supplier after evaluating all the product standards, needs and trust of their customers (Buck or Two plus, 2021). Product, Packaging, Shipping and Invoice, all these things come under the Report BUSM25436 Group#4 12 responsibility of the supplier as per the guidelines by the Buck or Two store’s (Buck or Two plus, 2021). The company also works with the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and is considered as a member of these two organizations (Canada Franchise Opportunities, 2021). The company Buck or Two mainly negotiates with so many suppliers like people, organizations and other members who want to sell the raw material to the company. Supplier themselves responsible for technology, experience, forecasting, expense, quality and delivery(Brown, 2021). Inventory Management- Inventory management is the process of keeping in track the inventories to avoid overlapping and oversupply of the products. It also makes sures that there is less inventory in the back to be sold. Companies like Dollar Store and Buck or Two have a huge number of inventories which include a variety of products. It is hard to keep track of all the goods due to which it becomes essential to have a methodic system to manage inventory. Buck or Two has an advantage that most of its products are general goods which can be kept for a longer period of time. It is a well known fact that it becomes difficult to maintain goods and products that are perishable. Buck or two also provides seasonal products like raincoats and umbrellas for monsoon, warmers, caps for winters and also festive items for Christmas, easter, new year and also valentine’s day. They can use the FIFO method to maintain their goods, which is the First In and First Out method which can help them to avoid over-stacking of extra materials which are not used (Routh, 2015). Report BUSM25436 Group#4 13 Also, their goods can be used again and can be kept for a longer period of time. For example, if the Christmas goods are not sold this year and there is a lot of stock, it can be stored and used for the next year. Figure-2- FIFO Method of Inventory Valuation (Routh, 2015) Due to these reasons, people avoid getting food and other perishable items from these stores as they cannot be trusted to be fresh as from other normal grocery stores. In conclusion, this customer will spend money on food items and get better quality and not pay more for other normal items and will purchase from Buck or Two. Due to which, Buck or Two should spend less on stacking food products and get more variety as they will not be purchased more often compared to the other general goods. Furthermore, to improve the quality of the food products, they can make sure that those products are not being used again after they are expired. Report BUSM25436 Group#4 20 References Ali. (n.d.). 7 key factors that should affect your retail. Retrieved August 7, 2019, from https://www.primaseller.com/blog/choosing-best-retail-store-location/ Bells, S. (2017, April 17). Dollar General’s Supply Chain and Distribution Model. marketrealist.com. Retrieved April, 2021, from https://marketrealist.com/2017/04/dollar- generals-supply-chain-and-distribution-model/ Brown, G. (2021). Chap 5 - Sustainability in the Supply Chain and the Design of Goods and ServicesA. Lecture Slides. Retrieved March, 2021, from https://slate.sheridancollege.ca/d2l/le/content/790319/viewContent/10637619/View Brown, G. (2021, March). Chap 6 - Managing Quality. Lecture Slides. Retrieved March, 2021, from https://slate.sheridancollege.ca/d2l/le/content/790319/viewContent/10637616/View Brown, G. (2021, April). Chap 11- Supply Chain Management. Lecture Slides. Retrieved April, 2021, from https://slate.sheridancollege.ca/d2l/le/content/790319/viewContent/10758136/View Buchko, M. (2019, October). Dollar & Variety Stores in Canada. IBIS World. Retrieved March, 2021, from https://my-ibisworld- com.library.sheridanc.on.ca/ca/en/industry/45299ca/about https://marketrealist.com/2017/04/dollar-generals-supply-chain-and-distribution-model/ https://marketrealist.com/2017/04/dollar-generals-supply-chain-and-distribution-model/ Report BUSM25436 Group#4 21 Buck or Two plus. (2021, March). About the company. www.buckortwo.com. Retrieved March, 2021, from https://www.buckortwo.com/about/ Bloomberg. (2021). Denninghouse Inc. www.bloomberg.com. Retrieved April, 2021, from https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/company/DEH:CN Canada Franchise Opportunities. (2021). Buck or Two Plus. www.canada franchise opportunities.ca. Retrieved April, 2021, from https://www.canadafranchiseopportunities.ca/franchise/27-buck-or-two-plus-franchise/ Dollar: Background and strategy. (2017). 10
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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Hotel Background    3
Design of Goods and Services    4
Managing Service Quality    4
Strategic Location Choices: A Pillar of Fairmont Hotel's Global Success    5
Empowering Location Decisions with Geographical Information System (GIS    6
Elevating Operations through Efficient Supply Chain Management at Fairmont Hotel    7
Optimizing Guest Experiences through Strategic Inventory Management at Fairmont Hotel    7
nclusion    8
Recommendations    8
References    11
    We examine the operations management tactics used by the Fairmont Hotel, a well-known worldwide leader in the hospitality sector, in this research. The Fairmont Hotel is a destination in itself, not merely a place to stay. Our investigation will highlight certain operational areas where Fairmont currently performs exceptionally well. We will reveal the painstaking workmanship that is used to create its goods and services in order to provide the highest level of luxury for its visitors. We will also reveal the closely-kept secrets of Fairmont's remarkable service quality, which is supported by performance indicators that surpass industry standards. As we go forward, we'll also be paying more attention to Fairmont's strategic site selection choices and how they've helped the hotel achieve exceptional success worldwide. We will examine how Fairmont uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in its operations in the age of data-driven decision-making. We will also go over Fairmont's methods for ensuring prompt service delivery and the significance of efficient supply chain management for the hotel industry. Finally, we will look at how important inventory control is to raising visitor happiness. All together, this study will provide a thorough examination of the ways in which the Fairmont Hotel coordinates its operations management techniques to provide an unmatched level of guest experience.
Hotel Background
    With its long tradition of unmatched hospitality quality, the Fairmont Hotel has become a global industry name for great hospitality (Skeete, 2019). With recognizable hotels all around the globe, it has made a name for itself as a place that offers more than just lodging. The Fairmont Hotel is well known for its dedication to giving visitors experiences that are unmatched. In terms of architecture, it is a monument to grace and classic style, masterfully fusing modern and traditional features. This combination raises the benchmark for comfort and elegance, guaranteeing that each visitor will have an immersive experience from the moment they arrive. The Fairmont Hotel's outstanding customer service and painstaking attention to detail are rooted in its distinctive blend of historic and modern design features (Yu, 2020). Its reputation as a famous tourism destination in the hospitality sector has been solidified by this strategy. To put it simply, the Fairmont Hotel is a piece of art that provides visitors seeking the ultimate in luxury and hospitality with an experience of a lifetime.
Design of Goods and Services
    The careful design of Fairmont Hotel's products and services is the cornerstone of its constant dedication to excellence (Kimes & Ho, 2019). The Fairmont experience is immersive and goes beyond a simple hotel, with the goal of giving visitors a deep sense of elegance and comfort. The rooms, facilities, and services chosen with the utmost comfort and joy in mind are at the heart of this architectural idea. The congruence with the ideas presented in our course, which emphasizes the importance of product and service design in particular, highlights the critical role that customization plays in meeting and surpassing client expectations. This strategy is in perfect harmony with Fairmont's primary goal of providing its visitors with unique and remarkable experiences. The design concept makes sure that every aspect of the visitor experience radiates luxury, resulting in lifelong memories and building brand loyalty. Essentially, the Fairmont Hotel's dedication to the design of its products and services is the basis for raising the caliber of the visitor experience to previously unheard-of levels.
Managing Service Quality
    The cornerstone of Fairmont Hotel's success in the hospitality industry is their consistent dedication to providing high-quality service (Kim & Han, 2022). Here, a commitment to provide top-notch customer service elevates the visitor experience. Fairmont makes significant investments in demanding training programs intended to empower its staff and foster an excellence-driven culture, so this commitment is not left to chance. The goal of perfection becomes a common goal for all employees in this culture.
    Fairmont carefully tracks performance indicators, such as visitor evaluations and...

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