TaskAn appraisal on the use of the below themes and their impact on a supply chain.The assignment should focus on- Supply chain principles in a range of organisational contexts- Digital...

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An appraisal on the use of the below themes and their impact on a supply chain.

The assignment should focus on

- Supply chain principles in a range of organisational contexts

- Digital technology, Big Data sets and analytics in driving supply chain


- Disrupters facing contemporary supply chains

- Ethical and regulatory issues associated with supply chain


  • Impact of triple bottom line on organization

Both logistics and SCM are fascinating and exciting areas that touch all our lives. Just

think of the many different products that are purchased and consumed each

day – how do they reach the customer and at what cost? Although logistics and SCM

are areas that have only come to wide-spread prominence in the last couple of

decades, the reality is that they have roots which run much longer than that.

To broaden your understanding of the concept of supply chain management in terms

of its application in real life setting, you are required to identify an organization of your

choice subject to approval from your tutor. The criteria for choosing this organization

must be founded on the basis that the organisation has adopted the triple bottom line


You are required to undertake a critical analysis of a supply chain management

function and evaluate the impact of technology adoption on suppliers and/or

customers, which should also be supported with real life examples and properly


Your critical analysis must consider the basic corporate social responsibilities and its

implication in terms of benefits and challenges to supply chain managers and how the

use of triple bottom line model could help overcome some, if not all, of the challenges


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Answer To: TaskAn appraisal on the use of the below themes and their impact on a supply chain.The assignment...

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Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company that can be considered as the company that is deeply committed to sustainability and triple bottom line model. In the supply chain management practices, Unilever has integrated environmental, social and economic considerations for creating value for all stakeholders. The critical analysis describes the impact of triple bottom line on supply chain management function of Unilever.
Supply Chain Principles in Organizational Contexts: The supply chain of Unilever can be considered across diverse geographical locations and product categories. This includes range from food and beverages to personal care products. The supply chain principles of the company prioritize efficiency, transparency and sustainability. Unilever has implemented initiatives like Sustainable Agriculture Code (Hussain, Rigoni and Orij, 2018). This promotes responsible for sourcing of agricultural raw materials and Sustainable Living Plan. The company has aimed for reducing environmental footprint that will help in enhancing social impact throughout the value chain.
Digital Technology, Big Data Sets and Analytics: Unilever has utilized digital technology, big data and analytics to optimize the supply...

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