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Iam taking a diploa in electronics technician . I need help in doing an assignment in course called Business, Technology & modern Society. i have attached the files of the assignment

Electronic Engineering Technology Electronic Engineering Technician Business, Technology and Modern Society - EETD 5001 Nova Scotia Community College Instructor: Craig Cameron, Telephone: 491-4558, [email protected] Assignment # 2 – RFP Response Due Date: To be announced in class, and posted on D2L Instructions: · The cover page of your assignment should be clearly marked with: · Your name · Instructor Name · Course Number · Assignment Number · Assignments are to be completed as an individual effort. · Your work should be clear and follow a logical flow. · As applicable, each question has an equal weight. · A penalty will apply for late assignments and no assignments will be accepted after solutions are passed back. · The cover page does not count towards the required page count for an assignment. Given your new found confidence in defining and understanding requirements you are considering bidding on a larger public procurement you have heard about. The RFP documents can be located on Brigthspace. You are required to develop the framework for your response to the RFP. Follow the preparation instructions in the RFP document. You are NOT required to provide accurate technical or pricing detail. A framework includes: 1. Paragraph numbering 2. Paragraph title 3. A sentence identifying what the paragraph would contain in the completed response. 1 Procurement Department TENDER # PT2017-14-NSCC Date: September 29, 2017 Closing Date: October 16, 2017 @ 2:00pm AST NSCC Procurement Department Administrative Services 5685 Leeds Street Halifax, NS B3K 2T3 Opportunity: NSCC is looking for the supply of seven (7) Lincoln welders, seven (7) Lincoln wire feeders and seven (7) Bernard MIG guns for the NSCC Pictou Campus. Note: NSCC is looking to diversify the training to allow for students to expand their learning experience and knowledge of different welding equipment used in industry, for this reason, NSCC is not able to accept substitutions to the below listed specifications. Item # Quantity Description Total Cost Published List Price (per each): Discounted Price Offered (per each): 1 7 Lincoln Invertect V350-Pro Multi Process Machine Manufacturer #: K1728-6 Voltage Requirements: 208 3 phase 2 7 Lincoln LF-72 Wire Feeder, no gun Manufacturer #: K2327-7 3 7 Bernard 400amp Mig Gun, Lincoln Power Pin Manufacturer #: BER-Q4015AE7ESC 2 Note to Bidder: Bidders are required to identify any additional accessories, warranty coverage offered, extended warranty and service offerings available for each piece of equipment offered. All pricing is to only be provided for reference purposes, if not included as part of an offering or value add. All bids will be evaluated on the minimum requirements above, and any value added benefit offered. Bidders may attach a separate table, indicating each price for the equipment offered, and any additional pricing per option available. It must be clearly stated as to the Published list price for the equipment and options, along with the discounted price being offered. Name of Bidding Firm: Authorized Company Signature: Contact Name (please print): Phone Number: E-mail: Delivery Location will be: Nova Scotia Community College –Pictou Campus 39 Arcadia Street Stellarton, NS B0T 1W0 1.0 INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS 1.1 Bidders ‘must’ complete the Bid Sheet (providing requested information) on the previous page and send by e-mail to [email protected], or deliver, it to the address noted below: TO: ATTN: Tiffany Mockford NSCC Institute of Technology Campus Procurement Department - Administrative Services 5865 Leeds Street Halifax, NS, B3K 2T3 Tender #: PT2017-14-NSCC Note: Should you have an inquiry, please contact Tiffany Mockford: [email protected] All inquiries and submissions “must” reference “Tender # PT2017-14-NSCC” in the subject line. 3 1.2 The “Standard NSCC Terms and Conditions” for Invitations shall apply for this Invitation and may be found on the www.nscc.ca/tenders website for all Bidders. For any difference in the terms and conditions following in this Invitation from the “Standard NSCC Terms and Conditions” previously identified, the terms and conditions of this Invitation will take precedence. 1.3 Pricing is to be: a) in Canadian dollars; b) be D.D.P. (Delivered, Duty Paid Incoterms 2000) Destination; D.D.P. is defined as proponent incurs all costs (transport, insurance, customs fees) from his warehouse to buyer’s establishment, subject to inspection and approval by NSCC; c) exclusive of Harmonized Sales Tax; and d) there are to be no hidden costs. Note: NSCC’s standard payment terms are: Inv Net 30, payable upon successful delivery and completion of an order. 1.4 Bidders “must” include lead-time for delivery. Order must be received complete, no partial shipments. 1.5 Equipment “must” be CSA approved, or equivalent. Equivalent to be determined by NSCC. 2.0 WARRANTY 2.1 Bidder is to state any, and all, warranty terms. 2.2 NSCC reserves the right to approach the awarded company exclusively, and beyond the specified standardization term, in order to procure services, maintenance and repairs, accessories and parts, for as long as the equipment, or related, is utilized by the College. 3.0 REFERENCES 3.1 NSCC will not enter into an agreement with any Proponent whose references are found to be unsatisfactory. Proponents must provide a minimum of three (3) references where you have successfully implemented similar product and provided similar services. The bid must contain the following information for each reference provided, (1) agency name; (2) complete address; (3) contact person and telephone number. 4.0 INQUIRIES (Q&A) All inquiries must be received not later than Friday, October 6, 2017 at 10:00AM AST. Responses will be issued not later than Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 4:00PM AST. All inquiries must be submitted via email to [email protected] and must include ‘PT2017-14-NSCC’ in the subject line. 5.0 STANDARDIZATION http://www.nscc.ca/tenders mailto:[email protected] 4 5.1 Though this competition is for the immediate supply of the referenced items, in keeping with a standardized approach to future requirements for the items listed, the College, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to purchase future requirements from the selected Bidder for a period up to three (3) years, beyond award of this competition, provided that there are no significant increases and it clearly demonstrated that an offering is offered at best possible value / pricing to the College, exercisable at the sole discretion of NSCC. >>>END OF TENDER< nova scotia community college purchasing terms and conditions - goods & services note: the following terms and conditions for nova scotia community college apply only to the documents that reference them specifically. in the event of any conflict or disagreement, between these terms and conditions and the invitation documents, the invitation documents have precedence and will be assumed to be correct. these terms and conditions are intended to cover a wide range of nscc procurement initiatives; inclusive of goods, construction, and personal and professional services. as such, not all clauses will be applicable in every situation. should bidders have questions regarding these terms and conditions, they must call the contact person named on the invitation form. to satisfy special acquisition requirements, supplementary terms and conditions may also be applicable. if this is the case, the invitation documents will reference any such inclusions. the official terms and conditions are available from nscc’s website at http://www.nscc.ca/sites/tenders/. in the event of any discrepancy or conflict, the terms and conditions on nscc’s website will be deemed the correct version. if you do not have access to these documents on the internet, please contact the nscc procurement department. failure to completely comply with these terms and conditions may cause the bidder's bid to be disqualified, or any resulting contract nullified. http://www.nscc.ca/sites/tenders/ 2 | p a g e table of contents definitions ..................................................................................................................................................................... 4 1. date, time and place of closing and opening; late bids .................................................... nova="" scotia="" community="" college="" purchasing="" terms="" and="" conditions="" -="" goods="" &="" services="" note:="" the="" following="" terms="" and="" conditions="" for="" nova="" scotia="" community="" college="" apply="" only="" to="" the="" documents="" that="" reference="" them="" specifically.="" in="" the="" event="" of="" any="" conflict="" or="" disagreement,="" between="" these="" terms="" and="" conditions="" and="" the="" invitation="" documents,="" the="" invitation="" documents="" have="" precedence="" and="" will="" be="" assumed="" to="" be="" correct.="" these="" terms="" and="" conditions="" are="" intended="" to="" cover="" a="" wide="" range="" of="" nscc="" procurement="" initiatives;="" inclusive="" of="" goods,="" construction,="" and="" personal="" and="" professional="" services.="" as="" such,="" not="" all="" clauses="" will="" be="" applicable="" in="" every="" situation.="" should="" bidders="" have="" questions="" regarding="" these="" terms="" and="" conditions,="" they="" must="" call="" the="" contact="" person="" named="" on="" the="" invitation="" form.="" to="" satisfy="" special="" acquisition="" requirements,="" supplementary="" terms="" and="" conditions="" may="" also="" be="" applicable.="" if="" this="" is="" the="" case,="" the="" invitation="" documents="" will="" reference="" any="" such="" inclusions.="" the="" official="" terms="" and="" conditions="" are="" available="" from="" nscc’s="" website="" at="" http://www.nscc.ca/sites/tenders/.="" in="" the="" event="" of="" any="" discrepancy="" or="" conflict,="" the="" terms="" and="" conditions="" on="" nscc’s="" website="" will="" be="" deemed="" the="" correct="" version.="" if="" you="" do="" not="" have="" access="" to="" these="" documents="" on="" the="" internet,="" please="" contact="" the="" nscc="" procurement="" department.="" failure="" to="" completely="" comply="" with="" these="" terms="" and="" conditions="" may="" cause="" the="" bidder's="" bid="" to="" be="" disqualified,="" or="" any="" resulting="" contract="" nullified.="" http://www.nscc.ca/sites/tenders/="" 2="" |="" p="" a="" g="" e="" table="" of="" contents="" definitions="" .....................................................................................................................................................................="" 4="" 1.="" date,="" time="" and="" place="" of="" closing="" and="" opening;="" late="" bids="">
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RFP         -         TENDER # PT2017-14-NSCC/01.
PROPOSAL DUE DATE - 09.01.2023
COMPANY NAME -     ABC Electro Industries, 4829 Leeds Street Halifax, NS Contac
t: 553773264732 , FAX : 6764837587348, E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
1. PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY - NSCC is looking to diversify the training to allow for students to expand their learning experience and knowledge of different welding equipment used in industry, for this reason, NSCC is not able to accept substitutions to the below listed specifications.
2. SOLUTION - Appoint external agency to support the project.
1. Lincoln Invertect V350-Pro Multi Process Machine Manufacturer #: K1728-6 Voltage Requirements: 208 3 phase - NSCC is looking for the supply of 7 Nos. Lincoln welders,
2. Lincoln LF-72 Wire Feeder, no gun Manufacturer #: K2327-7 – 7Nos Lincoln wire feeders
3. Bernard 400amp Mig Gun, Lincoln Power Pin Manufacturer #: BER-Q4015AE7ESC – 7Nos Bernard MIG guns for the NSCC Pictou Campus.
4. OBJECTIVES - Each piece of lab equipment that the bidder/we suggests must have a license from NSCC and become its property. The bidder is required to create and provide a delivery report that includes information on all supplies of items. The NSCC will verify the shipping documents. The testing equipment offered by the winning bidder must satisfy all of the RFP's Service Level requirements. For the time that a successful setup and guarantee operations take longer than expected, the warranty period and the duration of the Performance Guarantee will be extended. The amount due will be the...

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