LP5 Assignment: Critical Analysis of a Global Health Initiative This assignment will assess competency 6. Apply strategies to identify and apply current best practices. Directions: Select a country...

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LP5 Assignment: Critical Analysis of a Global Health Initiative

This assignment will assess competency 6. Apply strategies to identify and apply current best practices.

Select a country (other than the US and Canada) and a global health initiative of your choice which is presently ongoing in this country. Conduct an analysis of this initiative; consider the following items in your analysis:

1) the nature of the health initiative

2) the population that the initiative targets
3) the overall health needs of this population
4) resources that were used and applied as part of the health initiative
5) advertising or marketing efforts that have been used relating to the initiative
6) environmental, social, physical and cultural barriers which needed to be addressed as part of the initiative
7) approaches used to assess the success or failure of the initiative and data that has been collected
8) lessons learned from the initiative thathave relevance and application to the overall global health care sector and your workplace/community.

Your analysis would be 1250 to 1500 words in length (not including words on the cover page or in the reference section). Your plan should be in APA format and be supported by at least ten peer-reviewed sources.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox
LP5 Assignment: Critical Analysis of a Global Health Initiative.
This assignment is worth 200 points; grading will be based on the General Writing Rubric, located under "Course Information."

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Critical Analysis of a Global Health Initiative
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Global health plans to feature various types of medical problems that emerges because of national fringes or have global political as well as economic effects. As we know that health is seen as far as burden of ailment or va
rious underlying drivers of disease, worldwide medical issues are of significance to various communities on earth. Global Health Initiative (GHI) is the main approach to deal with the strategy of global health that looks to reinforce, streamline, as well as enhance the productivity of existing global wellbeing programs, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, family planning, and dismissed tropical ailments. Worldwide Health Initiatives (GHIs) have risen as new models of improvement help with the battle against ailments in developing nations over the past decade. In this paper I will discuss about the health initiatives taken by Australia in order to improve healthcare globally. (Center for health and gender equity, 2017).
Australia adds to the Global Fund in order to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and also Malaria. Australia is considered as a worldwide financing organization that supports vast scale counteractive action, treatment and care programs and reinforces wellbeing frameworks in developing nations; and also helps Gavi the Vaccine Alliance to help vaccination and wellbeing frameworks, and present new immunizations in developing nations. (Australian Government, 2017).
Nature of Health Initiative
The main priority of Australia is to provide health services, as well as wellbeing experts to populaces in provincial, territorial and remote territories which is a priority of the Australian Government, and a scope of activities that are focused at enhancing outcomes of health in provincial or remote areas. The wellbeing activity points to focus on public consideration and national and State strategies on those areas that contribute altogether to the disease and any type of damage that occurs with disease, however are manageable to intervention. (Healy, J. & Sharman, E., 2006). Australia works at domestic, territorial and international levels and provide support to wellbeing exploration and development. The investment of Australia in wellbeing are setting particular and adjusted to accomplice nations' priorities, results, and in view of Australian relative favorable position. Their main priority is to impact accomplice nation decisions on wellbeing approach, procedure and subsidizing, towards more productive and powerful utilization of assets. (Australian Government, 2017).
Targeting Population
Individuals in provincial as well as remote areas in Australia not just experience the ill effects of poorer wellbeing than their urban partners. They likewise have less access to the healthcare administrations, because of troubles in enlisting and holding wellbeing experts in provincial groups, and there is confirm they are presented to various health risks. Verifiably, health services in these territories have been given by isolated specialists who are upheld by small clinics by giving a restricted scope of the health services. The Regal Flying Doctor Service has assumed an imperative part in overcoming the "oppression of distance". Steps that are taken in few years to address country challenges incorporate the "More Doctors, Better Services" component of the year 2000– 2001 Federal...

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