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Oral Presentation
[Chosen Topic: 7. Advantages & Disadvantages of Social Media for Businesses]
Social media are the internet-facilitated platforms, where
people or organizations can connect to one another and share information or idea virtually.
Thus, it also facilitates communication and propagation of information worldwide, implicating its use in business firms. The current presentation analyzes benefits and drawbacks of using social media for businesses.
Social Media— an Emerging Concept
Uses internet to connect people
Speed is the biggest area of benefit, which helps to connect to people all over the world, easily despite the distance
Safer storage option
The concept, utility and popularity of social media are increasing gradually with every passing day.
As mentioned by Hollebeek, Glynn and Brodie (2014), social media implements the internet, which is why speed is the biggest advantage it provides its users. Therefore, in the fast-moving competitive world, its importance is increasing incessantly. It is also emerging in the present as a safer storage option, which prevents loss of huge amount of data.
Use of Social Media in Business
Eventually, social media is becoming a commonly preferred platform for connecting people in a business.
Businesses are using social media mainly for marketing, promotion, advertising, customer relationship management, corporate social responsibilities and human resource management
As stated by Dijkmans, Kerkhof and Beukeboom (2015), the use of social media has gradually increased in the business field than what it used to be even in the last decade. In other words, as supported by Trainor, Andzulis, Rapp and Agnihotri (2014), social media has solidified its presence in all domains of business firms. Media such as Facebook not only promotes the company to a large number of users, but also with the help of Gmail, customers and employees are connected to one another.
Advantages of Social Media for Businesses
After analyzing the importance of using social media for business and the multiple ways, in which it could be used in such firms, it could be analyzed that it has a large number of advantages, such as—
Larger visibility
More interests of the...

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