Peer-Review Questions—Essay #3: Problem-Solution EssayName of writer:______________________Reviewer: _____________________Thesis: Does the writer include a clear...

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Peer-Review Questions

Essay #3: Problem-Solution Essay

Name of writer:______________________

Reviewer: _____________________

  1. Thesis

    : Does the writer include a clear thesis at the end of the introduction that states the specific specific main points about causes, effects, and solutions to the problem?

    Note it

    . Is it clear and specific about what main points the writer will focus on? Does it match with the rest of the essay and the discussion in the conclusion?

  1. Introduction:

    Is the opening engaging, and does the introduction provide relevant background information and context about the problem to lead into the thesis? Give suggestions for making the introduction more effective.

  1. Body Paragraphs


    Notice the topic sentences


    List the main points of each body paragraph

    . Do the writer’s body paragraphs develop and support clear and focused main points about the causes, effects, and solutions to the problem, and do these points also relate back to and support the thesis?

    Note places where body paragraphs seem to lose focus or lack a clear or relevant main point.

  1. Development and Support

    : Does the writer develop and support all main points with specific and appropriate evidence that would be convincing for an academic audience? Note places where the writer could add more supporting evidence.

  1. Conclusion

    : Does the writer revisit the thesis and address the SO WHAT--why this problem matters, etc.--in the conclusion? Give suggestions for how student could improve the conclusion.

  1. Sources and citations

    : Does the writer cite all uses of


    outside sources--both quotes and paraphrased facts--using appropriate MLA citation format for both in-text citations and a works cited list?

  1. What other


    do you have for this writer to revise both globally and locally? What are the two or three biggest issues this writer did well, and what could the writer work on to revise?

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Answer To: Peer-Review Questions—Essay #3: Problem-Solution EssayName of...

Bidusha answered on Apr 19 2023
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The Housing Crisis in Hawaii and Potential Solutions    2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
The major issue of housing    3
Supply and demand of housing    6
Conclusion    8
References    9
The "Assessment of American Indian Housing Needs and Projects" embraced by the Urban Institute for the Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) and this research on Native Hawaiian housing needs are corresponding. The 1993 send-off of the Friend Assessment was planned to evaluate the housing issues and necessities confronting American Indians and Alaska Natives, as well as the progress of HUD's Indian housing initiatives. The principal objectives of this assistant research are to assess Native Hawaiians' housing necessities and issues considering Hawaii's remarkable housing and market situations. Utilizing accessible information sources, the obligations include distinguishing and breaking down the extent of Native Hawaiians' housing requests as they connect with their settings. Using data for the most part from as of now existing information sources, for example, the 1990 Registration, the research centres around housing quality, congestion, and moderateness.
The major issue of housing
Native Hawaiians procure less per individual than non-Natives do, making it harder for them to bear the cost of housing. The foundation for Native Hawaiians' housing requests and conditions is given by their family and monetary attributes. This segment features two exceptionally significant focuses, which are: Native Hawaiians have lower individual incomes than different populaces, yet greater families. Furthermore, subfamilies are undeniably more normal in Native Hawaiian homes than in non-Native families. Because of various elements, for example, lower paces of advanced education achievement and to some degree higher joblessness rates than everybody, native Hawaiians' incomes are lower than those of non-Natives dwelling in Hawaii (Ahmad et al., 2020). Notwithstanding topography, there are huge differences in the income levels of Native Hawaiians and Non-Native Hawaiians.
The qualification ought not be underscored, either, since neither Native Hawaiians dwelling in different pieces of the state nor the people who live on their genealogical grounds face equivalent monetary difficulties to those looked by American Indians and Alaska Natives living in Ancestral Areas. Various huge outcomes originate from the size of the typical family and, specifically, the critical level of Native Hawaiian homes that have subfamilies. One of them is that by joining cash from a few sources, Native Hawaiians' lower individual income is disguised at the family level. Low pay rates, enormous family sizes, and the presence of a few families can impact housing conditions, expanding the opportunity of reasonableness and congestion issues (Qureshi et al., 2021). The parts that follow examine whether this turns out as expected for Native Hawaiian families. Native Hawaiians every now and again live in more seasoned, more affordable, and maybe truly lacking residences. The dissemination of Native Hawaiian families around the state likewise suggests that they are bound to dwell in districts beyond focal Honolulu, if on the island of Oahu, and on different islands, where housing will in general be somewhat more affordable.
Truth be told, the median cost of Native Hawaiian homes in the whole state is around 68% lower than the cost of single-family homes claimed by non-Natives. The quantity of rental units that are both modest and open to exceptionally low-income families (ELI), characterized as those with profit at or below the neediness line or 30% of their area median income (AMI), is restricted across Hawaii (Subica et al., 2023). Because of the...

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