Peer-Review Questions—Essay #3: Problem-Solution EssayName of writer:______________________Reviewer: _____________________Thesis: Does the writer include a clear...

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Peer-Review Questions

Essay #3: Problem-Solution Essay

Name of writer:______________________

Reviewer: _____________________

  1. Thesis

    : Does the writer include a clear thesis at the end of the introduction that states the specific specific main points about causes, effects, and solutions to the problem?

    Note it

    . Is it clear and specific about what main points the writer will focus on? Does it match with the rest of the essay and the discussion in the conclusion?

  1. Introduction:

    Is the opening engaging, and does the introduction provide relevant background information and context about the problem to lead into the thesis? Give suggestions for making the introduction more effective.

  1. Body Paragraphs


    Notice the topic sentences


    List the main points of each body paragraph

    . Do the writer’s body paragraphs develop and support clear and focused main points about the causes, effects, and solutions to the problem, and do these points also relate back to and support the thesis?

    Note places where body paragraphs seem to lose focus or lack a clear or relevant main point.

  1. Development and Support

    : Does the writer develop and support all main points with specific and appropriate evidence that would be convincing for an academic audience? Note places where the writer could add more supporting evidence.

  1. Conclusion

    : Does the writer revisit the thesis and address the SO WHAT--why this problem matters, etc.--in the conclusion? Give suggestions for how student could improve the conclusion.

  1. Sources and citations

    : Does the writer cite all uses of


    outside sources--both quotes and paraphrased facts--using appropriate MLA citation format for both in-text citations and a works cited list?

  1. What other


    do you have for this writer to revise both globally and locally? What are the two or three biggest issues this writer did well, and what could the writer work on to revise?

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Answer To: Peer-Review Questions—Essay #3: Problem-Solution EssayName of...

Parul answered on Apr 20 2023
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Essay #3: Problem-Solution Essay
Name of the Writer: Simeng Wu
Submitted To: Dr. Jennifer Hitchcock
I found this essay very interesting as well as exciting since it picks up a topic which very hot and trending in the market.
The thesis in this essay is very well articulated and presented. Essentially, delving deeper into to look at artificial intelligence with more holistic lens. Indeed, while there are numerous advantageous as well as conveniences that this technology has to offer there are certain major drawbacks that requires to be properly addressed. In this essay, looking at the facts presenter author clearly argues AI is over-relied upon that is creating loss of employment. Furthermore, there is emergence of data theft and cyber-crime.
I found that author has shared clear thesis at the culmination of the introduction section. There is clarity of thought which helps in properly explaining the primary points about the cause as well as the impact. Essay throws light on numerous industries like retail, healthcare as well as manufacturing....

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