please answer carefully for me. Thanks in advance!

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please answer carefully for me. Thanks in advance!
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1. if the cell had an excess of NADHPH but needed to make ribose-5-phosphate,
which glycolytic(s) would be used
Ans: b. fructose-6-phosphate and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate
2. when a sedentary fasting person begins to exercise, all of the following occur ,
Ans: c. AMP and epinephrine both cause activation of phosphofructokinase-1 in
3. your patient has hepatitis A. you might suspect that all of the following would be
aised in her serum EXCEPT:
Ans: c. creatine phosphokinase
4. which of the following is a cofactor in the transaminase (aminotransferase)
Ans: c. pyridoxamine phosphate
5. this compound is produced by the urea cycle and is an intermediate in the TCA
Ans: b. succinate
6. a patient suffers from type 2 diabetes. compared to a normal person the patient
with have?
Ans: none of the option is co
ect, in type 2 dianetes lipoprotein level becomes
high and lipase activity normal or with subnormal and high blood sugar level.
7. a patient with type I diabetes has come to the emergency room with ketoacidosis.
which of the following would help to explain her high blood pressure?
Ans: d. her liver fructose 2-6 bisphosphatase is too active.
8. following a high ca
ohydrate meal, much pyruvate is made from glucose in the
liver because:
Ans: c. phosphoglucomutase is activated by the high insulin to glucagon ratio
9. when a person moves from the fed to the fasting state following a meal, there is
an incase in the mobilization of the components of triacylglycerol. all of the
following help to maintain blood glucose levels during the first 12 hours of the fast
Ans: d. increased fatty acids cause and increase in the production of ketone
odies which spare the utilization of glucose by red blood cells.
10. all of the following are substrates or intermediates in the synthesis of
phosphatidylinositol EXCEPT
Ans: d. GDP-inositol bisphosphate
11. a premature infant suffers from respiratory distress syndrome. compared to a
normal infant, your patient will have:
Ans: a. increased production of lactate by anaerobic glycolysis
12. which of the following statement is INCORRECT. the control enzyme for fatty
acid synthesis in the liver:
Ans: d. is activated by palmitoyl CoA
13. during a fast, glycerol enters the pathway for gluconeogenesis at:
Ans: e. pyruvate
14. following a high ca
ohydrate meal, conversion of fructose-6-phospahte to
fructose-1,6-bisphosphate will be catalyzed by
Ans: b. phosphofructokinase-1, which is activated when insulin causes
dephosphorylation of phosphofructokinase-2
15. which of the following statements regarding fructose-1,6-bisphosphate is NOT
Ans: b. fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase is...

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