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Information system controls
Information system controls
Information system controls
Information system controls    August 11    2018    
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General management controls and application controls for IS    3
IS related Risk management techniques    5
Importance of auditing    8
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General management controls and application controls for IS
Computer systems are controlled by combining common controls moreover applications control. The General contro
ls manage the structure, protection moreover utilizes of the computer program or the safety of the data files in all types of information technology infrastructure. Normally there are general controls available for all computer applications, and it includes hardware, software as well as a manual process to build a comprehensive control environment (Barateiro et al., 2010). The Application Controls Each computerized application has specific controls, such as a payroll or order process, that includes the control of business systems from specific systems and use of programmatic programs. General management controls also include software controls, hardware control, computer operation, data security, system implementation process moreover management controls. Instead, the application control software includes automated and manual processes to ensure fully authenticated data is completely acquired through the application. Application controls can be divided into input controls, process controls, and output controls. Since entering the input control system, it checks the accuracy and integrity of the data. All specific input controls are used to handle input validation, data conversion, data handling, and errors, determining the data during the control process update is complete and accurate. Control balance, computer matching, and program edition check run are used as process control. The output results are conveyed accurately, accurately and accurately by the computer, which ensures the output control (Choi, 2016). Table 2 provides a more detailed sample of all kinds of application controls. All the application controls discussed here are not used for every information system. Depends on the significance of data or the nature of the application, some systems require more control than other systems.
It is important to understand the relationship between the CAE and its employees' application control and general information technology (ITGC). Otherwise, the application control review would be inappropriate, affecting the quality of the audit and its scope. ITGC is applicable to all system components, data, and processes in a framework and system environment. The main purposes of this control are to ensure proper development or implementations of application or integrate program moreover data files or computer operation (Fu-bi, 2013). As application controls are related to transaction or data with every computer-based application system, as well as they are specified for every separate application. A goal of the application control is to make sure the integrity or the accuracy of target records, and the validity of logs for every record as an outcome of the process of the program. In other words, application control is specific to a particular given application, and not ITGC. In addition, CEE needs to pay attention to what the deal can rely on risk management applications control. This dependency is directly dependent on ITGC's design and operational efficiency. In other words, if these controls are not operational or do not work effectively, the organization will not be able to manage the risk, depending on their application controls. For example, if the ITGC is illegal to change the monitor, unauthorized, unapproved, and unused programs can be changed in the production environment, providing the complete integrity of the application control. Appraisal control is more reliable than general control controls when evaluating the probability of control errors due to human interventions (Nehari Talet, 2014). Once the application controls are installed and the applications, databases, or support technologies are almost changed, the organization may rely on control applications before it changes. In addition, if the ITGC effectively acts directly on the nature of their programs, application control will continue to function effectively. Especially the controls related to planning and distinguishing the duties of IT administrators is really because the reason that usually gives application control less time than normal control controls is because the sample size of the manual control is related to the frequency with which the control is run and the size of the application control pattern is generally greater than the control efficiency Fric Is independent of Venice (Nielsen, Liu, and Popovski, 2018). In addition, the application controls typically perform a test until ITGC is valid. Therefore, the number of hours needed to save test app control compared to the normal management control...

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