Student design a learning experience for children using different artforms based on a children’s story book. Students will do this intwo parts, a 1000-word report and a 3-minute video...

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Student design a learning experience for children using different artforms based on a children’s story book. Students will do this in

two parts

, a 1000-word report and a 3-minute video presentation.

The report should outline:

    • The rationale for their choice of picture book and arts experiences

    • Objectives of the experience

    • Description and discussion of the pedagogical theories underpinning target age group

    • Picture book and arts form used, educational aims, and potential pre- and post- learning experiences

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Answer To: Student design a learning experience for children using different artforms based on a children’s...

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Table of contents
Introduction    4
Rationale for Choosing "The Magical Garden"    4
Objectives of the Learning Experience    5
Pedagogical Theories for the Target Age Group    5
Concept 3 Social-cultural Theory    6
    Social connection
and cultural context have an impact on learning, and the educational experience will provide kids the chance to work together, exchange ideas, and enjoy a variety of artistic mediums.    6
    Children will learn from one another, improve their communication skills, and create a sociocultural learning environment via cooperative activities.    6
Educational Aims    6
Promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills is goal three.    7
    Involve kids in conversations about the surroundings, characters, and problems in the novel.    7
    Inspire kids to consider, understand, and assess the story's actions.    7
    Offer kids creative, open-ended art projects that push their critical thinking and decision-making skills.    7
Aim 4: Improve Hand-Eye Coordination and Fine Motor Skills    7
    Involve kids in practical art projects that need for accuracy and restraint.    7
    Encourage children to work on their fine motor skills by having them manipulate art supplies and engage in activities like painting and sketching.    7
    Encourage hand-eye coordination with cutting, pasting, and sculpting exercises.    7
Post-Learning Experience    7
An exhibition of the student's artwork, contemplation and conversation, and the development of individual art portfolios are all included in the post-learning experience. These activities are intended to honour children's creative accomplishments, promote deep contemplation, and offer a concrete illustration of their educational path.    7
The goal of this presentation is to highlight a special educational opportunity that combines several artistic mediums with a carefully chosen children's book. We want to improve children's engagement, inventiveness, and overall educational outcomes by utilizing the power of creativity and creative expression.
Rationale for Choosing "The Magical Garden"
· "The Magical Garden" was chosen as the picture book for our educational experience with care. Let me explain the thinking behind my decision.
· To serve as a visual aid, project "The Magical Garden"'s cover image onto the slide.
· Captivating Storyline: "The Magical Garden" has an engrossing plot that catches kids' imaginations. They go on a voyage through a fantastical realm populated by...

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