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Students are required to select a range of policies from a particular  business and evaluate the policies according to: 
1. Content: Does policy content clearly articulate the rationale, goals and implementation strategies for various policies?
2. Implementation: Have policies been implemented as intended? What ba
iers to, and facilitators of, implementation have been identified?
3. Impact: Have policies produced their intended outcomes and impact? How do you know (i.e., refer to specific evidence where possible)?
Students should also frame some recommendations for future policy development that may be required by the business.
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Table of Contents
Introduction to Business Policies    3
Policy 1: Occupational / Work Health and Safety Policy (OH&S)    3
1. Content:    3
2. Implementation:    3
3. Impact:    3
Policy 2: Diversity and Inclusion Policy    4
1. Content:    4
Implementation:    4
3. Impact:    4
Policy 3: Recruitment and Selection Policy    4
1. Content:    4
2. Implementation:    5
3. Impact:    5
Recommendations for Future Policy Development Based on Policies    5
References    6
Introduction to Business Policies
The selected business is a manufacturing industry where chemicals are used to modify native starch products as per their customer requirements. The name of the company is ABC Chemical Modifiers Pvt Ltd.
Policy 1: Occupational / Work Health and Safety Policy (OH&S)
1. Content:
The OH&S policy helps the employees and workers to feel safe at the workplace. A legal standard is followed to make the workplace healthier and safer for everyone. There are two aspects of the program: Preventive Action and Emergency Action (Workable, 2021).
(i) Preventive Action: Regular assessments are done to check any toxic or flammable material on the floor, slippery or uneven surfaces and temperature in the plant.
(ii) Emergency Action: Functional smoke alarms and sprinklers, presence of fire extinguishers at right location and an evacuation plan are implemented at workplace (Narayan & Nair, 2021).
2. Implementation:
The policy changes if there is any change in legislation. The production manager and supervisor are trained in OH&S policy so that any mishap can be handled. The chemicals are issues with prior permission from manager and store manager so that even supervisor cannot freely access chemicals at manufacturing plant. After the issue of required quantity, the leftover quantity is updated on the software and stored back. There are banners and signboards so that workers can remain notified, in which sections, chemicals are used and they need to wear protection masks. Annual health check-ups are done by the certified hospital in the campus (Delvika & Mustafa, 2019).
3. Impact:
The safer work environment and as per legislations all precautions are taken and kept updated. The supervisor is given permission to call ambulance and take any emergency action if required looking after the intensity of the situation. Workers and employees take due care when toxic chemicals are used and they also aware of their fellow employees to follow the guidelines. The workers safety has ensured less absence from work and...

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