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The process, principles, factors and guidelines by which a sentencing judge would so determine. · Introduction The defendant was sent forward from Letterkenny District Court on signed pleas of .... · Factual Background Factual details of crimes committed. · Facts arising from the Sentencing Hearing Impact on victim. personal circumstances of defendant · Approach to Determination of appropriate Sentence Goals of sentencing, proportionality principle - seriousness of the offences - aggravating factors to the specified offences, harm caused to the victim - headline sentence. · Guideline Judgments re range of penalties Casey, FE, Fitzgibbon etc · Headline Sentences Determine appropriate headline sentences for each of the three offences. · Mitigating Factors Identify the applicable mitigating factors in respect of the offender. Quantity the discount on headline sentence merited by the mitigating factors - of what percentage?? Suspended. Concurrent. Consecutive Sentences?? · Totality Principle Review the sentences in light of this principle. · Conclusion - actual sentences imposed.
Dec 10, 2023

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