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assignment attached. 450 words

Business law W3 learning activity W3 learning activity Background Facts You Need To Know:  TLG has scheduled another meeting with the Viral Clean ("Clean") owners to further discuss the risks and liabilities of tort law.  This meeting will focus specifically and only on product liability. Winnie and Ralph asked you to participate in the Clean meeting and be prepared to discuss specific product liability risks related to Clean's use and resale of EPI cleaning products. EPI is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products. Instructions Report You Need To Prepare: Write a summary report addressing the following questions to use as a basis for discussion in Clean's meeting with TLG and to educate Clean's owners about potential risks and liabilities under product liability law.  Your report must focus only on product liability law. • A: Discuss what a plaintiff would need to show using the negligence theory of product liability against Clean and compare this to what a plaintiff would need to show in a strict product liability claim against Clean for reselling EPI cleaning products.  • B: Recommend specific actions that Clean could take to reduce its liabilities under negligence and strict product liability law for reselling EPI cleaning products. DO NOT discuss the warranties liabilities Clean could face. Tips for Formatting Report: The report should use the following format REPORT TO:              Winnie James, Ralph Anders FROM:         (your name) DATE: RE:              EPI and Clean Product Liability   A. B. business law w3 discussion Background/Facts:  During a monthly Lunch and Learn Seminar at TLG offices, all TLG business consultants are discussing various client cases.  During the discussion of Clean's new business, the group discusses the following questions:    1. What is the difference between the implied warranty of merchantability and the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose? 2. Analyze and explain specifically how and why Clean could be sued for breach of implied warranty of merchantability for using EPI cleaning products to clean Clean's clients' commercial property. `
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The implied warranty of merchantability assures buyers that the product is fit for ordin
ary purpose. This requires meeting basic quality standards and this is regardless of whether this warranty is explicitly stated. It applies to all sales of goods and this will help in ensuring that it is are usable as intended. The implied warranty of fitness for particular purpose applies when the seller knows and should know of specific intended use for the product and guarantees suitability for that disclosed purpose. The merchantability...

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