Scoring Rubric for Final Paper is : Structure XXXXXXXXXX10 points) The abstract (1pts), introduction (2 pts), thesis and arguments (5 pts) and conclusions (2 pts). Content (50 points) “The...

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Scoring Rubric for Final Paper is :
Structure XXXXXXXXXX10 points)
The abstract (1pts), introduction (2 pts), thesis and arguments (5 pts) and conclusions (2 pts).
Content(50 points)
“The presentation of the Ethical Cycle allows the student to understand the ethical decision making process from a linear perspective. The students should be able to quickly grasp the sequential step process in making ethical decisions. It should be stressed that it can be open to interpretation of the “facts” that are collected at each step in the Ethical Cycle.” (Stanwick and Stanwick, 2009)
Moral Problem Statement (20 points)
Problem Analysis (30 points)
Analyze the history of the event from several perspectives- inside the company as the decision maker, as a member of management with knowledge of the issue, as a director, and as employee. Identify the stakeholders and their ability to influence the decision or outcome or their level of exposure to gain or lose from the decision or outcome.

Options For Action (50 Points- Managements 10 points, alternatives 40 points)
Provide several alternatives, and you may cite your text and the case studies for these, as well as obtaining outside references and then conclude with your selected strategy, why you agree or disagree with the actions of management, and explain your decision and compare your chosen and next best alternative in terms of the stakeholders identified

Ethical Judgment ( 50 pts)
The decision maker needs to balance the interests of the stakeholders, often choosing between agency, acting in the direct interest of a controlling stakeholder, and stewardship, considering the long term value creation for the controlling stakeholder and finding a balance between immediate and long term interests.
Reflection (10 points) 30
Reflection is a time in which the decision maker pauses the process to reflect on how the decisions were made and how the decisions will be impacted by others. The reflection stage allows the decision maker one more chance to ensure that the course of action developed to resolve the moral problem is in the best interest of all the vested stakeholders of the firm.”
Please conclude your paper with a summary of your strategy and arguments in support of your conclusion or recommendation. Please be creative in the use of sources, and support your arguments with empirical (observable direct) data and multiple sources.
Writing(10 points)
Grammar and spelling checked, style concise and cogent. We will use automated software to grade the level of writing. College level- 5 pts, HS senior B 4 pts; HS Junior 3 pts; HS Sophomore 2 points, Below High School Sophomore-0 pts. Your paper must be submitted as a word document or in rich text format. The paper must be submitted via Vanco Hall.
Proper Attribution of Sources (10 points)
A minimum of eight scholarly sources from the online library, cites properly embedded in text. (5 points), mix of 8 scholarly and lay sources properly cited, (4 points); 5 sources properly 3 points, Less than 5 sources or not properly embedded (-5 points)
More than 8 sources- 1 point per scholarly source up to 12 Maximum Points 12
Total250 Points
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Running Head: Ethical position of the pharmaceutical industry
Ethical position of the pharmaceutical industry

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