This assignment is due on Sunday June 17, 2012 6PM CST , It is important that all the bullets points in the scenario be responded to , an abstract is require , in text citation must also be included...

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This assignment is due on Sunday June 17, 2012 6PM CST , It is important that all the bullets points in the scenario be responded to , an abstract is require , in text citation must also be included throughout the entire paper and a reference page at list at the end of each section . The similarity scores for this paper cannot be more than 15% and the paper must be APA format.
This section should contain a minimum of 1100 words document , an abstract , and a reference list at the end of this section . All bullet points in this section must be clearly address base on the scenario presented. In text citation is highly recommended and APA format is require. The similarity scores cannot be more than 15%.
Review the following scenario, and respond to the questions that follow:
Kevin is a hardworking salesperson at a local department store in a small town. He is a great salesperson and takes pride in his work. He is single and is new to the area.
When Kevin first started, he was introduced to everyone by Sally, his trainer. They went to the break room, and Sally said to enjoy the remainder of his break and left. Shortly after she left, one of the employees introduced himself to Kevin and made a lewd remark about Sally. The other male employees sitting in the break room laughed and made similar comments under their breath. Kevin remained silent and changed the subject.
Kevin’s friend Ned who he met playing volleyball works in a business that is close to Kevin’s store, so they go out to lunch on a regular basis. One day, Ned picked up Kevin to go to lunch and his coworkers saw them. Another time, when they were on their way to a game after work, one of his coworkers ran into them. Since then, whenever Kevin enters the break room, the other male employees give him the silent treatment. It seems that whenever he leaves the break room, the other male employees erupt into laughter. At other times when he approaches his coworkers, they abruptly stop talking and glance secretively at one another. It becomes clear to Kevin that some of his fellow employees seem not to like him, but he is not sure why.
Because of his strong work ethic and customer service skills, Kevin is promoted to assistant manager. This creates tension among the other employees who have worked there for a longer period of time. During his first week as assistant manager, Kevin asks Bill and Ted to help him stock the new shipment of merchandise throughout the store. Bill and Ted reluctantly start to help him unload the truck. Kevin leaves them to finish the job and returns to the floor. He returns later to find them on an unscheduled break. Bill is on his cell phone and Ted is found smoking a cigarette out behind the store. Much of the merchandise still remains in the truck. Kevin decides that they should be written up for the infraction.
Weeks later, Kevin’s boss, Frank, calls him into the office. He explains that there have been some complaints from customers about Kevin. Without giving much detail, Frank explains that the company’s image is very important for sales and customer satisfaction. He goes on to explain that family values are very important to the image of the store and the community. He continues to say that Kevin’s sales are not what they used to be and that there were some errors on the invoices. He goes on to say that it is unfortunate, but it is just not going to work out. He finishes by stating that the company has a policy that an employee may be let go for any reason and he is terminated.
Kevin protests and asks Frank to explain why he is being fired but Frank says that his decision is final and that the matter is closed.
In terms of sociological analysis, what do you make of this situation? Is there anything Kevin can do?
Assignment Guidelines
• Address the following in 1,000–1,250 words:
o What is oppression, and what measures can be taken to eliminate it from the workplace? Explain.
o What are the mechanics of oppression?
o What does scapegoating mean?
o What does tyranny of majority mean?
o What is a legitimizing myth, and how does it factor into discrimination?
o Why are issues of intolerance important?
o What issues are evident in the above scenario? Explain.
o Based on what you have learned in this course, how would you address these issues? Explain in detail.
o How does this issue relate to discrimination?
o Are there any commonalities among minority groups in terms of oppression?
o In what way can this situation be compared with other forms of discrimination?
o Is there any legal action that can be taken? Why or why not?
? Provide specific examples.
• Use at least 3 scholarly sources to fully support your arguments.
• You should reference all sources using APA style.
This section should contain a minimum of 300 words document all in APA style. In text citation is require and a reference list is require at the end of this section . It is important that all bullets points in the questions be address .
Kevin goes to clean out his locker and return his apron and gate pass so that he may receive his final paycheck. As he goes to his locker, he sees that someone has written on his locker in black pen, in capital letters: G. A.Y. Written under each of the corresponding capital letters is “got, AIDS, yet?” He is, of course, angered but not surprised. He opens his locker and finds that a pamphlet had been inserted through the locker's small vent opening. It is a religious pamphlet advertising an exgay ministry that says, “God loves a sinner. You can change and live a righteous life and avoid the flames of hell.” It lists a phone number and goes on to say that homosexuality is the work of the devil and is a sin against God.
Address the following questions and include 2 research sources as your references.
• What should Kevin do if anything in this situation?
• In what ways do culture and religion play into this scenario?
• Why is there so much attention paid to Kevin and his personal life? Why does he stand out, and why is this a problem?
• Are there any parallels or connections with Kevin’s situation and other minority groups?
APA style is highly require for this assignment. Similarity scores cannot be more than 15%
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What should Kevin do if anything in this situation?
In this particular situation Kevin cannot react differently. At the best he can collect these
documents which will serve as proof when he plans to take a legal route for the
discrimination he received at his workplace. He should leave silently without creating any
problem in the workplace, as this might go against him.
In what ways do culture and religion play into this scenario?
Though the number of Americans open to homosexuality has increased over the past few
years, many still exist in the society who does consider it to be sin as per the catholic religion
views. According to (Pew Research Center, 2011), only 45% of those surveyed by them
favoured same-sex ma
iage. Further, the survey also showed that American having strong
eligious identity strongly opposed to the idea of homosexuality.

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