Analytical steps.Select a specific company’s sales/revenue to forecast (sometimes other things can be forecast ifyou get permission from me). The company must be a publicly held company, been in...

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Analytical steps.Select a specific company’s sales/revenue to forecast (sometimes other things can be forecast ifyou get permission from me). The company must be a publicly held company, been in businessfor at least 5 years and have at least $100m in sales and not going bankrupt. (Be aware thatmany companies are owned by someone else so you may have difficulty finding sales data). Thecompany cannot be on the list of unapproved companies. Obtain the sales for the latest 13-16quarters (should have sales for all of 2018 thru most of XXXXXXXXXXYou can get this information Quarterly sales (for quarters 1, 2, 3) are in the 10-Q reports and annual sales are inthe 10-K reports which are used then to figure out quarter 4.Sections in your paper (and the approximate length in the word document) and pointvalue (the point value includes the corresponding excel calculations). In each sectionyou will be discussing your analysis and the results (not detailed math calculations).Assume that you are writing to this to your boss (or even higher in the organization) andyou are explaining what you did and the results. You will submit the word document andthe excel spreadsheet.Word Document(1 point) Cover Page (Make sure you identify the company)(3 points) Current Status (1 1/2 pages)(7 points) Seasonality/Trend (1/2 page)(25 points) Deseasonalized Forecasts (1 1/2 pages)(4 points) Seasonalized Forecasts (1/2 page)(3 points) Recommended Forecast (1/2 page)Appendix(1 point) Works cited(1 point) Income statement example (1 page)(from SEC documents)Excel Spreadsheet.This will contain all your calculations and be easy to follow. Follow a similarformat to the class handout for chapter 3. Your spreadsheet will not be exactly the samesince you have more data, will need to calculate an average index and will be doingexponential smoothing twice.If your write up is not well organized and I have to look for information, you will lose points.Chose the parameters for your forecasts from the following table using the first four letters ofyour last name (if the last name is less than 4 letters then use you first name for the remainingletters). Include your choices on your spreadsheet so that I can easily verify what you used.a-i j-q r-zMov. Ave -1st letter 3 periods 4 periods 3 periodsWt. Mov. Ave. - 2nd letter wts. 5,3,1 wts. 7,4,2,1 wts. 3,2,1Exp. Smoothing - 3rd letter  = .7 and .2  = .6 and .3  = .5 and .2Trend Adj. -4th letter  = .6  = .2  = .5  = .25  = .4  = .3
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Company Selected: T-Mobile
ent Status
T-Mobile, Inc. is a wireless network company operating in the United States, which is owned majorly by the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom. With the increasing trend which is rising in the United States and across the world, T-Mobile is targeting this as a big revenue collector and therefore they are increasing the capital expenditure to build a seamless 5G infrastructure to provide the consumers with top notch 5G services along with all the other services which the company provides. The major portion of the company is from the wireless plan which it offers to its consumers for no-contract phones and devices.
The internet penetration is increasing and that is one more factor which will lead to the rise in the number of users of T-Mobile and this increase in the number of users is directly proportional to the revenue which is generated by the company.
The sales trend which is being seen in the company is letting us predict that the overall revenue for the company will rise in the coming quarters because of the increasing focus on the services and at the same time the increasing use of internet across the globe.
No, the sales of T-Mobile do not have seasonality in the original which they have reported, this can be said because the sales line, and the decentralized sales line are almost converging across the 4 years, and 4 quarters during the year which we have chosen for evaluating the sales. The company witnessed higher sales in 2021, but that is not because of seasonality, it is because of trend.
The company had a stagnant sale from quarter 1- 2018 to quarter 1 – 2020, but it started rising after that, so we can say the...

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