APPENDIX B: CASE STUDY INFORMATIONOverviewIn written essay format you are required to pick ONE (1) member of the Demetriou family and apply the first FOUR (4) phases of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle to...

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APPENDIX B: CASE STUDY INFORMATIONOverviewIn written essay format you are required to pick ONE (1) member of the Demetriou family and apply the first FOUR (4) phases of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle to demonstrate how a beginning nurse might plan the care of this one individual.

The following case study contains the information required to complete Assessment Task 3. You are required to use the information below, along with reviewing current, relevant, peer-reviewed nursing literature to answer Assessment Task 3. For the purposes of Assessment Task 3, please choose ONE (1) of the following family members, Danielle, Jack or Maria to assess using the Levett-Jones Clinical Reasoning Cycle (CRC) and the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model of Nursing. You should complete stages 1-4 of the CRC to demonstrate your understanding of the theories. Case Study The Demetriou family live in a 2-level home in the suburbs of South-Eastern Sydney. Peter (46 years) and Danielle (44 years) live with their 3 children, Harriet (19), Jack (17) and Lola (12). Peter’s father died 8 years ago from colon cancer and his mother Maria (74) has moved in with the family. The Demetriou family have booked an appointment at their local multidisciplinary Primary Health Care Clinic for their yearly influenza injection. Family Member Age Background Danielle Demetriou 44 years Primary school teacher. Works part-time (3 days a week) at the local primary school. Is overweight (BMI 40), is the ‘mum taxi’ driving kids to school and their extra-curricular activities (sport, music etc). Her parents live on a sheep property outside of Cobar, North Western NSW. Mother history of Breast Cancer (Stage 2A) (recovered) and father has early stage dementia. Jack Demetriou 17 years Final year of high school – is good at AFL (plays first division for GWS). School/study is not a priority and he has no plans for a career beyond playing AFL. Has his driver’s licence. He does not drink or take drugs due to sporting commitments and his social circle centres around the AFL club. Jack has a history of generalised anxiety disorder and takes Lexapro daily. Maria Demetriou 74 years Maria is a widow who had 4 children and now lives with her son Peter’s family. She migrated with her family from Greece in the mid 1960s and spent most of her time as a mum or working part time in food preparation factories. Maria had a fall at home almost 3 months ago. Although there were no fractures identified, she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. She was discharged home with anti-inflammatory pain relief and has been provided a walking stick to use during her recovery, which she finds she is still using. As well as the anti-inflammatories for osteoarthritis she is on vitamin D and calcium tablets daily.
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Running Head: CLINICAL REASONING CYCLE                        1
CLEANICAL REASONING CYCLE                            7
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
The First Four Steps of Clinical Reasoning    3
Understanding the Patient’s Situation-    4
Cues Related to the Condition-    4
Processing the Information-    5
entifying the Issues-    5
Roper-Logan-Tierney Model of Nursing    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
The Clinical Reasoning Cycle helps in the processing of the patient’s condition and providing an action plan accordingly to keep them healthy. Especially, being new in the nursing sector, the clinical reasoning cycle will help me in understanding the patient’s situation, get cues about the condition, evaluate them and provide a proper action plan to remove the problem with a healthy living.
It is also mandatory to follow-up with the patients at regular intervals, so they are not returned to their prior state of unhealthy practices. In this assignment, for recording the outcomes of the treatment, the Roper-Logan-Tiereney model of nursing shall be used by me being a new nurse. This will increase my knowledge and decrease the conflict among the other experienced nurses regarding me. I will address the situation of Maria Demetriou, who is a 74-years-old mother of Peter.
She suffers from osteoarthritis and she is dependent upon her walking stick though not recommended to do so. Being an elderly patient, she is suffering from the social, psychological and physiological issues regarding her health as she lost her husband to colon cancer. Staying with her son and his family, she does not want to be depended on them and hence depends on a stick to walk and inflammatory drugs to reduce her arthritis pain. This practice is addictive and must be combatted by a nurse to provide a healthy life to the patient following healthy practices. The case study is addressed below.
The First Four Steps of Clinical Reasoning
In the case study, the case of Mrs Maria is provided who is dependable on walking sticks and several pain medicines. As supported by Ang, Song, Lee and Lee (2021), the osteoarthritis can be managed by the Levett Jones Clinical Cycle Reasoning, which is of a great help to the new nurses. The nurses can for a correct questionnaire accordingly and provide treatment through the first four primary steps of clinical reasoning cycle.
The first four steps, which are considered by me in the nursing practice, are the understanding the patient’s situation, gathering cues of the situation, processing the information gathered and identifying the issues.
Understanding the Patient’s Situation-
When Maria was interrogated about her situation, she showed an immense pain in her knees, which can be controlled by inflammatory pain reliefs. As mentioned by Conaghan, Cook, Hamilton and Tak (2019), such options slow down the immune system and remove the feeling of pain from the pain. I asked her, why did she not stop its consumption according to the...

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