MGMT1201: Business CommunicationBusiness Report Part 3: Report Front Matter (11%){Individual Assignment}Use the Formal Business Report Style Guide (module 7) to help you write and format all the...

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As you did my report 2 here's my report 3 that will have to do. it is a business report based on a company crystal Dazzle which is a tooth jewelry company and you will make the report three now.

MGMT1201: Business Communication Business Report Part 3: Report Front Matter (11%) {Individual Assignment} Use the Formal Business Report Style Guide (module 7) to help you write and format all the sections of the business report. Deliverable: Prepare the Front Matter of this business report (Word document) with the following: · Transmittal document (letter format) · Title page · Table of contents (list of illustrations) · Executive summary · Include all the contents from Part 2 (body of report). This will not be marked for content, but will be marked on formatting as an entire document. Instructions: Plan 1. Use the letter template in the “Format Examples – Letter, Email, and Memo” Word document in Module 7. Write 2. Use Microsoft Word, follow the Formal Business Report Style Guide for detailed instructions, and create the front matter of the report as follows: a. Transmittal document: The letter is not more than one page in length, and it is to be addressed to the individual who requested/authorized the report. b. Title page: This contains the report title (descriptive title), the report audience (who the report is for), the report author or authors (who wrote the report), and the release date. c. Table of contents: The table of contents must list the headings as they appear in the report; however, no emphasis techniques (i.e. bold, underline, bullets) are used in the table of contents. d. Executive Summary: This is a brief summary of the key points in the report that tells the story of the report. The main function of the executive report is to give the readers an immediate understanding of the report without having to read the report in its entirety. e. Report body: Add the sections from Part 2 (introduction, findings, summary, recommendation, and reference page) in with the front matter. Review 3. Revise your written draft using topic sentences, transition words, and simple, yet business professional language. 4. Follow the Formal Report Style Guide (Module 7 Resources) to see the proper document requirements of a formal business report including headings, page numbers, alignment and spacing, fonts and font size, and language. 5. Submit in the D2L Dropbox, Business Report Part 3. Your assignment will be evaluated in accordance with the Rubric attached. Rubric 7 C’s of Effective Communication and the Formal Business Report Style Guide Complete: · The information provided is specific to the company and management role and follows the Formal Business Report Guide in the following: · Transmittal document – appropriate information, describes purpose and what’s included in the report, effective call to action · Title page – includes descriptive title, the report audience, report authors, release date · Table of contents – includes headings as they appear in the report, no emphasis techniques, indenting for each level, properly aligned · Executive summary – appropriate information (not copied directly from the body of the report) that effectively summarizes report including what the report is about, overview of findings, and overview of recommendations. (200-350 words) · Includes the body of the report (Part 2) · APA citations and references are used to build credibility and are directly from the source (pg. or paragraph number included) · The audience needs, values and priorities have been considered (pg. 149) · All relevant information is included · All questions or constraints that the audience may have are answered (pg. 149) / 10 Concise: · Message/words are to the point (extra words removed) (pg. 179) · Appropriate length (350 - 550 words) · Paragraph length is controlled (20-30 words for small paragraphs/ 40 -80 words for typical paragraphs) (pg. 179-180) · Short and simple sentences (in most cases) (pg. 180-181) · No redundancy (i.e. same content/words repeated in sentences) (pg. 181-182) · Avoids empty phrases or wordy prepositional phrases (pg. 182) · Avoids adverbs / 7.5 Concrete: · Key ideas are effectively supported with strong evidence and recommendations are logical and based on report analysis · Logic and reason are provided and build credibility in the message (no faulty logic, weak analogies, exaggeration, and unsupported generalizations) (pg. 157-159) · The information is well-organized (structured) and in a logical order (pg. 152-157) · Uses concrete and specific words to clarify the meaning (not vague and abstract) (pg. 178). / 5 Considerate: · Positive in tone (can-do, confident, positive traits, constructive terms) (pg. 161-163) · Shows concern for others (avoids “I-voice”, respects time and autonomy, and gives credit) (pg. 163-165) · Written to the audience (“you approach”) (pg. 163-165) · Includes benefits that are important to the audience, and considers readers values and priorities (pg. 149) · Culturally sensitive showing respect, recognizes and appreciates differences, uses gender neutral wording, avoid stereotypes, and shows empathy and trust (pg. 111-135) Courteous: · Professional and business appropriate (pg. 216-217) o Avoids slang or unprofessional tone o Avoids emojis o Avoids technical words o Spells out acronyms o Uses greetings and names (appropriate salutation). · Expresses goodwill through kindness and friendliness to maintain good relationships (pg. 276 & 350) / 2.5 Correct: · Written in third person (only first person in the transmittal document) · Uses proper punctuation (see Bonus Appendix BA 1 in eBook) · Uses correct spelling and capitalization · Uses correct grammar including pronoun agreement, and avoids comma splices · No incomplete or run-on sentences · Proper verb tense (present tense for analysis and future tense for recommendations) · Correct use of pronouns · APA references and citations are correctly formatted (APA 7) / 5 Clarity (Written): · The main objective of the message is clear (only one purpose) (pg. 152-156) · Introduced figure or tables before the placement of the figure/table · Acronyms are introduced first, followed by parentheses and the acronym · Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence (pg. 152-156) · Uses action verbs where possible (pg. 181-182) · Uses active and passive voice appropriately (pg. 183 -184) · Uses short and familiar words and phrases (plain, familiar language) (pg. 185) · Uses parallel language (consistent grammatical pattern) (pg. 186) · Avoids cliches, buzzwords and figures of speech (pg. 186-187) · Avoids “It is” and “there are” statements (pg. 187-188) · Uses articles (a, an & the) · Correct use of acronyms, dates and times Date format – January 12, 2021 Time format – 11:00 a.m. or 11:00 AM  / 5 Clarity (Visual) (as per Formal Business Report Style Guide): · Transmittal letter uses correct letter formatting · Double-spacing only on the reference page · Text alignment is left justified (no indentation for paragraphs). · Appropriate white space and margins around text and images · Appropriate font, font size and colour are consistent throughout the document HEADINGS · First-level headings are "all-caps" and centered on the page, Second level headings are left aligned and the first letter of each major word is capitalized (no punctuation) · One line space between paragraphs and following a heading and two line spaced preceding a heading. · Headings are used (as required) to help readers identify information · Headings have consistent, parallel structure (font and formatting) · Headings of the same level must have the same placement on the page and the same formatting (i.e. alignment is left or center justified and consistent throughout the document) · Headings have the same grammatical, parallel structure (i.e. all questions, or all start with a verb) LISTS · Bullets/lists are spaced evenly between the items and have one line space after the list · Bullets/lists are typically indented from the left margin. Each sub-level is further indented / 5 Total points / 40 V3© Bow Valley College 20201
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Transmittal Document
Your Address
Address of the Recipient
Subject: Transmittal Document of the Business Report
Dear Sir,
I have proposed this business report in reference to the relevant aspects of the business and accounting practices that has been used in terms of determining the cost of the product.
This business report accomplishes the context of explaining the financial stability and the details of the prospects that have constituted and can read the benefits for the company. This particular report is also focus on contemplating the accounting information in terms of explaining the cost of using the products and certain materials that can be accorded in terms of the affordability of the products. This also provides a brief contemplation of the records for the payments on the other consideration that ensures taking care of the financial aspects of the company.
The major focus of these particular business report is to contemplate the rules and the financial accounting practices that has been taken into consideration. The relevant aspects that have also be in point and out in this report is the availability of affordable products on the materials that has been used for manufacturing the product. The cost that has been taken into consideration in terms of the accounting information is relevant in terms of explaining the cost and it is also relevant to consider the materials that will be used for making the products.
Thanking You  Sincerely
Your Name
Report Audience: Name of the Recipient
Report Author: Your Name
Release Date: 8th December, 2022
Table of Contents
Executive Summary    4
Introduction    5
Findings    5
Introduction    5
Factors Determining the Cost    6
Relevant Impact    7
Summary    7
Recommendation    7
References    9
Executive Summary
The business report contemplates the relevant prospects of the business and accounting practices of the company. It is relevant to that this particular business report has contemplated the effective financial factors that have been a relevant context which has been used for the determination of the cost. The important contacts of this particular aspect were the use of the accounting information for explaining the process and the determination of the cost in the business. The context of using substituting aspects of the materials that needs to be used for making the product is also relevant in terms of contemplating the cost of the product.
The report has also focus to determine the accounting practices for considering the cost of the product and the relevant factors that can be considered in terms of explaining the cost of using the tooth jewels and the adequate accounting information which were considered for determining the cost of the products. It also pointed out the relevant factors that can inherently change or increase the cost of the particular products that are being produced in the organisation. In this aspect the company has also concentrated on the substituting materials that can make the product a little affordable in terms of enhancing the profitability of the organisation and can determine the affordability by the customers. It is relevant to focus on providing different aspects of the discounts based on...

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