Assessment Task 1 Strategic HR Plan Due: Week 3 Value: 35% Format: Report Word length: 2,000 -2,500 Task description The aim of this activity is to: • Understand and explain the contextual...

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Assessment Task 1 </o:p>

Strategic HR Plan</o:p>

Due: Week 3 Value: 35%</o:p>

Format: Report </o:p>

Word length: 2,000 -2,500 </o:p>

Task description</o:p>

The aim of this activity is to:</o:p>

• Understand and explain the contextual environment that impacts HRM in your organisation or a company of your choice.</o:p>

NB The company you choose may be your employer or any other company of which you have sufficient information to enable the task to be completed.</o:p>

• Examine and explain the rationale for moving HRM in your organisation, or a company of your choice, to a strategic focus (or improved strategic focus).</o:p>

• Create a high level* HR plan. This plan will also include your recommended strategies to develop or improve a SHRM approach. (* high level indicates enough detail to understand how to proceed to implement the plan but not to a detailed task level). </o:p>

Each of the following key steps and components should be included in the HR plan: </o:p>

a. Identification of company strategic objectives </o:p>

b. Identification of the potential HR implications of the strategic objectives (select two or three key strategic objectives to focus on if word limits are an issue)</o:p>

c. Recommendation of specific HR strategies to address the HR implications (provide reasons for your chosen strategies) </o:p>

d. Critical success factors (CSFs) need to be identified for the recommendations above, i.e. what needs to be in place to enable success and how will progress/success be measured?</o:p>

Note: Ensure you align the CSFs with each of the specific strategies.</o:p>

It is strongly recommended that the high level action plan be presented in a table form with headings addressing points a-d above</o:p>

. Assessment Submission Requirements: </o:p>

This assessment should be submitted in report format, and include: </o:p>

1. Title page </o:p>

2. Executive summary (no more than 250-300 words)</o:p>

3. Introduction </o:p>

4. Background of organisation </o:p>

5. Strategic objectives </o:p>

6. HR implications to obtain Strategic Objectives</o:p>

7. Conclusion</o:p>

8. Recommendations</o:p>

9. List of references</o:p>

10. Appendices.</o:p>

Your report should be no more than 2,500 words. The following are excluded from your word count: • Executive summary</o:p>

• Text incorporated into tables and figures </o:p>

• References </o:p>

• Appendices. </o:p>

You are expected to utilise credible, relevant and current academic and industry sources in preparing your work – including the course texts. A minimum of six journal articles is expected to meet a Pass standard for the research depth criteria.</o:p>


· ne.</o:p>

· TEXT: Human Resource Management Strategy and Practice (2019), Nankervis A. et alExternal tool</o:p>

· TEXT: Human Resource Management in Australia (2017), 2nd edn, Nel P. et. al.External tool</o:p>


Answer To: Assessment Task 1 Strategic HR Plan Due: Week 3 Value: 35% Format: Report Word length: 2,000...

Executive Summary
This particular report presence of Human Resource plan and process that is effective in the Coca-Cola company and ensures the effective organisation or dynamics to meet the strategic objectives of the company. It focuses on the implementation of the human resource management and the culture of the organisation where the strategic objectives or aligned with the organisation are human resource planning and management. The development planning of the human resource management and the aspects of the success factors that enhan
ces efficiency of the organisation to promote organizational culture. This report effectively focuses on the implications of the human resource strategies based on the strategic objectives of the company. It also provides a
ief recommendation about the effective measures that can be taken by the company in order to achieve the human resource objectives for the future business market.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Background of the Company    4
Strategic Objectives    5
HR Implications of the Strategic Objectives    6
Conclusion    9
Recommendations    11
References    12
The human resource planning and processing in a organisation is one of the significant success factor of the company. It has been described as an assessment for the war for effective talent that suggest the organisation for the search of executive talent and first time the competition in the present market. It effectively focuses on not just finding and hiring the ride people but also focusing on the obstacles that are to be addressed in order to find the people in a right manner and giving them the best possible return of their talent. The attraction and the retention of the word force and creating opportunities for the vast talent pull in the market is one of the recognized objectives of the HR processes in a company. Moreover, this accomplishes retention and recruitment of the best talent and perpetually refine an employee value proposition. It is also effective to consider that human resource processing and planning is not just confined to the recruitment of the best talent baht to grow and development to get the best outcomes of the talent. Hence it is liable to mention that human resource planning and process ensures effective recruitment and addition to the executive talent of the organisation and developing those talent by updating their skills and knowledge to ensure a better outcome for the organization. In this discussion we shall take a look at the human resource planning and process of the Coca-Cola company and evaluate the trends and marks of the human resource activities in order to explicitly achieve the strategic objectives of the company.
Background of the Company
The Coca-Cola Company was established in 1886 in Georgia Atlanta. This is an American company that has been serving for 131 years with a long tradition of solving non-alcoholic beverages. According to the estimates of 2022 the company is solving more than two billion serving a day to more than two hundred countries (Augustine, 2020). It is considered to be one of the global companies that provides sparkling beverages, juices and ready to drink coffee. The Coca-Cola company out its own manufacturing distribution and marketing of the non-alcoholic beverages. The company portfolio includes more than 500
ands and 3500 beverage products that features around 21-billion-dollar
ands. Business strategy hub mentioned that Coca-Cola is a
and that is recognised by more than 90% of the world's population (Elijah et al., 2018). The red white Coca-Cola logo is a business leader in the soft drinks industries and it is estimated that more than 10000 soft drinks of Coca-Cola are consumed every second of every day on an average. This sustains the success workforce and the entire range of human resources who are contemplating to make the business large success in the business sector.
The mission statement involves to refresh the world, to inspire the moments of optimism and happiness and create a value that makes the difference. It is every day that no business can be successful without the effective human resource of the company. Therefore, no doubt the success of this particular company is attributed to the executive talent of the company and the processes that are instilled and implied for retaining and hiring those talents across the globe.
Strategic Objectives
The strategic objectives of the organisation focus on effective decision-making process for the business to create a sense of direction and enhance the purpose of unity with a bigger role in the market. This company focuses to promote the role of the non-alcoholic beverages against the typical ill aspects of the alcoholic beverages. It is clear in terms of its mission statement for inspiring the movements of happiness and optimism (Gutirezze et al., 2018). The strategic objectives in closes the purpose of developing a great place for people to work and inspire them so that they can do the best of their talents. It is also defined to
ing to the world a portfolio of quality beverage
ands that anticipate and satisfy the needs and the desires of the people. It is expected that they are able to comply with the best possible human services by nourishing the winning network of customers and suppliers by creating mutual and enduring value for the partners.
The strategic objectives also comply to develop a responsible citizen that makes a difference by effectively focusing on building and supporting the sustainable community (Hamid, 2020). The objectives also focus to maximize the long-term return to the share owners while being mindful over the responsibilities of the citizens and the expected productivity for operating in the first moving market.

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