Assessment Task 2: Job Analysis for National Site Manager </o:p> Task summary:</o:p> This task requires you to assume the role ofNational Human Resources Managerof CupNBake Café Company...

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Assessment Task 2: Job Analysis for National Site Manager

Task summary:

This task requires you to assume the role ofNational Human Resources Managerof CupNBake Café Company and complete a Job Analysis for the position ofNational Site Manager.

Resources and equipment required to complete this assessment

§ Access to textbooks and other learning materials

§ Access to a computer with Internet and software such as Microsoft Office

§ Job Analysis template

§ CupNBake Strategic Plan

When and where do I complete this task?

This task may be done in your own time as homework

What do I need to submit?

§ Job Analysis template

What happens if I get something wrong?

If your assessor sees that you have not completed all parts of this task completely and satisfactorily, the details of resubmission will be discussed with you directly. You will only need to redo the parts of the task that are incorrect; however, you will need to resubmit the entire assessment.

Instructions: Assessment 2

This task requires you to assume the role ofNational Human Resources Managerof CupNBake Café Company and complete a Job Analysis for the position ofNational Site Manager.

Brief summary of National Site Manager's role:

The National Site Manager will be placed as the overall site manager for each location of the CupNBake Cafes and Bakeries.

They will be located at the head office in Melbourne, although frequent travel to all sites will be an expectation of the position.

They will require the following experience and skills:

· Project management skills

· Hospitality/Baking and operational experience and knowledge

· Proven expertise in overseeing multiple locations

· High level communications and negotiating skills

· Experience with negotiation and managing finances

Review the CupNBake Strategic Plan, focussing on their key points related to staffing andUse the template provided to develop your Job Analysis.

Ensure that you job analysis is written clearly and concisely in a language suitable for a variety of staff across an organisation, is formatted in a professional manner, is grammatically correct and free from errors. Be GENDER neutral in your writing please.

What do I need to hand in for this task?

Have I completed this?

Job Analysis Template


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Tanmoy answered on Apr 15 2022
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The decision has been approved to hire a new staff member.
Using this template, you need to decide the tasks and roles that you want new staff member to undertake while they are at work.
Be specific about the role/s and tasks that they will undertake with CupNBake.
Carefully think through the process of hiring a new staff member by looking at the role you want them to undertake and the core skills that they will need in order to undertake that position.
Complete the following Template for the position of National Site Manager as outlined in the Assessment Instructions:
TASKS to Perform:
1. Identify the tasks performed and the skills required. This should be written using action ve
s, so that the tasks performed are clear and easy to understand. The tasks should be specific, and include the precise skills required to ca
y out the job.
2. What is the relationship between those tasks and the other tasks in the organisation?
    Task description:
    Skills required
    Relationship to other tasks within Company
    There must be proper supervision as well as administration of the course with respect to the project. This will also help to review the progress of the CupNBake site
    Further there will be advanced knowledge of the project with respect to the construction management process. Also, there must be various means and methods applied with respect to the construction of the CupNBake project
    This is related to the management of the company. Also, there must be proper supervision conducted by the company management which will help them to progress efficiently with respect to the Cafe and Bakery business
    It is the responsibility of the project team to properly supervise, monitor as well as coordinate with the workers, contractors as well as the subcontractors who are responsible for the construction of CupNBake stores at different locations in Australia
    There is requirement of leadership as well as human resource management skills necessary for the efficient functioning of the café and bakery stores throughout Australia. The human resource manager must strategize actions with the leadership team in order to hire employees who are well equipped in handling customers, having vast years of experience and skills in hospitality industry
    This process is the responsibility of the human resource management and it is the HR manager who will be looking after the recruitment process which will be most beneficial for the company
    There must be inspection checks conducted with respect to the safety and security of the workers while working in CupNBake site. It will ensure that the injuries and accidents are minimized to the greatest extent
    The skills which are necessary for conducting this task is years of experience in the construction and building management along with edifying structures like that of a Café and onsite bakery which is safe and secured for all
    This is related to the safety of the workplace which is the café and bakery of CupNBake along with focusing on tactical engineering for the construction of a store which is safe and secured in all respect
    This is with respect to writing of reports as well as management of necessary paperwork with respect to construction of the café and bakery in the chosen site
    The skills which are necessary for preparation of these reports and paperwork are experience and skills in the usage of construction management software packages. There is also requirement of efficient staffs who are experts in handling software and have certification in computer...

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